June 27, 2022

Family Bonding

Meet the Gillis Family and discover how bike touring with kids is the ultimate family bonding adventure.

Do you believe your bike touring days will be over if you have kids? Meet Ed and Jocelyn and their two boys as they share their bike touring experiences as a family.

This Canadian family joins the Bike Life Podcast from Europe, where they are on a six-month adventure taking them from Spain to Norway.

In this episode, they share their current and past experiences of what it is like to do long-distance touring as a family of four. Ed and Jocelyn have discovered that bike touring with kids is the ultimate family bonding experience.

Enjoy listening to Ed, Jocelyn, and their boys as they share how they are biking from one fun thing to the next as a family.

5 Fun Facts to Know about the Gillis family:

  • Ed and Jocelyn biked from Vancouver to Tijuana on their honeymoon.
  • They started touring as a family when the boys were ages 3 and 1 (with Chariots, XtraCycles, WeeHoos, Bike Friday tandems, and now their bikes).
  • When the boys were 7 and 5, they took a six-month trip (6,000km) through Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia.
  • Last summer, they biked through the Rockies.
  • Ed & Jocelyn have just published their first book, “Bike Touring with Kids: The Oceania Odyssey.”


Learn more about the Gillis Family and follow their adventures on their website and blog, Yukon4Explore, or Instagram at @yukon4explore. Get their book; Bike Touring with Kids: The Oceania Odyssey.

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