July 26, 2021

50 Ways to Cycle the World

We are joined today by returning guests Tristan Bogaard and Belèn Castellò. Tristan and Belén have just released their latest book, 50 Ways to Cycle the World.

After releasing their first book, Bike Life, detailing their personal cycling journey, Tristan and Belén dreamed about writing a book featuring unique ways other cyclists travel the world. Their goal is to get more people traveling by bike, so the stories in 50 Ways are relatable to everyone. No matter your situation, 50 Ways to Cycle the World showcases unique stories of riders and how they overcame their barriers to journey by bike. If they can do it, you can too!

Tristan and Belén dug deep into each cyclist’s story and had long in-depth conversations with them to portray their cycling style fully. The book celebrates the vast bike touring community and is divided into four main sections. Companionship outlines cycling solo, cycling with others, and cycling as a family. Cycling Styles outlines cyclists who ride tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, fat bikes, E-Bikes, even a wind bike! Belén’s favorite chapter in this section features an amazing couple from Germany who cycled through Australia on folding bikes.

The Duration and Age section outlines older riders in their 60s and 70s who might be thinking about touring for the first time. It also features younger people with low budgets who make tour cycling their job by creating content for magazines and blogs. Finally, the Special Projects section rounds out the book with stories of cyclists who tour with a mission such as fundraising or reducing their carbon footprint.

50 Ways to Cycle the World is two kilo’s worth of wisdom and beauty. It features cyclists from 23 different countries and strives to be racially diverse. There are so many differences in our world right now, but Belén believes that cycling can bring us closer together. While cycling, you learn so much more about other people’s cultures and lifestyles. You get to meet real people and realize just how diverse our world is.

Giving back is vital to Tristan and Belén, and they have graciously decided to donate portions of the proceeds from 50 Ways to Cycle the World to organizations that help the cycling community further evolve. They both believe so strongly in the Warmshowers mission and community and have chosen us to be their first donation recipients. Their donation was used to provide a cost-free Host-Only mode on the Warmshowers Mobile App, enabling hosts and cyclists to connect to arrange lodging quickly.

We are so grateful to Tristan and Belén for all they do for the cycling community!


You can learn more about Tristan and Belén on their website TristanBogaard.com. Bike Life and 50 Ways to Cycle the World are available at all major booksellers. Follow them on Instagram; @50waystocycletheworld, @tristanbogaard, and @bellotoscani.


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