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She’s my Rushmore
My favorite podcast by far. Sarah has a once-in-a-generation mind, her observations regularly astound me. Alex is equally profound as he adds a quirkiness that always feels inclusive and compassion that frames every discussion. Love the movies, love the guests, love the friendships.

like with most pods, a lot depends on the subject matter, but when they do an episode on media i actually consume they’re heartfelt and great listens

Thank you
This podcast always surprises me with the depth and complexity of emotions that are explored through films that were often so important to me as a younger person. I love the friendship between Alex and Sarah. I love the analysis, and the care with which the stories are held. Thank you.

Favorite Podcast
Far and away my favorite pod. I listen to it throughout the day as I commute to work, cook, etc. No joke lol my husband and I listen together on long car rides and find we’re a lot calmer when in traffic. I also listen to it to help me go to sleep at night (it’s been the best thing for my baddddd insomnia / anxiety) . I went to the YWA tour a few months back. I can’t say enough about how the good energy just vibed off the whole crew (+ audience too)!! Also lol I met Alex and he was just such an incredibly nice dude. Anyway - love you guys. Thanks for everything you do! It’s so greatly appreciated.

Sarah and Alex have the unique ability of making you feel like you’re the fourth person in the conversation. Since finding You Are Good, I’ve forsaken all other podcasts and ignored new episodes of my usual favorites in order to catch up on the backlog. Sarah and Alex, if you read this, thank you thank you and PLEASE cover Twilight soon!!

Love this
Love the wit and insight of the hosts and guests. Sharp but kind. A pleasure

Eve lindley!
She’s so funny pls invite her again! !!! :)

Lovely show
It’s a feelings podcast about movies! I’ve been listening since the beginning (when it was Why Are Dads) and always enjoy the conversation, even if I haven’t seen the movie. And sometimes I discover a new movie or rewatch a favorite. Sarah and Alex and guests are always a joy, they’re thoughtful and funny. It’s a great addition to the You’re Wrong About universe.

i listen to this podcast whenever i need to feel like i’m cozied up and the world is going to be alright, love the guests, keep up the good work!

What happens to the guests?
Nice show but I’m curious because Ive listened to a handful of episodes and always see guests cited and introduced but the whole episode goes by and I only heard the same two people talking. Once in a while a third person might say one thing and Sarah Marshall just says “yeah” and proceeds to monologue

Empathy, the podcast
Truly lovely podcast with hosts and guests who approach film conversations from a perspective of feelings and experiences rather than film bro criticism. It’s like overhearing your smartest, kindest, funniest friends talk about a favorite movie each week.

My “comfort food” podcast
A gentle, fun, lovely show that I find myself turning to more and more right now. Sarah, Alex, and their guests are laugh-out loud funny and insightful. Like hanging out with your cleverest friends and they gush about things they love.

Illeana Douglas Voice
Sarah Marshall sounds just like Illeana Douglas! Her voice!!! I can’t un-hear it! Great podcast!

Absolutely love the nuance, the humor, the heart, the empathy, compassion, insight, and joy that Sarah and Alex bring to these conversations. They are just the best and feel like old friends. Love listening and look forward to each new episode, whether I’ve seen the movie or not.

Great, BUT...
I had to turn off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 episode. The elitist and possessive reverance people have for the first movie is quite off-putting. No one in the world is trying to say that TCM2 is better than the original. These two give Stephen Segal more leeway to be silly than a movie whose entire reason for existing is to be silly. And a note on diversity: I get something positive out of virtually every episode, but can we get PLEASE branch out from the pool of White Nonsense like Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater? I understand that those are critically acclaimed and popular (with middle-class white people), but I WILL freak out if I have to hear another in-depth discussion about Bill Murray.

5-hundred Stars
Inviting, enlightening, and truly loving. Couldn’t adore more. A lot of comments that are likely said casually continue to fuel my engagements with my psychologist.

Galaxy Quest…?!
Just finished the MIB episode (so funny, great job!), but as per the Tony Shalhoub appreciation mentioned, when are you doing Galaxy Quest? I offer myself up as tribute to provide commentary!

After you left your message on my voicemail message
Great news and we can go on your way back home if you’d want if it was in our driveway for you guys or your

566456667 stars!!!
This is the only movie podcast that will make you feel like there is good in the world, and that everything will be okay.

I’ve adored from Day 1–and I never watch the movies
My review won’t do the podcast justice, but here goes: These two lovely humans explore humanity, film, relationships, of course FEELINGS, and the complexities of life. And they do it through movies! I’ve never watched the movie they discuss for that episode— though I’ve seen many before—but it doesn’t matter. I leave each episode feeling curious, seen, and seeing others. And I remember that I am good.

So engaging!
The best - wonderful conversation with people you love to spend time with. There is no better entertainment than a great collaboration between people who love and respect each other and the work. Thank you all. I’ve been listening since the first “You’re Wrong About” and am enjoying the whole “Sara/Michaelverse that has emerged since then. Great stuff!

Comfort Show
Love love love this show. Feels like chatting in the living room with friends.

Host chemistry 10, movie description accuracy 6
I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last few years and love the commentary and energy of the hosts, with the Green Room, Ready or Not, Never Been Kissed being some of my favorite episodes. Be advised, this is not a podcast to listen to for accurate descriptions of the movie. As long as you accept that the recaps are based mostly on vibes, and it’s really about the convos between the host and the guests, you’ll have a great time. Also the pre-reads can drone on for a bit, so feel free to skip the first 5min of most episodes.

One of my favorites!
This funny sweet podcast always goes down smooth. A favorite feel-good show: love the hosts!

Anything Sarah Marshall touches is GOLD
I became obsessed with Sarah’s point of view and ability to take pop culture subjects and break it apart leaving you deep in your emotions and relating to philosophical ideas. She is perfect on You’re Wrong About, but the addition of Alex Steed and the dialogue and nuance conversations they bring to these fantastic films is the best part of my week! PLEASE DO AMERICAN HONEY

One Of The Best Podcasts Out.
Love this show! Hosts are awesome! Sarah you are my straight girl crush! Alex you are a true gem! When are we doing an episode on Interstellar or Arrival? Willing to add commentary as I’ve see each movie well over 20 times. :-)

I have a confession
I think Sarah might be my internet crush. 😭