But about movies! This is a podcast of wonderful people being sweet while they review the movies that we love. You’ll feel heard and cared for and…GOOD.

Introspective and fun

Get ready to consider your favorite (and least favorite and everything in between) films in a new light. Emotions and Daddy are at the forefront.

Great Show

This is a good show that I enjoy and would recommend.

Vulnerable, Unique approach to Criticism

The discussion space cultivated by Alex, Sarah, and Catherine in the pod is unlike any others that I have heard. I find that even if I have not seen the movie, I am greeted by a warm blanket of discussion and reflection about the impact and meaning of stories in our culture. Beautiful show, and I appreciate it immensely.

Two funny, smart, kind friends talk about movies with interesting guests

This isn’t a typical movie podcast so if that’s what you’re looking for is probably not for you. But it has made me cry (in a good way!) many times and it always makes me laugh. I hope they keep making episodes forever.

A warm listen

A therapeutic listen; sometimes it soothes, sometimes it stirs up uncomfortable feelings.Bonus dose of nostalgia.

these folks are such good eggs

oh this show is just a warm and reassuring hug every time. literally the same sensation as a weighted blanked (if weighted blankets sometimes make you cry)

lovely people, lovely conversations

Love these folks. Love their discussions. Best parasocial friendships I have! The humor, the humanity, the emotion. Love it all. Grateful for the time I’ve spent listening.

Audio Hugs

I’ve been listening to this podcast since their debut. Sarah and Alex have become parasocial besties, it’s not about the movies, I love hearing their thoughts as they discuss the cinematic selection. It’s a comfort and a joy. Oh, and Carolyn is the Daddy!

Comforting Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast. Sarah is so insightful and I love her intellectual takes on movies and how well she correlates them to the events in history that were taking place before or at the time they were made. I also have an English degree and I wish that I could think about art on her level. Sarah and Alex are an endearing combination for a podcast about movies and feelings. Every episode makes me feel good and makes me think from a new perspective. Sarah speaks so eloquently and her thoughts are so deep. Thanks for your all of your work.


Wonderful show. Great chemistry and knowledge between hosts. A unique approach to a movies podcast!

I love this show!

Sarah and Alex feel like your empathetic deep feeling friends. Favorite podcast!

A wonderful hug of a show

I love Sarah and Alex and their cadre of amazing guests. They’ve introduced incredible movies to me, and I love hearing their interpretations of the films I’ve seen. ❤️

The absolute best. Truly.

I look forward to this podcast every week. I love movies and feelings and this nails it. The hosts are so wonderful and I always end up nodding along, laughing and sometimes even tearing up. A gigantic thank you to Sarah and Alex for this warm hug every week. Also! It’s named after my favorite line in my favorite movie that I have often in my life tried to hold close in my mind. YOU ARE GOOD! ❤️

excellent show

lovely show with interesting commentary on movies and the american zeitgeist

A gem

You Are Good has been a really bright spot for me over the last couple of years. I have been able to revisit so much of the media I was drawn to as a kid and teen but felt some shame about (hello Saw). I believe there’s something for everyone in this show, and the conversations are always warm, funny, and thoughtful.

You are good is so good

Why has it taken me so long to say how much I love this podcast?? Shame on me

Perennial Favorite

I just love listening to Sarah and Alex discuss movies. They have such a beautiful and emotionally resident way of discussing movies that I’ll never get tired of. Personal favorite episodes include Julie and Julia, the parent trap, and legally blonde.

This podcast is good

I have listened to a ton of movie review podcasts. Each seems to try and find their own voice and niche. None, though, have ever caused me to reassess the reason I love the movies I love on an emotional level. I love that they have guests that get to talk about why they love the movies they do. It causes me to really see the art form of cinema from a different perspective.

Five Stars

Really enjoy these conversations even when I haven’t seen the movies they are discussing. Always a new perspective offered.

I feel good

After listening. Hosts are the best. Guests are the best. Even if I never saw the movie I fully enjoy the recap and commentary. Love you guys.

a favorite!

i tend to be in my head a lot and one of best ways to avoid overthinking is listening to this podcast! i love listening to alex and sarah, and i’m happy i found them :)

You are good eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Good show-love this movie! Your discussion of neurodivergent brains reminded me of a movie from 1965 that I saw when I was 13. It’s called “The Fool Killer” and stars Anthony Perkins as a philosophical axe murderer who befriends a runaway boy. For some reason this strange film had a profound affect on me, and I saw it as many times as I could given that you had to actually go to a theater and buy a ticket every time you wanted to see a movie. I was obsessed with it and now it’s almost completely disappeared. The only place I could find it was on YouTube. Even Movie Madness in Portland doesn’t have it and they have EVERYTHING!

Love, love, love

I love this show. I rarely have watched the movie they talk about but I still get so much out of it. Their conversations are so thought provoking and i guests are always such a treat. Highly recommend!

Comforting Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast. Sarah is so insightful and I love her unique analysis of movies. Sarah and Alex are a great combination for a podcast about movies and feelings. Every episode makes me feel good. 🥰


So comforting feels like talking about the best movies with your most down-to-earth friends


Big fan! I gasped when I saw the Little Women ep. Also newsies forever.

Intelligent, sweet, soothing

I always get excited when a new episode comes out. The content is funny and charming. I like that there aren’t loud, interruptive ads. I subscribe to their Patreon as well, and recommend it. I haven’t seen all the movies they discuss, and you don’t need to. It’s a fun ride either way.

Just the Best

This show has it all. Feelings. Movies. Dads. Honestly can’t imagine anyone having a bad time listening to it.

Lots of love for this pod

Y’all are the best podcast hosts ever. The dynamic of you both and the fact that you seem to show up honestly, thoughtfully and kindly every episode is incredible and just feels like a much needed warm hug to listeners, no matter the lightheartedness or difficulty of the subject at hand. Thanks for doing what you do 💙