Great, BUT...

I had to turn off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 episode. The elitist and possessive reverance people have for the first movie is quite off-putting. No one in the world is trying to say that TCM2 is better than the original. These two give Stephen Segal more leeway to be silly than a movie whose entire reason for existing is to be silly. And a note on diversity: I get something positive out of virtually every episode, but can we get PLEASE branch out from the pool of White Nonsense like Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater? I understand that those are critically acclaimed and popular (with middle-class white people), but I WILL freak out if I have to hear another in-depth discussion about Bill Murray.

5-hundred Stars

Inviting, enlightening, and truly loving. Couldn’t adore more. A lot of comments that are likely said casually continue to fuel my engagements with my psychologist.

Galaxy Quest…?!

Just finished the MIB episode (so funny, great job!), but as per the Tony Shalhoub appreciation mentioned, when are you doing Galaxy Quest? I offer myself up as tribute to provide commentary!

After you left your message on my voicemail message

Great news and we can go on your way back home if you’d want if it was in our driveway for you guys or your

566456667 stars!!!

This is the only movie podcast that will make you feel like there is good in the world, and that everything will be okay.

I’ve adored from Day 1–and I never watch the movies

My review won’t do the podcast justice, but here goes: These two lovely humans explore humanity, film, relationships, of course FEELINGS, and the complexities of life. And they do it through movies! I’ve never watched the movie they discuss for that episode— though I’ve seen many before—but it doesn’t matter. I leave each episode feeling curious, seen, and seeing others. And I remember that I am good.

So engaging!

The best - wonderful conversation with people you love to spend time with. There is no better entertainment than a great collaboration between people who love and respect each other and the work. Thank you all. I’ve been listening since the first “You’re Wrong About” and am enjoying the whole “Sara/Michaelverse that has emerged since then. Great stuff!

Comfort Show

Love love love this show. Feels like chatting in the living room with friends.

Host chemistry 10, movie description accuracy 6

I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last few years and love the commentary and energy of the hosts, with the Green Room, Ready or Not, Never Been Kissed being some of my favorite episodes. Be advised, this is not a podcast to listen to for accurate descriptions of the movie. As long as you accept that the recaps are based mostly on vibes, and it’s really about the convos between the host and the guests, you’ll have a great time. Also the pre-reads can drone on for a bit, so feel free to skip the first 5min of most episodes.

One of my favorites!

This funny sweet podcast always goes down smooth. A favorite feel-good show: love the hosts!

Anything Sarah Marshall touches is GOLD

I became obsessed with Sarah’s point of view and ability to take pop culture subjects and break it apart leaving you deep in your emotions and relating to philosophical ideas. She is perfect on You’re Wrong About, but the addition of Alex Steed and the dialogue and nuance conversations they bring to these fantastic films is the best part of my week! PLEASE DO AMERICAN HONEY

One Of The Best Podcasts Out.

Love this show! Hosts are awesome! Sarah you are my straight girl crush! Alex you are a true gem! When are we doing an episode on Interstellar or Arrival? Willing to add commentary as I’ve see each movie well over 20 times. :-)

I have a confession

I think Sarah might be my internet crush. 😭


I love the tenderness and compassion Sarah and Alex bring to this podcast!

Sarah and Alex are my daddies!

Both Sarah and Alex bring so much heart and intelligence to this podcast. Their insights are often quite illuminating- took me listening to the Amadeus ep to realize I’ve loved that movie since I was a kid bc I have a difficult dad situation. Love this podcast so much and am probably very annoying to my friends bc I recommend it ALL THE TIME.

I love the show but please shorten intro

I have listened to almost every episode and have several times almost felt compelled to write in with “yes, YES!” Agreement about feelings but figured that would be too parasocial. I enjoy feeling feelings about the movies I love with y’all! Only thing, I wish the intro was shorter. Every episode I know to fast forward at least 4-6 minutes to avoid a rambling intro of random stuff. Get that dollar, I want you to succeed but please, please be succinct? It feels really rambling like someone freestyling and could use some self-editing.

Parent Trap episode is so lovely

I love these people and their candid convos. But WHEN are y’all going to do Ice Princess!!!!

Love this so so much

This show is everything I want media wise, I feel so connected with Sarah and Alex. There are certain episodes I have literally listened to like 10 times at least. I could truly listen to them talk about every horror movie ever, most of which I’ll never watch, because the THEEEMMMES. They’re just wonderful <3

A truest necessary show!

I love this show so much. It has brought me so much joy since I found it and laugh so hard at everything Sarah says. I feel like I relate to Sarah so strongly! As a mid thirties woman who discovered within the last year that I’m autistic I regularly feel things on the show that sound very similar to things that lead me to exploring it. I hope this finds you well!


Love you guys. Please do Ghostbusters 2016 with Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon. I mean you gotta … “safety lights are for dudes.”

A Lovely Podcast

I haven’t found an ep yet that didn’t teach me new things and make me feel like my gooey sweet emotions around our vast and varied media landscape aren’t as silly or inappropriate as I was told they were growing up. Sarah Marshall is a genuine sweet wonderful accepting person - I have loved her in every podcast I’ve ever heard her in. Alex Steed is a great foil for her, providing just enough of a differing viewpoint to be interesting while still being agreeable. He’s such a great example of positive masculinity. I’m so used to men (it always seems to be men) denigrating and looking down on anything they deem overly sweet or feminine that it’s really nice to hear someone male consider all viewpoints as equally valid. Their friendship carries through in every episode, which is incredibly sweet. And every guest feels carefully screened to continue the sweetness and understanding. I’m so glad I found this podcast. Sometimes I listen even if I’m not interested in the movie being discussed because their voices are so nice and their viewpoints are so expansive and accepting. This is a wonderful sweet podcast and I highly recommend it.

I do like this show!

❤️ thanks for modeling empathy through this podcast!


You Are Good never disappoints, but the Waiting for Guffman episode is next level. I listened to the episode, re-watched Guffman the same night then re-listened to this episode the next morning. Sarah and Alex always approach their work with such sincerity and Woody is absolutely gorgeous!!

Good show but a little eyerolly-woke

First lemme say, I love this show. I look forward to it every Wednesday. However, more and more I do feel like I’m listening to a group of students who attend PCU (Hey do the movie PCU!)

Intelligent, sweet, soothing

The coziest podcast in town. I always get excited when a new episode comes out. The content is funny and charming. I like that there aren’t loud, interruptive ads. I subscribe to their Patreon as well, and recommend it. I haven’t seen all the movies they discuss, and you don’t need to. It’s a fun ride either way.

Great conversations about movies and feelings!

I love listening to Alex and Sarah talk about movies I love, or even movies someone else loves. It’s funny, thoughtful, nostalgic… one of my favorites.

Fun, smart, and thoughtful!

Also I do really enjoy the part where Sarah summarizes the movie even if I’ve seen it a million times, v comforting

Listening to You Are Good is doing yourself a favor!!

I found this podcast after listening to You’re Wrong About & then wanting to devour all of Sarah’s work, but I have come to love it in it’s own right as my favorite podcast about movies. This one lets me see what other people find and connect to in movies, lets me discover movies I never noticed, and encourages me to make space for my own relationship with movies, as messy and emotional and inexplicable as that is. Their guests are engaging, the hosts are the best, and I sincerely adore this podcast. Cannot recommend it enough!!