So good!

Thanks for this lovely podcast.

Makes Me Revisit Movies

I appreciate the cohosts and guest hosts who make me reconsider movies I take for granted.

Give Yourself a Treat

This is an intelligent, emotionally positive show with hosts who have an easy chemistry. The dialogue is thoughtful and I always come away with insights. My only suggestion is roll dial-back the bass levels on Alex’s voice. He has a big, lovely voice that can sometimes get lost in the boom of the bass.

It’s like the scene in that movie when…

I love movies, and I love the fact that movies have often given me the language I needed in my life to express & talk about my feelings (“It’s like that scene in that movie when…”). This podcast is based on that premise—i.e., that movies give us ways to experience & talk about our feelings—which, along with the show’s hosts, is what sets it apart from the roughly 17.5 million other podcasts about movies. Even if you haven’t seen the movie they’re covering, it’s great to hear Sarah & Alex talk about the movie & the feelings without judgment or shame.

It’s like the scene in that movie when…

I love movies, and I love the fact that movies have often given me the language I needed in my life to express & talk about my feelings (“It’s like that scene in that movie when…”). This podcast is based on that premise—i.e., that movies give us ways to experience & talk about our feelings—which, along with the show’s hosts, is what sets it apart from the roughly 17.5 million other podcasts about movies. Even if you haven’t scene any given movie they’re covering, it’s great to hear Sarah & Alex talk about these movies & feelings without any kind of judgment or shame, in a way that makes you feel like you’re part of the conversation. And it’s great to hear Carolyn’s music along the way. 🎥🖤

Great pod, poor audio

Love the podcast! But difficult to literally hear Sarah.

Great show, way too much intro

I love this show. LOVE Sarah. Love the guests and the conversations. The only thing is that a very large portion of each episode is spent at the beginning introducing the show, introducing the movie (which will be done again later), introducing the guest (which will be done again later), and summarizing what they’ll talk about. I wish they got right to the action faster, because the action is excellent

medicinal movie podcasting

there’s something about this show that feels like those late nights at a friend’s house when people keep saying they need to go home but no one does because the vibes and the conversation are just magic. this one’s for the sensitive kids and really anyone who could use a good hearty laugh about some heavy stuff. i love these two.

Well Researched and Hilarious

These friends are smart, funny, and have great chemistry. 10/10 will listen forever


Absolutely love this podcast. It makes my work commute, chores, walks, etc bearable. It’s like listening to your super supportive, extremely witty, found-family friends talk about their favorite movies. I’ve never considered myself a big movie person, but all of their content is so relatable— even the episodes discussing films I’ve never seen! Highly recommend.

the kind side of criticism

love the wry, gentle humor and kindhearted thoughtfulness of this podcast

This pair makes me happy

Just a joyful hour of a show.

Who’s the Daddy?

Great analysis and commentary by Alex and Sarah. Would recommend to any movie lover and anyone interested in exploring their feelings.

My weekly dose of nerdy unabashed love

I’m proud to say I’ve been listening from the beginning. Because of Sarah and Alex, I’ve discovered new cinematic treasures and revisited ones I’ve already seen with new perspectives. The sensitivity and respect exchanged between hosts and their guests is palpable—no snickering or snootiness to be had here. Parasocial relationships are problematic and yada yada yada, but it is a joy to have these thoughtful, movie-loving folks in my life. Give it a try!

Getting Wrapped Up In Your Feelings

I feel like I’m sitting around with friends in college in a smoke-filled coffeeshop (I went to college in the 90s) and just doing what we do best… Talking about movies, feelings, and daddy issues. Thank you for being a friend!

Great even when you haven’t seen the movie

I hate marvel and have never seen Thor but this episode made me cry and think deeply!!! Love you all

If you love film AND feelings, check it out!

I’m consistently impressed by the quality of this show - from the conversations, to the film selections and of course the music/mixing by Carolyn! Sarah and Alex + guests have made me both laugh and cry (sometimes during the same episode) but in a great way, I promise! Each episode is a treat regardless of whether I’ve seen the film zero times or dozens of times. Thanks for keeping me company on multiple commutes!

This makes me happy

Love the pod!

Listen to this when recovering from a hard cry

I love that this is categorized as a mental health podcast, because Sarah and Alex’s relationship oozes a sweetness that feels like a spoonful of sugar down my salty gullet. I hope I can one day suss out what is this attachment I feel to certain podcasts that feels a bit like love, but for now just listen. They rock.

That’s Hot.

I really enjoy the dynamics of this show. Would love to hear about your take on my childhood favorites - Jumanji and Matilda.

Absolutely wonderful time

Alex Steed and Sarah Marshall (i hope i spelled your names correctly). Such a relaxing and hilarious time, you are both the daddies of this podcast!!! (if you ever get a chance could you do Interstellar?)


Love love love love

Yes please



I can no longer watch movies without wondering what insightful and intentional things Sarah might have to say. Wonderful format (ok sometimes the intros get a little long but I always stick around anyway) and fantastic hosts. Movie requests: Uptown Girls and Basic Instinct 🤓

You are so good!

I love this show! The discussions are great and I love the hosts and guests. Keep the episodes coming.

This podcast is a warm hug

I love the subject matter, the hosts, the guest hosts and basically everything about this particular podcast. They cover all sorts of topics within the frame of each film they choose and I cannot get enough. My fave eps so far are “Heavyweights”, “Beauty and the beast” and of course “Little Shop of Horrors.” Can you tell I’m also a Howard Ashman fan? I know it’s early days, but I’m hoping they do an episode about the new movie Encanto coming out thanksgiving because it’s going to be a Lin Manuel Miranda Howard Ashman fever dream. I understand Lin was heeaaaavily influenced by Howard and there going to be all sorts of callbacks to the wonderful Mr. Ashman, I sure in it. Mix a little Disney adult, Mr. Miranda and Howard Ashman stans and you get Encanto (hopefully.) Anyway, keep making great content because I’ll be here consuming it!

At last!!

This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write review a podcast, and I’m doing it now because I need everyone to know how good this one is. It’s so good guys!! I majored in Film Studies at university and even though I did not pursue a career in the industry, I still dearly love to watch, think, and talk about movies. However, I’ve struggled to find a podcast about film that I really relate to and felt meaningful to me - until now. Sarah, Alex and their wonderful guests are the exact kind of people who I’d like to sit around and talk about movies with. I’ve burned my way through all the episodes on ones I’ve seen and am playing catch up as fast as I can with the others, but honestly I’ll just listen to them talk about movies I’ve never even seen. That’s how much I love this show.

you are good is good

super genuine, funny, and interesting, 10/10

Cinephiles Unite!

I absolutely adore the chemistry that these two have, and I’m so happy to have another show featuring Sarah Marshall. I find solace in these like-minded individuals, as I am also a 30-something myself. I really enjoy listening in on their conversations about various movies, and often will listen to the episode before and after I watch the movie being discussed. They offer refreshing perspectives and each time a new episode is released, it feels like Christmas every time. Keep up the great work y’all.

Joyful and illuminating show, from the siblings who replaced us

It hit me when I was listening to the episode on the Big Chill and they were saying, these were our parents, and I thought, no these were *our* parents. Of course, they would not recognize what they represent to us— the Gen X kids from the Breakfast Club—they were the babies that our aunts had—the ones who waited to have their kids until they had a degree, or the babies that our parents had after they found themselves and got remarried. The millennials were the babies that our friends at The Breakfast Club had to love and care for, while suppressing the jealousy they felt when their dads said some variation of, “This time I’m really going to get it right!” They were the babies from the custody cases I heard about from the perspective of their much older siblings and cousins— the babies who got so much more attention and so many more promises, but got betrayed in their own way. We were the ones that everyone wanted to forget when they started over with their new families, after they got their degrees— the ones the first batch of boomers had when they were in their early twenties, just before feminism took off. I love how these kids turned out— I understand why the Gen X’ers are bitter about being forgotten by their boomer parents and millennial siblings— but I’d rather listen to these two any day. You are good!


Another one of Sarah Marshall’s projects that has been getting me through the pandemic. Seriously though, You Are Good brings my blood pressure down and makes me feel so many ways. It’s warm, intelligent, thoughtful, and it’s quickly become my favorite movie podcast. A couple of movie suggestions I would like to bring to the table: 1.) All That Jazz. I watched it for the first time last night, and if that’s not about feelings then I don’t know what is. 2.) Hook. One of the more iconic movies from my childhood, a solid dad theme, and Robin Williams. It checks so many boxes. Adore you both and thank you for doing what you do. PS-I can’t stop thinking of Christian Slater as Theodore Laurence and I will never be the same.

Therapeutic. Sharp. Hilarious. I love it.

This feelings podcast about movie HITS! You do not need to see the movie to enjoy the chats. Sarah and Alex have the best chemistry, they always have incredible guests who have their own great shows/content so this is also a great space to find new stuff! The topics discussed are always relevant and I can always feel the emotions resonating through the podcast and into my soul. Sarah and Alex have a fun way of putting even the most depressing realities, and since we live in one of those, it’s great to hear a fun description of it. The pod also has dope original music some of the times! They’ll be releasing some of those songs soon too! Not to mention the episode-inspired playlists released with each new episode. Overall the production of the podcast is tight and calming - an awesome combo. Shout out to Carolyn. I’d listen to these humans talk about anything.

Pump Up The Volume

HA! — I was a junior at Saugus High School, in Santa Clarita, CA, when Pump Up The Volume was filmed. I was an extra in the film (we got excused from class so it was totally worth it despite laboring for long hours for free), and at the time, I wrote for the school newspaper and got to interview Christian Slater in his trailer. Oh my heart! My life was forever changed! In the evenings we loitered on campus and hung out with Seth Green and Ahmet Zappa between their scenes. They were the nicest guys and incredibly down to earth. It was a delight to revisit this experience, long pushed to the deepest depths of my mind, and to hear your in-depth analyses of the film. Now I feel the need to watch it again. And yes, the soundtrack is amazing and the highlight is Everybody Knows, by Leonard Cohen. Thanks a ton!

You had me at Heavyweight…

Sarah Marshall can do no wrong. The content is fun, informative and nostalgic; my inner child is screaming.

Warm, smart friends talking about movies

This is a wonderful podcast. The hosts are funny and insightful. The tone will change somewhat based on the guest, which is actually nice - the hosts seem to really enjoy their guests. They’re generous with the movies they review and I’m looking forward to revisiting some of the movies covered and watching others for the first time.

Newest obsession ✊🏿✊🏿



Y’all need to review the Emperor’s Club. It was made for your show. There are so many daddies in it.


Sarah Marshall is so heartwarming.

Internet Friends

Getting to engage in this show throughout the pandemic has been such a highlight of an exhausting experience. Every time I hear Sarah and Alex greet each other I feel like I just walked into a room with old friends. Being able to engage with them on social media and feel like I’m apart of something that helps me grow and reflect on ways to be better and good is also something this show has brought to my life. I have watched a lot of movies I might not have thought about, I’ve laughed out loud running down the street and I have made some pretty awesome internet friends through You Are Good. Thanks for existing folks!

Love this show

My better half (read wife) introduced me to this show because she loves me and knows I am a cinephile and listen to podcasts. Thank you for the wonderful discussions and new and enlightening perspective on current and classic films. Always a pleasure and joy listening to the hosts and their guests select from a new title each week (still trying to convince My Better Half to give the Texas Chain Saw Massacre episode a listen, I’ll keep trying my best). Thank you again. Xoxo

Get your soul touched

I do jigsaw puzzles late into the quiet night. The stars are benign, the lamps are soft and the podcasts —this podcast— is soul touching. Listen.

If you want to laugh and occasionally cry happy tears

This podcast is amazing!! I've listened since it was "why are dads" and even in its beta version it was amazing. The movies they pick, the guests, the humor, it has it all. Sarah's intro to the most recent episode mentions how this podcast got her though the pandemic, I 💯 agree. Laughing with this group of people I have never met, has made me feel less isolated in this ridiculous reality we have and gave me something to mark the weeks. This podcast is my favorite even though I follow all of the extended YAG family. I look forward to Halloween week (or month if Sarah wants it to be) last years did not disappoint!! You are good!!! 🙌

Comforting Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast. Sarah is so insightful and I love her unique analysis of movies. Sarah and Alex are a great combination for podcast about movies and feelings. Also the best episodes are the ones with guest Aubrey Gordon! Also I really like the new name. Much more welcoming. 🥰

The best

Podcast ever!!

I love this podcast

You are good (and when was why are dads) is the such a calming podcast. It makes me feel so relaxed and makes me smile :)

More Sarah Marshall!!

I love listening to Sarah Marshall and now I love listening to Alex Steed too. Wanna hear smart, empathetic people talk about movies you may or may not have seen? This is the podcast for you.

The podcast that I didn’t know I needed in my life

A movie podcast about feelings?? Yes please! I don’t really watch movies but there’s something about so comforting about these discussions

I love this podcast.

I have so many feelings… all of them are filled with joy when I listen to these two talk.


Alex and Sarah always have very thoughtful insights and they deliver them with such good humor. This podcast feels like such a safe space, I look forward to new episodes of Y.A.G. more than any other pod. Can’t recommend enough.

Batman Returns episode prompted 5 star review

Why are so many movie podcasts so bad? This one is good! It gave me the Batman Returns conversation I’ve been waiting on my whole life.


I’m not even a movie person but this podcast makes you love the weekly content. It gives me wa rm fuzzies even when they are critiquing content because the hosts are so kind & deep. If you want to explore your emotions and outlook on the world thru the lens of lighthearted movies, please relax to this podcast!

this is my favorite podcast

Sarah and Alex have lovely chemistry. I could hear them talk about movies all day, even about ones I haven't seen. Their conversations are genuine and I always leave each episode feeling good.

This podcast is so lovely

Sarah and Alex are truly the best. I love their sweet, spicy, and everything-in-between takes on films. Whether I’ve seen/heard of the movie or not, I have a blast. They have even encouraged me thru their conversations to see movies I would have never considered watching before, that always turn out to be amazing. Their guests are also great! You can’t go wrong having a listen. Check it out :)

Love this!!

I just love this podcast. Even episodes on movies I haven’t seen are interesting and entertaining.

It’s almost there

I’ve been listening to this podcast on and off from the beginning of it. I, like many others, was led over by You’re Wrong About. I almost completely enjoy this podcast. However, the editing really throws me off. The intro is hugely long, there are random musical interludes that last a weirdly long time, and I’ll be really into the conversation and there are just a lot of random cuts. I enjoy the show and the way the conversation feels so casual. However, the editing is really disjointed and can make it kind of irritating.

Like a long warm hug for your brain

If you want a podcast that feels like a long, warm hug, this is the podcast for you. I turn it on whenever I need a pick-me-up. Alex and Sarah have the uncanny ability to communicate in a way that feels extremely specific to their friendship but is also open enough for a stranger to drop in and join the chat, like you’re at a party and you sit down by some kids talking about movies because you don’t know anyone else and you can’t resign yourself to petting the dog all evening. It’s kind, it’s welcoming, it’s nerdy, and you might spend all night holding court with them to drown out the chaos happening all around you. Five out of five stars.

Are you good? (I don’t know, but the podcast IS GOOD!)

To notch work every week! I came for the dads, I stayed for the goodness.

My favorite movie podcast.

Alex and Sarah are hilarious, honest, and talk a out movies in a context that few ever do! 10/10

get em with the movies, keep em with the feelings

this podcast means so much to me. it’s like a fruit and veggie platter of social analysis, humor, humanity, and radical love. the hosts leverage their compassion and understanding to peer into why we feel our Feelings, and you can bring that into your life. it’s helped me gain some perspective in a rough part of my life

Pleasantly surprised

I was reluctant to listen to this podcast thinking it was going to be a lot of man bashing or talking about how all dads are horrible. I have a great dad who didn’t traumatize me, so I didn’t think this was for me. I enjoy Sarah on YWA, so I finally gave it a listen. SO glad I did! Sarah and Alex both have lovely, calming voices (why are there so many podcasts with people shrieking or laughing like hyenas?!?) they have great chemistry and a seemingly genuine affection for the movies they discuss. I subscribed to the Patreon because I just love to listen to them chat. I appreciate the lack of ads or constant shilling for their Patreon like many other podcasters. Everything is great. Keep it up! 😊

Great content; but the sound….

I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s other podcast for some time. I love this podcast as well! Fabulous guests and great discussions of movies I love and lots of incentive to see movies that I haven’t yet experienced. I’m not a fan of the name change, but then I wasn’t a fan of the first name either. The right name will come along, I’m sure, but it’s a bummer folks may be looking over a great podcast otherwise. I’d offer five stars but the sound quality steadily has gotten worse and worse as the show has gone on. It’s really distracting from the content. I do love the show though and recommend it to others! I know it’s in its infancy and I can’t wait to listen to it as it grows!

Alex and Sarah Know What’s Up

This is a really sweet, offbeat, and refreshing movie podcast that always brings heart, humor, and an off-the-wall lenses to film analysis. I really enjoy listening to episodes for movies I both have and haven’t seen, and multiple times have been nudged into finally checking something out from the entertaining conversation. The hosts are excellent, choose great guests, and have fantastic chemistry and a really balanced energy.

let’s get nuanced

Thoughtful commentary and opinions I actually relate to. I appreciate commentators that can both love and appreciate a film while still discussing the flaws and problematic aspects. Sarah and Alex are masters of this.

Great Podcast

This podcast is so insightful and entertaining!! I love how honest the hosts are, you can tell they care and have really thought about the subject matter.

Thank you so much

This podcast makes my day better. Thank you for helping me get my dishes done!

Beautiful, thoughtful

Sarah is one of the most thoughtful, soulful voices currently working in this medium. We are lucky to get to hear her talk about anything, and she has an easy rapport with Alex. Additionally, wonderful guests share their thoughts about a variety of great movies (and life!). Listen!!

Reliving my childhood

When a favorite movie comes up, it’s a must listen ❤️


This podcast inspires me to watch or rewatch so many movies. They’re the best.

One of my favorites

I love listening to Sarah talk about anything, and she has a great dynamic with Alex. While I don’t love the name change and think it sacrificed a bit of focus for the show, I always enjoy their conversations about movies - even movies I’ve never seen before.

Reservoir Dogs?

Beautiful, empathetic, and insightful. Is anyone on the docket to do reservoir dogs?

Parent Trap episode is so lovely

I love these people and their candid convos

You Are Good = Aural Hug

I look forward to this podcast every week! Listening to Alex and Sarah talk about movies, but most of all feelings, is a calming hour in my week. I listen to every episode, whether I know the movie or not, and I’ve ended up watching some of the movies afterward and re-listening! (Thank you for bringing The Mummy and Grosse Pointe Blank into my life!) This podcast is like a hug full of the best laughter. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It came to us when we needed it the most.

You Are Good came to us listeners when we needed it the most. It’s a feelings podcast about movies, and when it premiered in 2020, well, weren’t we all having all the feelings all the time? Sarah and Alex are two good humans who have a natural chemistry to their friendship, which makes listening to this podcast a true joy. They are both terrifically intelligent and funny. Sarah’s quick wit and insight sometimes just knocks me off my feet, and Alex’s anecdotes and observations always enrich the discussion. They genuinely love movies, and moreover, there is no pretense and zero snobbery to their talks. This is simply two friends talking about movies, and how they relate to them. And, Carolyn Kendrick’s music, featured on the pod, is wonderful. Each new episode is a high point in my week.

Equally emotionally intelligent and the regular kind

This is absolutely my ideal podcast: compassionate and brilliant folks exploring subject matter they love.

Love this pod

These folks are so eloquent and funny. Listening to Sarah talk about her feelings and movies feels like a warm hug and it is just the best.

Love this feelings/movies podcast

I love Alex and Sarah and this podcast. I always listen, even if I have no clue what the movie they’re talking about is about. I often listen while cleaning out my cats’ litter boxes, it’s a 10/10 experience.

Very Good

I love it!

So good

I love this podcast—it makes me revisit so many favourite movies and understand them differently. Full of empathy and humour!

This show is beautiful

I have so much fun listening. Everyone is so nice. It is my escape from the darkness.

This is good

I came for insight on my daddy issues, I stayed for the most thoughtful, interesting discussions of film I’ve found on any podcast. I still have dad issues though.

Truly a delight

This show always makes my Wednesdays better! I especially loved the episodes covering The Mummy (1998) and A League of their Own.

A lovely Podcast

Great discussions about a wide variety of films. The hosts are delightful and always have interesting and unexpected insights about the movies they cover. Love this show.

I adore this show!!!!!

It’s so good!! Very human and very wise.

Soothing, hilarious, interesting, kind

Being a fan of You’re Wrong About, I knew I’d like this podcast. I now kind of think of it as a spin-off: You’re Wrong About investigates misremembered historical facts via notorious events, and You Are Good dives into remembered OR misremembered feelings via a different movie each week. Both unpack the whole fact/feeling dynamic. The same kindness, thoughtfulness, and humor that the hosts bring to the episodes makes this a podcast I look forward to each week. It gives me a similar feeling of chill and well-being that an episode of Mr. Rogers or Reading Rainbow gave me as a kid. Just a delightful and really well-done podcast.

Perfect podcast for a cinephile

Delight yourself in the amalgamation of dissecting film with Alex & Sarah, a humorous pair equipped with stimulating vocabulary & thoughtful commentary. The hosts promote emotional fluency & awareness while diverging into rhetoric on polarizing topics found in cinema. Specific movies and their scenes are scrutinized or dissected. I hope their new installments to start cover more Disney animated classics, the original Jumanji and Memiors of a Geisha.

The Best

Sarah and The Guy (Alex 😁) are easily one of the best things that have happened over the last year. This podcast is full of empathy, joy, wit, and beautiful music. Thank you!! You are good!

You are soooo good

Sarah and Alex are so generous with their vulnerability and empathetic lens. They are also incredibly intellectual in ways that don’t make you feel like a college dropout. Movies are a force that drive a lot of our cultural identities and having interesting humans break down their stories and structures is healing and humorous work. I will forever listen every week!

One of my favorites

I fell in love with Sarah on You’re Wrong About. Now I’m in love with Alex, too. They are thoughtful and insightful. If you feel things when you watch movies, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.

Great format

I get excited every week when a new episode drops. Excellent guests. Witty banter.

They are good

I look forward every week to this podcast that can make me happy on many fronts.

A peach of a podcast

Came to this podcast by way of You’re Wrong About and what I love about both is that it looks at movies and cultural events in a more compassionate light than they may have been initially presented to me. This podcast also inspired me to watch Moonstruck and Terminator 2 for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed both that much more because I heard the podcast first 💕


One of the best hours of my week when I get to join Sarah and Alex on a journey exploring these films and my own feeling about them. I love the recent change — happy to see the show evolve! Shout out to the Pretty Woman episode which I used to be a bit embarrassed was one of my favorite films— now I have this show’s stamp of approval when I tell people about how great it is!

One of my all time favorites

If you like movies and feelings this podcast is for you

Even If You Haven’t Seen It!

I adore this podcast. Every discussion about a film is an opportunity to talk about why we love what we love, how we became who we are, and how maybe when we forgive flaws (in movies, in our parents) we gain access to not being so hard on ourselves. All of this with tons of laughter, plus a movie! Sometimes I want to skip episodes about films I haven't seen, but when I go ahead and listen, I'm always glad I did. You get what you need to know about the movie to benefit from the discussion, because it's never about the movie anyway, it's really just about love. But also, it’s fun to talk about movies.

So soothing

This is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Even when they discuss movies I haven’t seen before or don’t have a deep connection to, their conversations are still captivating and thought-provoking. Listening to the show is comforting and I highly recommend it when you’re driving and are itching to feel nostalgic about movies you may have forgotten you loved.

A real treat

I love all the shows in the You're Wrong About extended universe and this one is no exception! This show has really found its footing as a feelings podcast about movies and has quickly become one of my favorites. I love that they pick “popular” movies as well as movies they have strong feelings about. This is definitely a great show to listen to while doing things around the house you don’t want to be alone with your own thoughts - it’ll feel like you’re hanging out with friends having a meaningful conversation and time will fly by.

I love movie feelings

Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed are total dreamboats in this series that dives deeps into cinematic feelings. Sarah is otherworldly and Alex’s observations on film themes and characters are emotionally stirring. Alex pointed out once that movies emotionally resonate with us so much that it’s weird we mostly talk about how they are made versus how they make us feel. There is also great humor in this pod! Sarah and Alex are basically angelic clowns with perfect comedic timing. It’s amazing. It feels like listening in on a conversation with good friends (the guest also is made to feel like a good friend!) that moves along (great editing!!) and leaves me anticipating the next episode. A must listen!

All the Feelings

A couple of friends (and a guest?) talk about movies and all the feeling they make us feel. Not just another “some white folks talk about movies” podcast. Just…just listen to it and you’ll get it.

Thoughtful approach to movies and our relationship to them

Both hosts have a kind way of approaching difficult topics and teasing out some of the reasons why people really resonate with movies, and not just the high brow ones that get critical acclaim but movies that are usually presented and consumed as light hearted. I’ve really had a great time going back to some of these movies and really think about why I love or hate them the way that I do. Give it shot, it’s a great podcast.

Much beloved

These are really unique and sometimes magical conversations— you cannot predict where the journey will go when you listen, but you can trust that it will be fun to listen, and that listening will take you to interesting places that will help you to better understand our culture, politics, and relationships. From the perspective of Gen X listener who tests positive for Millennial identification, this show is very special.

Hooray for You Are Good

You’re both the best and also more Fangirl Jeanne please!

the great American podcast

I would recommend this show to anyone with a passing interest in families, friendships, emotions or American culture. To choose just one episode - you may think you’ve watched / understood Dirty Dancing, but you only truly Get It once you hear it lovingly dissected by the hosts of You Are Good. Sarah Marshall’s take on liberalism vs leftism in this movie is as incisive as her obsession with Jerry Orbach’s nipples is joyfully perverted. Alex Steed’s analysis of the subtleties of class struggle in the film, as well as his reflections on the meaning of money earned by chance and that earned by work are shrewd and unsparing. Steed tells a personal anecdote to illustrate his points, exploring the corrosive pressure exerted by families when their children date outside their social milieu. His observations are hilarious, biting and relatable. This show is just getting started, and it’s already one of the greats.

Yeah, I think I ~am~ good

I found this show entertaining for a while, but I think it’s time to move on and devote my time to shows I enjoy more. I agree that the multiple intros thing is weird and they need better editing. I really liked the original song interludes. Really dislike the name change. It sounds like a self-help show title…

“Lovely Alex and hilarious Sarah with the great laugh”

I find this show to be deeply soothing and thoughtful in the very best way. I shared it with my mom and we discuss episodes together now as so many of these movies were huge for both of us. She found the name change discussion so lovely and meaningful for two women with complicated dad feelings. (The title quote is hers). Keep on keeping on ❤️

Love the Show, Want the Full Episode!

I absolutely love this show! I was wondering, though, if anyone else only got a 2 minute snip of the Dazed and Confused episode in their feed? Was this an upload error? Would love to hear the full thing!

Empathetic, funny, & thoughtful

A wonderful way to breathe new life into movies I know & love. Sarah & Alex have great chemistry and I appreciate their honest dialogue. This show is a gem. Love the name change and can’t wait to see how the show blossoms from here <3

Name change was a good move

I loved Sarah’s metaphor of the show as a growing plant that needed to be repotted into a bigger pot. I know that talk of dads and masculinity isn’t disappearing, but that the new title better encompasses the huge range of things y’all discuss in the context of these movies. Good on you for being brave enough to make a change! Love the show, excited to see y’all continue to grow.

They are GOOD

I’ve been listening since the beginning and cried as they discussed the name change. Alex and Sarah have the best conversations and I LOVE the conversation before the episode. It’s like a little table of contents and editors note. I love hearing two friends reflect on their previous conversation and the thoughts they have since. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Great podcast

Love this podcast. Especially love Sarah Marshall from You’re Wrong About and this one doesn’t disappoint. They changed the name and I think it’s for the best. There is so much more to dissect in film besides the concept of dads. Great selection of movies and great discussion. Also love the third person they usually have on how the LOTR episode had a very big Tolkien fan. One criticism- didn’t talk about the alternative ending to pretty woman. Other than that I love the podcast and they do a great job.

Name Change = Huge Bummer

I love this show, but unfortunately I think it’s ending. I loved the format of using films to dissect relationships we have with fathers and the idea of fathers—but now they’re nixing that format and that makes me sad.

Do more Disney!!

Just started listening. I love Sarah in YWB and her unique humor and empathy. Excited for the rebranding, but I hope to still hear your biting critique of movie dads and masculinity! Please tackle more dads from the Disney Renaissance (especially Hunchback and Hercules!)

Such a smart, funny, insightful show

Love Sarah and Alex; their jokes, banter and laughter create beautiful conversations about often fraught topics. Thank you for this little aural gem in my life!

Love it!

This is my current favorite Podcast. I love the conversations and the guests and I especially love the movies they choose to watch and talk about. There’s always a dad theme in any movie and it’s really refreshing to dive into all the things I missed on first watching these films. Only thing I wish was that there was a sister podcast called “Because Moms”.


do love story

I love it

It’s amazing

Great podcast!

Sarah and Alex are so good together, esp when the subject has such a wide scope. I love all the many ways popular culture reflects the mood of the country and mimics the family dynamic, and these two really cover a lot of ground. Always interesting, always insightful, and always funny.

Also a great spinoff

This, like Maintenance Phase, is a great spinoff from You’re Wrong About. It’s a really cool and accessible format for discussing human development. Using popular films as the platform is [chef’s kiss]. Thank you!

Great look at my favorite films

I love their takes on my favorite movies from the 90s. Only one thing I have as a very tiny critique...they didn’t mention that Pretty Woman has a lot of parallels with Pygmalion/My Fair Lady. Vivian is like Eliza Doolittle, Edward is like Henry Higgins, and Barney is Dr Pickering. The polo match is very much like the scene at the race track in both those works.

My new favorite podcast

I re-listen to episodes of “Why Are Dads?” in the same way I re-listen to albums. I love Sarah and Alex’s rapport, and I’m so glad to have this show’s observations about fathers, writing, pop culture, and The Human Condition rattling around in my brain.


Great podcast. Brilliant and compassionate. As a big fan of You’re Wrong About, I’m not even mad to have Alex as my new step dad. The playlists are mad jams too.

Why Are Dads?

Love this podcast and the hosts! Please cover The Birdcage!

I love this podcast

Listening to this podcast is like getting under the covers. It’s snuggly and warm. We think about interesting things and grow a little bit. We are protected and loved by Alex and Sarah. They are the daddies. The daddiest.

Perfect Podcast

This podcast is so much fun to listen to. Sarah and Alex are perfect. ♉️♉️

Why are ratings

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s all about dads and feelings and movies. If you like even just one of those things you should listen to this podcast. If you like none of those things: also listen to this podcast. Highly recommend. Perfect 7 out of 5 stars.

Alex and Sarah are WONDERFUL.

What a smart, kind, thoughtful, fun show. Love these two, love the show.

I love them

One of my absolute favorite podcasts!! Fun, smart, compassionate, entertaining, and lovely.

Insightful & delightful

There are so many things to love about this podcast but the genuine warmth & compassion Sarah & Alex bring to every conversation is at the top of the list. If you haven’t seen some (or most) of the movies, don’t let that stop you from listening! This podcast is, in the best way possible, film-adjacent conversations about feelings and you need it in your life.

more than movies, more than Dads - how to be in the world

This is one of my favorite podcasts - funny, insightful and philosophical. the show starts with the theme of fathers and expands to love, alienation, messages from the media we view, the human condition of being a child of a father, and and existing in the world. the hosts Sarah and Alex are incredibly smart and engaging while being down to earth, vulnerable and funny. Check it out. There’s much to love


This pod knows how to make you smile by hitting that nostalgic button just right by allowing you to relive movies from your childhood/teenage years. The hosts are kindness in a bottle, and it’s impossible to not fall in love with them. Each episode is like the best film class you audited in college.

It’s about the dads we made along the way

This podcast journeys through movies (the good, the arguably bad, and ones in between) with such care, gentleness, and compassion for both the characters and the people ultimately watching the movies.

the best!

There are two women that I hold in the highest esteem and they are Sarah and Gillian Anderson. The vibe of this show is absolutely perfect- Sarah and Alex are awesome together and I 100% recommend subscribing to the Patreon- the bonus episodes are amazing too!

Thoughtful & therapeutic

Feels like a slumber party when the lights are off and we’re talking about feelings. Deeply comforting to know others think and care so much about other humans and our varied experiences. A must listen, there’s an episode or three for everyone.

Pure joy 😌❤️

Every part of this podcast is an absolute joy. I love going on a journey to notice and understand little things I may have missed in life and in cinema. Thank you for your voices and stories.

Perfect pod

I was already a huge fan of You’re Wrong About (Sarah’s other podcast that you should listen to) and have become an even bigger fan of Why Are Dads? . They are both so smart and funny and empathetic and it doesn’t hurt that they have spot on takes when it comes to cinematic/ cultural critiques. 10/10 would recommend.

Sarah Marshall is a f*ing genius

Thank you Sarah Marshall

so good and cozy

definitely true to this being like a slumber party talking about our feelings and the boys (dads) we like/feel complicated about. so cozy.

Wonderful podcast!

Thank you for interviewing Eric Michael Garcia for your episode on Rain Man. As an autistic person, it was a joy to listen to your thoughts on this deeply flawed film. Thank you!

Love the analysis on this show!!

Can you guys please please please do an episode on Cats the Musical. I would LOVE to hear a Sarah-style analysis of that movie. Or Supernatural!!! It isn’t a movie, but the entire plot is Daddy issues.

Great Chemistry

i really appreciate their big brains & the way they play off each other. feels like chatting with friends

so good!

found this podcast through alex's tiktok and it's just so good! super interesting takes and overall really nice to listen to even if you haven't seen the movie. the music is also lovely and a great bonus.

Perfect blend of humor and intelligence

If you love over analyzing films through a lens of well-read, pop-culture saturated (but truly funny) film criticism—this one’s for you! Sarah Marshall, of the equally fabulous “You’re Wrong About,” shines with a quick wit and empathy for dysfunction.

My new top fave

I have no idea how to describe this to my friends but I know that I love it and I’m gonna tell them to listen because then they’ll love it too. I somehow appreciate Saw more than I ever did when i was watching the movies in theaters. Also I’m pretty sure I would listen to Sarah Marshall talk about literally anything. You are both amazing!

Why are Dad’s

I love why are dad’s. It may be my unrequited love for Sarah Marshall, but it is worth the cost of the patreon too. I love thinking more broadly about contemporary movies and Sarah and Alex give a pleasant take on many movies while discussing them in the context of dads. Also the Brad Dourif knowledge and love is reciprocated .

love it

i love this

The best

Such a smart and entertaining listen every time!

Funny and deep conversations about your favorite movies from growing up

The hosts are funny and insightful. It feels like you’re sharing a joint and talking about your favorite movies with your smartest friends. This show has honestly helped me grapple with my own younger self and how movies may have shaped my psyche. Anyway, just listen. Start with an episode about a movie you love, and go from there.

Love the show!

The show is great! Funny and deep commentary on some great movies. PLEASE do Brokeback Mountain!!

Clever Podcast

Listened today for the first time and feel as though I may be up until 3 am on a Dad binge. I accept it. Insightful commentary about movies we don’t need to watch to grasp. Sarah Marshall is clever and well informed. Love the conversation.

Hosts 10/10

The hosts are great, the guests are hit or very miss...

A fun escape

When I need a break from the many, many news podcasts I subscribe to, this is one of my new favorites (also Seek Treatment, Raised Wrong, and 90 Day Gays). Love both hosts, the music, and the guests are top-notch. Whether I’ve seen the movie or not, I always have a good time!

“You got any better suggestions?!”

I came by way of You’re Wrong About and am so glad I did. If for no other reason (lots of reasons) than now I have finally seen Jaws and it is ::chef’s kiss::

Jurassic Park

Please. You must.

Pretty Woman

I think Pretty Woman is definitely worthy of this show!!

Love this podcast

Would love a multi episode series on “The Sopranos”!

Call them Daddy

Personally, I love to hear these Daddies talk about dads.

Fascinating Stuff

As someone who does not have a dad for completely boring, undramatic, and not-traumatic reasons, I have always been kind of fascinated by fathers as cultural institution. Not until this show have I encountered others who take the same kind of anthropological-study approach to daddliness as I have for my entire life. Though I haven’t seen a lot of the media that gets discussed on this show, it remains endlessly interesting to hear about fictional portrayals of the paternal archetypes I have encountered over the years. Can’t wait for more!

insider scoop: primo daddy issues

please do an episode on 📈W A L L S T R E E T📈

What a treat!

I’m a big fan of You’re Wrong About and this podcast is just as entertaining. Alex Steed is a delight! I am so thankful for all of the Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes content (also recommend Maintenance Phase with Aubrey Gordon). All of these hosts truly brighten my day with their empathy and humor.


This podcast is so good!! makes me soooo happy!

Podcast Comfort Food

As a former English major who loves deep dives into film and pop culture-adjacent subjects and also FEELING ALL THE FEELINGS this show is essentially a wet dream. Sarah & Alex have a rapport that is simply a delight to listen to and between the two of them and the musical accompaniment of Carolyn Kendrick, it’s just a very soothing and comforting auditory experience. Their conversations are always insightful AF and just as enjoyable even if you’ve never seen the movie they’re discussing (although you’ll probably want to see it once the episode is over). I’m honestly not sure if I ever would have listened to this without discovering it through You’re Wrong About but I’m so grateful I did because it’s one of the best podcasts I never knew I needed. Who’s the Daddy? Easy - it’s @whyaredads.

Why are dads though ?

Helping to unpack all my father trauma one movie at a time.

Sarah and Alex helped me cope with trauma

I have a difficult relationship with my Dad right now and this podcast helped a lot, thanks so much you guys you are loved and appreciated more than you know ❤️❤️


A truly amazing podcast- perfect for anyone who enjoys media analysis and discussions about gender. For your consideration: take a look at The West Wing, particularly “Ellie,” an episode that regularly makes me feel lots of Dad-related feelings. President Bartlet is my high-key problematic-fave TV-Dad and y’all are one of the few shows that I’d trust to talk about him. Thank you for all of your time and energy producing and facilitating incredible conversations each week.

What’s not to love?

I feel like I found people who consume media the same way I do, and I could listen to them talk about it for hours. Everything about this podcast is fantastic: smart and funny media commentary, amazing guests, and I’ve never walked away from an episode without a new list of movie or show recommendations.

The show I didn’t know I needed!

What a little gem of a show. Sarah and Alex have great chemistry, their genuine friendship really shines through alongside insightful commentary of some great movies. I also love the music!

Dads + Daddies

an insightful and empathetic weekly analysis of dads (and dads-adjacent) found within movies. really made me look at a handful of very familiar films in a new way. the hosts obviously are really fond of each other - the foundation of their long standing friendship as well as talking about their relationships with their own fathers really adds a lot to this podcast.

Why haven’t you listened yet?!

This is quite literally my favorite podcast. I love the movie choices and most of all the hosts. They have great guests too. I like they never shy away from exploring their own emotional attachments to “dad-dom” as well as just plain ole wearing their hearts on their sleeves. It’s not too heavy to make you feel it’s not enjoyable but it’s more or less the convos I wanna have with my friends real, raw, hilarious and not holding back. Thanks to both of you for this creation. 😽

Love these two gems

That’s really all. I’m so glad this podcast exists. It’s extremely cozy and generally feels like nice therapy session centered around some great films.

The Best

Sarah and The Guy (Alex 😁) and easily one of the best things that have happened over the last year. This podcast is full of empathy, joy, wit, and beautiful music. Thank you!!

Sarah Marshall Rocks

Love this pod and anything Sarah Marshall does. Unflinchingly honest and funny. Great company to spend time with

Ended up here via You’re Wrong About

Love everything about this. A side note, purely practical, I love it because I don’t have to guess who’s speaking at any given time. I like that.

Sound of music!

Love this and would follow Sarah to any corner of the internet. I want to second the reviewer who suggested sound of music. That is a dad stuff BONANZA.

Have you been fathered? Call 1-800-WHY-DADS

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with having a dad, you may be entitled to financial compensation, in the form of this wonderful podcast. Alex Steed and Sarah Marshall, two of the most delightful humans you'll ever find, analyze films through a dad lens. What does Kevin Costner teach his son about violence in The War? Why is Gene Wilder's Dr. Fronkensteen a better father than his ancestor, Dr. Frankenstein? Why was the dad in Dirty Dancing so disappointed when Baby got drilled by a member of the proletariat? Find the answers to these questions, a lot of laughs, and a new perspective on some of your favorite films in this absolute joy of a podcast.

I couldn’t love this podcast more

As an adult with a dad and other dad like figures in my life I am really in love with this podcast. Thank you for making it

❤️❤️❤️ LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

I adore this podcast! I subscribed episode 1!! In the last month I shockingly lost my dad who I was extremely close to. A movie that I tie closely to him and memories of him is “The Sound of Music” and I am hoping this is seen by one of the hosts and discussed for a topic. Keep up the great work y’all! Brooke

Love me some Dads!

What a great topic that can be looked at it in many different ways! Love the hosts! A tough topic, but with such joy!

I thought I’d hate it. Didn’t.

I didn’t think this podcast premise was necessary. I was wrong. I enjoy it, even look forward to it, and I haven’t even seen all the movies. Weird zoom out... I got the audible of “Jaws” and WOW 70’s time warp. Thanks, Sarah, for reminding me the book is always better (and that’s fine).

Have you been fathered? Call 1-800-WHY-DADS

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with having a dad, you may be entitled to financial compensation, in the form of this wonderful podcast. Alex Steed and Sarah Marshall, two of the most delightful humans you'll ever find, analyze films through a dad lens. What does Kevin Costner teach his son about violence in The War? Why is Gene Wilder's Dr. Fronkensteen a better father than his ancestor, Dr. Frankenstein? Why was the dad in Dirty Dancing so disappointed when Baby got drilled by a member of the proletariat? Find the answers to these questions, a lot of laughs, and a new perspective on some of your favorite films in this absolute joy of a podcast.

Great Show

A wonderful podcast whatever relationship you have with your father!

Fantastic even if you have a great dad!

The brilliant hosts Sarah and Alex take us on such a lovely journey every week, exploring fatherhood and masculinity via the beloved films of our collective childhood & adolescence. The conversations are funny, touching, and get deep into the heart of what it means to be or have a dad. I hope they keep doing this podcast forever!

Empathetic and Fun

Why Are Dads is a deeply empathetic and unflinching look into the face of all of our dads through the lense of pop-culture and specifically movies. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve gone “oh my gosh that’s so true!” No matter what your relationship is with your father-figure is like, there’s something here for you.

I like my dad and this podcast

I think it’s really fascinating the way they see father themes where I haven’t. They see depth where I couldn’t imagine it and it’s super interesting.

Is this therapy?

When I first listened to Why Are Dads? I actually cried. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to hear other people talk about the challenges of having a difficult family. The vulnerability and empathy shown by both the hosts through their anecdotes and film analysis has helped me to feel a little more at home in the world. The beauty of the show is that each new guest brings their own unique experience of family life. You get to hear about mob dads and Vietnam dads and old dads and good dads and all the dads in between. Listening to this podcast reminds me of taking english with the cool teacher in high school who would let you talk about Lindsay Lohan and The Scarlet Letter interchangeably. I love this show so much. It’s been getting me through the tough days of this pandemic and I can’t recommend it enough.

A great movie podcast about dads

Alex and Sarah are great hosts to this movie podcast about discussing films through the lens of our relationships to our dads. They are hilarious and poignant! Love the custom musical cues every episode, too.

Human relations through Pop Culture.

This podcast is fun and thoughtful. My dad died in 2005, and I had a wonderful relationship with him, but there's plenty here that helps me understand him better. It's one if this Librarains favorite podcasts.

Be the Daddy you want to see in world and listen now!

If you haven’t listened to Why are Dads yet do yourself a favor and do it now (and if you have no intention of listening, do everyone else a favor and don’t leave a “review” saying you can’t relate because you allegedly have a good relationship with your dad). Sarah and Alex are intelligent, thoughtful, and sincere in their intentions to examine the phenomenon of dads through a pop culture lens. I was slightly dubious at first because I’m not a “movie person” (I’d never even heard of looping or ADR before) but the magic of the show is in the discussion and the insights Sarah and Alex and their delightful guests have when talking about the movie of the week. Their ability and willingness to examine both social and personal issues, with the goal of being able to better understand themselves and the world, are interesting and deeply relatable, even if you haven’t seen the specific movie in question (like me and all my fellow chickens who still haven’t watched A Nightmare on Elm Street). However the best part is the generous and inclusive humor that pervades every episode, so that even when going into the heaviest topics you’re still left with a sense of perspective and hope, and who doesn’t need more of that? Plus the music, created by the show’s producer Carolyn Kendrick, is stunning and will leave you humming happily to yourself for weeks after. Science (and Sarah and Alex) may never be able to answer the question “Why are Dads?” but YOU can answer the question of if you’ll find a new favorite way to spend an enjoyable hour each week. Be the Daddy you want to see in world and listen now! PS The Top Gun episode is the BEST (and will remind even the most sedate of us of our love of fast things)

Empathetic, funny, and absolutely necessary

Why Are Dads? is the show I didn’t know I needed. Even as someone with a great relationship with their father, I leave every week feeling warm and fuzzy and filled with nostalgia...and a bigger heart than when I came.


I love everything Sarah Marshall does, and this is a lovely new iteration of her “mulling media with friends”-shtick. I will admit that I often like the episodes with just her and Alex Steed better than the guest episodes, but that really might be just a factor of the show still being in its first few dozen episodes and there not yet being a rhythm or formula for introducing a third voice into discussions. Regardless, this is an all round great listen for thinking through the emotional intricacies of family! I don’t even have a father, but I know plenty of dysfunctional dudes and dysfunctional relatives. Its also fun to watch the movies they’ve discussed the day after an episode drops.

Why Are Dads Wednesdays

Absolutely one of my favorites!

Relatable Show Against All Odds

Despite no episodes that discuss dads in terms that specifically relate my own relationship with my father, this show is still enjoyable. I’m able to get enjoy the show, laugh with the hosts and guests, and still find meaningful insights to paternal relationships even though it’s not literally about me. Snark aside, I love Sarah and Alex for creating this and sharing it with all of us. Even in the more difficult moments, they remain light, friendly, and accessible in a way that doesn’t always come with this level of insight.

A warm, insightful, wonderfully engaging show!

Whatever your relationship with your father/father-figures, you will delight in this excellent podcast, which explores fatherhood and masculinity through depictions of fathers and father figures in film. Alex and Sarah are both so smart and compassionate, and it’s a real joy to spend time listening to them think through the thorniness and beauty of paternal relationships. And Caroline Kendrick’s music is sublime!

Love this show!

I love You’re Wrong About so of course I had to listen to Sarah’s new podcast. Sarah and Alex are so funny together and I love any new movie podcast.

I can’t quite describe why I find this podcast so soothing...

... and yet I do! Something about looking at family structure, the role of fathers in particular, through a pop culture or cinematic lens just really works—the hosts are good humored and insightful and even in the weeks where I haven’t seen the film, I feel like there’s insight and warm camaraderie to be had. Give it a try!

Fantastic music and love Sarah Marshall

Love this podcast and I swear I’m only slightly (completely and totally) obsessed with Sarah Marshall. Now that I’m caught up on You’re Wrong About, I’m hope there are many more episodes of both podcasts coming!

Best way to consume media

I feel like I joined a movie club with the two funniest people in class.

If the 1931 Frankenstein blew them away . . .

wait till they see Bride of! BTW, Karloff was English. I’m only getting picky because I like your fresh approach to film.

Why ARE Dads?

Came over from YWA and I’m so glad I did. Love all your insight into parental psychology. Can you do Neverending Story sometime? Side note: The TWA-Dads-MPhase trifecta is my life support right now

Perfect pod!

I just love these people! They’re smart, kind and empathetic. It’s wonderful to listen to two people who care for and respect one another in the way they do. Definitely same for You’re Wrong About. The way they treat each other inspires me to be kinder to myself. I thank you!

Keep ‘Em Coming!

This is such a fun podcast!