Squishy and FUN-getable

Truly one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to every episode, end if it’s a film I’ve never seen or even thought to watch before. I have to hear why they chose the film because it means something to somebody. I’m in my feelings when I’m watching movies, so why not be in them when we talk about them? Alex and Sarah always get guests with similar vibes and everyone just has such an emotionally insightful discussion in a safe space. I had a real “why are dads” dad, which is what drew me to this podcast in the first place. I realize now, I was always looking for life guidance through movies as a kid. Alex and Sarah feel like kindred spirits. Every episode guarantees laughs, tears, and revelations.

A joy

Came for Sarah, stayed for Alex’s delightful laugh

Love this pod

So happy to have found this recently. Thanks Sarah and Alex.

I mean…

If I loved this podcast anymore, I think I’d be pressured to marry it.

The best company

I love scrolling through episodes to find a movie that matches the vibe I’m looking for to accomplish a mundane that. Sarah and Alex feel like smart kind friends and the guests always bring something fun to the show ☀️🌴

Love this

I adore these conversations and perspectives

Great show

This is a great show. Don’t be misled: of course it’s self indulgent, all media discussion and criticism podcasts are by definition. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it while thinking critically. One weird thing that happened recently. They criticized Ben Kingsley for playing Gandhi. Super weird. Just because he was born in England?


No notes 👋🏻

The perfect show

I listen to You Are Good any time I am stressed. I saved the Goodfellas episode for when I was in labor. I ended up having a difficult time and I truly credit Sarah and Alex for helping things go smoothly because their voices keep me so relaxed.


But since I’ve subscribed there haven’t been any new bonus episodes ☹️ the nerds need ‘em!

Love this show

Alex and Sarah have great chemistry and are so thoughtful and sensitive in their commentary. 10/10

Stand By Me

Very entertaining! I love your visits to the Stephen Kingdom. Can Dolores Claiborne be far behind?!?!? When I read The Body in my chubby youth, I never considered that King was being particularly unkind to fat people, more that he was showing what fat kids had to experience, not necessarily with compassion, per se, but at least not avoiding it. Your discussion will make me examine his stuff more closely on re-reads to see if I agree. I alway appreciate a new perspective from the feelings reviews! Thank you! Alex, you are our Chris.

You are good superman episode

Superfun superman podcast. Fangirl jeane is one of my faves!


A “feelings podcast about movie“” sounds like it might be, I don’t know, self indulgent? Squirmy? THIS AIN’T THAT, FOLKS This is two smart, perspicacious, thoughtful, generous, sharp eyed and huge hearted folks, who are frequently joined by guests who are all that plus bring their own expertise and wisdom and joy to table. They talk about movies and use them as a lens to talk about everything. The episode that won my fealty forever was the one on Thor: Ragnarok with Fangirl Jeanne. I clicked on it because I like that movie and I already knew I loved Sarah Marshall (from the also excellent and unmi’sable You’re Wrong About). Well, let me tell you, Jeanne’s read on Thor, a super hero movie with two, cis-het, white male leads, from her perspective as an indigenous, bi-racial, queer woman about a movie made by a bi-racial, indigenous, half Jewish film maker as a mediation on diaspora and otherness BLEW MY MIND!! Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

Super good podcast! With one caveat.

Love Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed, they regularly have great guests who I haven’t necessarily heard of and they are all passionate about the films they have come to talk about and I love that. However Alex Steeds preamble before the episode begins is horrifically long. This weeks episode (George of the Jungle) took 10full minutes before it got started and that is not very engaging and I usually just skip that part anyway.

Pretty poggers

I think the podcast is good, just not something I’m into. I found that the intro was a little long, but that’s just my opinion. Love the movie selection, keep it up.

tbh my favorite podcast

the best podcast out there, so so so so so so so so so so so good thank you for doing an ep on “that thing you do!” love ya’ll

This is Awesome

Haha I couldn’t think there was a better podcast for me. I love talking about movies but my friends don’t :)

Feels like friends

Though I did not grow up with the same nostalgia and childhood movies, this podcast has pointed me to some truly great films. But more importantly, listening feels like hanging out with friends.

Kindness in a pod

This podcast has brought me so much joy from the very beginning. Two hilarious, insightful friends who clearly adore and respect the crap out of each other talking about movies? This is my happy place. Whether it’s a film I grew up with, or one I’ve never seen (or sometimes, like with the horror picks, I fully never intend to see), I never miss an episode. Watching these films after listening enriches the experience so much. Thank you for bringing conversations full of nuance, kindness, and generous assumptions to the world. You make it a better place, and YOU, too, are good!!

Equally emotionally intelligent and the regular kind

I recommend this podcast to absolutely everyone I know: so smart and kind and funny. An honest-to-god bright spot in my week. And, like, worth several sessions of therapy if that’s a draw to any recovering addicts out there. Thanks for creating magic you guys!!


This is the first review I’ve ever left for a podcast. But after this weeks episode about “Ratatouille” I just had to leave a review. For one specific reason. And that’s when you all referenced that Cheetohs commercial! I too have heard it everyday for the last few months. I get worried when I don’t hear the commercial. Lol. Love the podcast. Keep up the great work. I’d love to hear you guys comment on Interstellar. :-)

Gotta love Sarah + Alex

I’ve been listening to this podcast from the very beginning and have been listening to You’re Wrong About podcast for 3 years now. I look forward to listening to Alex and Sarah every week even if I’m not familiar with the movie. Love y’all! Can’t wait for future episodes.

Love this.

This show brings lots of joy along with specific and precise insights. Super recommend.

Chats with friends

Hanging out with Sarah and Alex is so comforting. I spent years bring snobbish about movies and they have given me permission to just like what I like. I love the guests and they always make me want to see the movie they talk about. I love this podcast so much.

Where wolf? There wolf! There castle!

This podcast is like wrapping your brain in a warm blanket - so comforting, even when they talk about tough topics. I always feel better after listening, and usually watch/rewatch the movie of the week because their love for it is contagious! Would rate all the stars in the sky if I could :)

Love This Podcast

I love listening to them talk about movies. It makes me feel like I’m hanging out with old friends. I even love the episodes about movies I haven’t seen. I am also a Patreon member and the bonus episodes are just as amazing (see: episode about grief) I hope this one goes on forever.

One of My Favorites

This is a podcast about movies but it is actually a podcast about being a human with feelings. The hosts and guests are so open and honest about their lives and emotions. I appreciate that they never talk about a movie as a “guilty pleasure,” that a movie like Newsies can be just as important as a movie like Goodfellas. What’s important is how we the audience respond, what we bring from our own lives to the experience of watching the movie. I watch movies in a much more authentic and open way after listening to this podcast. Thanks so much!


One of my favorite pods. Alex and Sarah have such great chemistry, and they’re both so genuinely warm and funny. Listening to their show is like hanging out and talking movies with my delightfully quirky imaginary friends.

Feel good

Love this podcast, Sarah Marshall is fantastic and always makes me laugh. There’s a conversational quality that makes you feel like you’re just hanging with some friends discussing movies.