Love, love, love

I love this show. I rarely have watched the movie they talk about but I still get so much out of it. Their conversations are so thought provoking and i guests are always such a treat. Highly recommend!

Comforting Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast. Sarah is so insightful and I love her unique analysis of movies. Sarah and Alex are a great combination for a podcast about movies and feelings. Every episode makes me feel good. 🥰


So comforting feels like talking about the best movies with your most down-to-earth friends


Big fan! I gasped when I saw the Little Women ep. Also newsies forever.

Intelligent, sweet, soothing

I always get excited when a new episode comes out. The content is funny and charming. I like that there aren’t loud, interruptive ads. I subscribe to their Patreon as well, and recommend it. I haven’t seen all the movies they discuss, and you don’t need to. It’s a fun ride either way.

Just the Best

This show has it all. Feelings. Movies. Dads. Honestly can’t imagine anyone having a bad time listening to it.

Lots of love for this pod

Y’all are the best podcast hosts ever. The dynamic of you both and the fact that you seem to show up honestly, thoughtfully and kindly every episode is incredible and just feels like a much needed warm hug to listeners, no matter the lightheartedness or difficulty of the subject at hand. Thanks for doing what you do 💙



My favorite!

This podcast makes me feel less lonely ❤️ like a warm fire crackling in the background. 🙂

No, YOU are good!

I’m another devoted Sarah Marshall fan who listened, because of course, and immediately became a devoted Alex Steed fan as well. It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen the movie or not, I love the discussion regardless. The hosts and guests are kind, thoughtful, entertaining film enthusiasts who are a delight to listen to. I absolutely can’t imagine another group of people who could entice me willingly into Saw, and the Sawniverse, with such compassionate takes. I’m giving you five stars because, “YOU, my friends, are good!”

I’m not even super into movies and I LOVE this pod

I started listening because I love Sarah Marshall. I wondered if I’d be able to love Alex Steed as much as Sarah’s other cohost or if I’d resonate with a movie podcast when I’m not a self proclaimed movie buff. Well turns out Alex is a freaking treasure and when he says “you are good” it’s like a balm to my soul. I love the themes that are explored and the movie choices are stellar (please keep doing horror movies!!!). Sarah and Alex, YOU are the daddies! Thank you for this warm hug of a podcast.

Rubber Duckie

Delightful banter and a respect for listener’s intelligence, it’s my go-to for comfort in the tub…like a rubber duckie!

Lots of love for this pod

Y’all are the best podcast hosts ever. The dynamic of you both and the fact that you seem to show up honestly, thoughtfully and kindly every episode is incredible and just feels like a much need warm hug to listeners, no matter the lightheartedness or difficulty of the subject at hand. Thanks for doing what you do 💙

Feels like a hug

It’s a hug from your cool friends who live out of state, somewhere with mountains or something. They’re back in town for that unknowable period between Christmas and New Years in which time both expands and contracts. As you wrap your arms around them, your hands brush against the silky billows of their puffy jacket. Their face is emanating cold against your cheek and they smell chilly in the best way. You hug them and you know that you’ll get what you need in this interaction, you could always do with more but this will be enough. You can hear your other friends around you, you’re safe and happy and you’re going to have funny conversations that don’t matter but still mean the world to you.

Interesting, fun, and a safe space for talking about mental health

Love this pod and all things Sarah Marshall! I appreciate their open discussion about mental health and how movies can bring up a lot of feelings. The conversations are both intellectual and easy to listen to. ♥️

How are you?

I’m channeling Alex Steed with that title. 🙂 I really enjoy the discussions on all the movies…even the ones I haven’t watched! I’m often saying to my husband, “…that movie podcast I listen to, well they were talking about…” The guests are great but the hosts are where it’s at. I arrived here from “You’re Wrong About” (also great) and I’m so glad I took the trip.

They really are good (and you are too)

This is the only feelings podcast about movies you need, and it always makes me feel better about life and the world, even when they’re dealing with heavy stuff

So comforting

My go-to podcast when I just need to feel like someone is giving my brain the most wonderful, calming massage. I love the movies they love.

Get on with it

Love this podcast but please cut out the Alex only intro that over explains what the episode is going to be about. Just to add on Sarah and do it all over again! I skip the first 15 - 20 min just to get to content.

I absolutely love this podcast

This is my comfort podcast! You guys are good.

Great, but more diversity PLEASE.

I get something positive out of virtually every episode, but can we get PLEASE branch out from the pool of White Nonsense like Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater? I understand that those are critically acclaimed and popular (with middle-class white people), but I WILL freak out if I have to hear another in-depth discussion about Bill Murray.

My Favorite Podcast

The depth of pop culture and cinematic knowledge, meandering conversations, national treasure that is Sarah Marshall, and decision to take seriously movies and subjects that often aren’t make this perfection. Besides that, I’m a bit younger than the hosts, so I appreciate how Alex and Sarah are often able to combine a kind of personal nostalgia with thoughtful critiques (and free association), which makes the movies and emotions available to me in a way that they might not have been otherwise.


Except does anyone else feel like Alex always needs to clear his throat? Like all of the minutes..

Melts my heart

Thank you its like eating comforting food under a blanket while my dog is taking a nap UNDER THE SAME BLANKET 😝😝😝

Just listen to it

I can’t overstate how much I love this podcast; It’s like a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Thank you Alex and Sarah.

A feel-good, comforting podcast

Alex Steed and Sarah Marshall have created a wonderful little world in this podcast. A world where people love movies as much as you, have lots of feelings about them and have thoughtful conversations that leave listeners feeling like friends. I came to this podcast being familiar with Sarah’s stellar work and have been delighted to find an equally amazing host in Alex. He is kind, empathetic and vulnerable in a completely refreshing way. I hope this podcast has a long and full life. Full chef’s kiss! Thanks to you both!!

Favorite podcast

I feel less alone when Sarah and Alex talk about their insecurities, reference “Are You Being Served?”, and force me to rewatch movies from my childhood that I’d never realized were so impactful!

Voices of true comfort

It is hard to convey how much I gain from hearing the thoughtful, insightful & witty commentary from Alex & Sarah & their array of brilliant guests. The coziness I feel when I listen to the podcast is truly like a balm for my soul. Sarah can spin a metaphor like no one I have ever heard before. Her humor & intellect is like none other. Alex is open & sensitive & generous. Their words are soothing and have been a companion to me through some serious heartache over the past year as I have felt the grief of my father’s passing. I listened before then and I’ll keep consuming everything they put out. Please don’t ever stop. It feels like I am spending time with good friends when I tune in.


So calming and always makes me smile. Love their voices and the melody of the podcast.

It’s Better Than Good

I love movies and I love talking about feelings. So it’s the perfect podcast.