At last!!

This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write review a podcast, and I’m doing it now because I need everyone to know how good this one is. It’s so good guys!! I majored in Film Studies at university and even though I did not pursue a career in the industry, I still dearly love to watch, …

you are good is good

super genuine, funny, and interesting, 10/10

Cinephiles Unite!

I absolutely adore the chemistry that these two have, and I’m so happy to have another show featuring Sarah Marshall. I find solace in these like-minded individuals, as I am also a 30-something myself. I really enjoy listening in on their conversations about various movies, and often will listen to…

Joyful and illuminating show, from the siblings who replaced us

It hit me when I was listening to the episode on the Big Chill and they were saying, these were our parents, and I thought, no these were *our* parents. Of course, they would not recognize what they represent to us— the Gen X kids from the Breakfast Club—they were the babies that our aunts had—the …


Another one of Sarah Marshall’s projects that has been getting me through the pandemic. Seriously though, You Are Good brings my blood pressure down and makes me feel so many ways. It’s warm, intelligent, thoughtful, and it’s quickly become my favorite movie podcast. A couple of movie suggestions…

Therapeutic. Sharp. Hilarious. I love it.

This feelings podcast about movie HITS! You do not need to see the movie to enjoy the chats. Sarah and Alex have the best chemistry, they always have incredible guests who have their own great shows/content so this is also a great space to find new stuff! The topics discussed are always relevant …

Pump Up The Volume

HA! — I was a junior at Saugus High School, in Santa Clarita, CA, when Pump Up The Volume was filmed. I was an extra in the film (we got excused from class so it was totally worth it despite laboring for long hours for free), and at the time, I wrote for the school newspaper and got to interview Ch…

You had me at Heavyweight…

Sarah Marshall can do no wrong. The content is fun, informative and nostalgic; my inner child is screaming.

Warm, smart friends talking about movies

This is a wonderful podcast. The hosts are funny and insightful. The tone will change somewhat based on the guest, which is actually nice - the hosts seem to really enjoy their guests. They’re generous with the movies they review and I’m looking forward to revisiting some of the movies covered and …

Newest obsession ✊🏿✊🏿



Y’all need to review the Emperor’s Club. It was made for your show. There are so many daddies in it.


Sarah Marshall is so heartwarming.

Internet Friends

Getting to engage in this show throughout the pandemic has been such a highlight of an exhausting experience. Every time I hear Sarah and Alex greet each other I feel like I just walked into a room with old friends. Being able to engage with them on social media and feel like I’m apart of something…

Love this show

My better half (read wife) introduced me to this show because she loves me and knows I am a cinephile and listen to podcasts. Thank you for the wonderful discussions and new and enlightening perspective on current and classic films. Always a pleasure and joy listening to the hosts and their guests…

Get your soul touched

I do jigsaw puzzles late into the quiet night. The stars are benign, the lamps are soft and the podcasts —this podcast— is soul touching. Listen.

If you want to laugh and occasionally cry happy tears

This podcast is amazing!! I've listened since it was "why are dads" and even in its beta version it was amazing. The movies they pick, the guests, the humor, it has it all. Sarah's intro to the most recent episode mentions how this podcast got her though the pandemic, I 💯 agree. Laughing with this …

Comforting Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast. Sarah is so insightful and I love her unique analysis of movies. Sarah and Alex are a great combination for podcast about movies and feelings. Also the best episodes are the ones with guest Aubrey Gordon! Also I really like the new name. Much more welcoming. 🥰

The best

Podcast ever!!

I love this podcast

You are good (and when was why are dads) is the such a calming podcast. It makes me feel so relaxed and makes me smile :)

More Sarah Marshall!!

I love listening to Sarah Marshall and now I love listening to Alex Steed too. Wanna hear smart, empathetic people talk about movies you may or may not have seen? This is the podcast for you.

The podcast that I didn’t know I needed in my life

A movie podcast about feelings?? Yes please! I don’t really watch movies but there’s something about so comforting about these discussions

I love this podcast.

I have so many feelings… all of them are filled with joy when I listen to these two talk.


Alex and Sarah always have very thoughtful insights and they deliver them with such good humor. This podcast feels like such a safe space, I look forward to new episodes of Y.A.G. more than any other pod. Can’t recommend enough.

Batman Returns episode prompted 5 star review

Why are so many movie podcasts so bad? This one is good! It gave me the Batman Returns conversation I’ve been waiting on my whole life.


I’m not even a movie person but this podcast makes you love the weekly content. It gives me wa rm fuzzies even when they are critiquing content because the hosts are so kind & deep. If you want to explore your emotions and outlook on the world thru the lens of lighthearted movies, please relax to t…

this is my favorite podcast

Sarah and Alex have lovely chemistry. I could hear them talk about movies all day, even about ones I haven't seen. Their conversations are genuine and I always leave each episode feeling good.

This podcast is so lovely

Sarah and Alex are truly the best. I love their sweet, spicy, and everything-in-between takes on films. Whether I’ve seen/heard of the movie or not, I have a blast. They have even encouraged me thru their conversations to see movies I would have never considered watching before, that always turn ou…

Love this!!

I just love this podcast. Even episodes on movies I haven’t seen are interesting and entertaining.

It’s almost there

I’ve been listening to this podcast on and off from the beginning of it. I, like many others, was led over by You’re Wrong About. I almost completely enjoy this podcast. However, the editing really throws me off. The intro is hugely long, there are random musical interludes that last a weirdly lo…

Like a long warm hug for your brain

If you want a podcast that feels like a long, warm hug, this is the podcast for you. I turn it on whenever I need a pick-me-up. Alex and Sarah have the uncanny ability to communicate in a way that feels extremely specific to their friendship but is also open enough for a stranger to drop in and joi…

Are you good? (I don’t know, but the podcast IS GOOD!)

To notch work every week! I came for the dads, I stayed for the goodness.

My favorite movie podcast.

Alex and Sarah are hilarious, honest, and talk a out movies in a context that few ever do! 10/10

get em with the movies, keep em with the feelings

this podcast means so much to me. it’s like a fruit and veggie platter of social analysis, humor, humanity, and radical love. the hosts leverage their compassion and understanding to peer into why we feel our Feelings, and you can bring that into your life. it’s helped me gain some perspective in a…

Pleasantly surprised

I was reluctant to listen to this podcast thinking it was going to be a lot of man bashing or talking about how all dads are horrible. I have a great dad who didn’t traumatize me, so I didn’t think this was for me. I enjoy Sarah on YWA, so I finally gave it a listen. SO glad I did! Sarah and Alex b…

Great content; but the sound….

I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s other podcast for some time. I love this podcast as well! Fabulous guests and great discussions of movies I love and lots of incentive to see movies that I haven’t yet experienced. I’m not a fan of the name change, but then I wasn’t a fan of the first name either. The rig…

Alex and Sarah Know What’s Up

This is a really sweet, offbeat, and refreshing movie podcast that always brings heart, humor, and an off-the-wall lenses to film analysis. I really enjoy listening to episodes for movies I both have and haven’t seen, and multiple times have been nudged into finally checking something out from the …

let’s get nuanced

Thoughtful commentary and opinions I actually relate to. I appreciate commentators that can both love and appreciate a film while still discussing the flaws and problematic aspects. Sarah and Alex are masters of this.

Great Podcast

This podcast is so insightful and entertaining!! I love how honest the hosts are, you can tell they care and have really thought about the subject matter.

Thank you so much

This podcast makes my day better. Thank you for helping me get my dishes done!

Beautiful, thoughtful

Sarah is one of the most thoughtful, soulful voices currently working in this medium. We are lucky to get to hear her talk about anything, and she has an easy rapport with Alex. Additionally, wonderful guests share their thoughts about a variety of great movies (and life!). Listen!!

Reliving my childhood

When a favorite movie comes up, it’s a must listen ❤️


This podcast inspires me to watch or rewatch so many movies. They’re the best.

One of my favorites

I love listening to Sarah talk about anything, and she has a great dynamic with Alex. While I don’t love the name change and think it sacrificed a bit of focus for the show, I always enjoy their conversations about movies - even movies I’ve never seen before.

Reservoir Dogs?

Beautiful, empathetic, and insightful. Is anyone on the docket to do reservoir dogs?

Parent Trap episode is so lovely

I love these people and their candid convos

You Are Good = Aural Hug

I look forward to this podcast every week! Listening to Alex and Sarah talk about movies, but most of all feelings, is a calming hour in my week. I listen to every episode, whether I know the movie or not, and I’ve ended up watching some of the movies afterward and re-listening! (Thank you for brin…

It came to us when we needed it the most.

You Are Good came to us listeners when we needed it the most. It’s a feelings podcast about movies, and when it premiered in 2020, well, weren’t we all having all the feelings all the time? Sarah and Alex are two good humans who have a natural chemistry to their friendship, which makes listening to…

Equally emotionally intelligent and the regular kind

This is absolutely my ideal podcast: compassionate and brilliant folks exploring subject matter they love.

Love this pod

These folks are so eloquent and funny. Listening to Sarah talk about her feelings and movies feels like a warm hug and it is just the best.

Love this feelings/movies podcast

I love Alex and Sarah and this podcast. I always listen, even if I have no clue what the movie they’re talking about is about. I often listen while cleaning out my cats’ litter boxes, it’s a 10/10 experience.

Very Good

I love it!

So good

I love this podcast—it makes me revisit so many favourite movies and understand them differently. Full of empathy and humour!

This show is beautiful

I have so much fun listening. Everyone is so nice. It is my escape from the darkness.

This is good

I came for insight on my daddy issues, I stayed for the most thoughtful, interesting discussions of film I’ve found on any podcast. I still have dad issues though.

Truly a delight

This show always makes my Wednesdays better! I especially loved the episodes covering The Mummy (1998) and A League of their Own.

A lovely Podcast

Great discussions about a wide variety of films. The hosts are delightful and always have interesting and unexpected insights about the movies they cover. Love this show.

I adore this show!!!!!

It’s so good!! Very human and very wise.

Soothing, hilarious, interesting, kind

Being a fan of You’re Wrong About, I knew I’d like this podcast. I now kind of think of it as a spin-off: You’re Wrong About investigates misremembered historical facts via notorious events, and You Are Good dives into remembered OR misremembered feelings via a different movie each week. Both unpac…

Perfect podcast for a cinephile

Delight yourself in the amalgamation of dissecting film with Alex & Sarah, a humorous pair equipped with stimulating vocabulary & thoughtful commentary. The hosts promote emotional fluency & awareness while diverging into rhetoric on polarizing topics found in cinema. Specific movies and their sce…

The Best

Sarah and The Guy (Alex 😁) are easily one of the best things that have happened over the last year. This podcast is full of empathy, joy, wit, and beautiful music. Thank you!! You are good!

You are soooo good

Sarah and Alex are so generous with their vulnerability and empathetic lens. They are also incredibly intellectual in ways that don’t make you feel like a college dropout. Movies are a force that drive a lot of our cultural identities and having interesting humans break down their stories and struc…

One of my favorites

I fell in love with Sarah on You’re Wrong About. Now I’m in love with Alex, too. They are thoughtful and insightful. If you feel things when you watch movies, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.

Great format

I get excited every week when a new episode drops. Excellent guests. Witty banter.

They are good

I look forward every week to this podcast that can make me happy on many fronts.

A peach of a podcast

Came to this podcast by way of You’re Wrong About and what I love about both is that it looks at movies and cultural events in a more compassionate light than they may have been initially presented to me. This podcast also inspired me to watch Moonstruck and Terminator 2 for the first time and I th…


One of the best hours of my week when I get to join Sarah and Alex on a journey exploring these films and my own feeling about them. I love the recent change — happy to see the show evolve! Shout out to the Pretty Woman episode which I used to be a bit embarrassed was one of my favorite films— now …

One of my all time favorites

If you like movies and feelings this podcast is for you

Even If You Haven’t Seen It!

I adore this podcast. Every discussion about a film is an opportunity to talk about why we love what we love, how we became who we are, and how maybe when we forgive flaws (in movies, in our parents) we gain access to not being so hard on ourselves. All of this with tons of laughter, plus a movie…

So soothing

This is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Even when they discuss movies I haven’t seen before or don’t have a deep connection to, their conversations are still captivating and thought-provoking. Listening to the show is comforting and I highly recommend it when you’re driving and…

A real treat

I love all the shows in the You're Wrong About extended universe and this one is no exception! This show has really found its footing as a feelings podcast about movies and has quickly become one of my favorites. I love that they pick “popular” movies as well as movies they have strong feelings abo…

I love movie feelings

Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed are total dreamboats in this series that dives deeps into cinematic feelings. Sarah is otherworldly and Alex’s observations on film themes and characters are emotionally stirring. Alex pointed out once that movies emotionally resonate with us so much that it’s weird we…

All the Feelings

A couple of friends (and a guest?) talk about movies and all the feeling they make us feel. Not just another “some white folks talk about movies” podcast. Just…just listen to it and you’ll get it.

Thoughtful approach to movies and our relationship to them

Both hosts have a kind way of approaching difficult topics and teasing out some of the reasons why people really resonate with movies, and not just the high brow ones that get critical acclaim but movies that are usually presented and consumed as light hearted. I’ve really had a great time going ba…

Much beloved

These are really unique and sometimes magical conversations— you cannot predict where the journey will go when you listen, but you can trust that it will be fun to listen, and that listening will take you to interesting places that will help you to better understand our culture, politics, and relat…

Hooray for You Are Good

You’re both the best and also more Fangirl Jeanne please!

the great American podcast

I would recommend this show to anyone with a passing interest in families, friendships, emotions or American culture. To choose just one episode - you may think you’ve watched / understood Dirty Dancing, but you only truly Get It once you hear it lovingly dissected by the hosts of You Are Good. Sar…

Yeah, I think I ~am~ good

I found this show entertaining for a while, but I think it’s time to move on and devote my time to shows I enjoy more. I agree that the multiple intros thing is weird and they need better editing. I really liked the original song interludes. Really dislike the name change. It sounds like a self-hel…

“Lovely Alex and hilarious Sarah with the great laugh”

I find this show to be deeply soothing and thoughtful in the very best way. I shared it with my mom and we discuss episodes together now as so many of these movies were huge for both of us. She found the name change discussion so lovely and meaningful for two women with complicated dad feelings. (T…

Love the Show, Want the Full Episode!

I absolutely love this show! I was wondering, though, if anyone else only got a 2 minute snip of the Dazed and Confused episode in their feed? Was this an upload error? Would love to hear the full thing!

Empathetic, funny, & thoughtful

A wonderful way to breathe new life into movies I know & love. Sarah & Alex have great chemistry and I appreciate their honest dialogue. This show is a gem. Love the name change and can’t wait to see how the show blossoms from here <3

Name change was a good move

I loved Sarah’s metaphor of the show as a growing plant that needed to be repotted into a bigger pot. I know that talk of dads and masculinity isn’t disappearing, but that the new title better encompasses the huge range of things y’all discuss in the context of these movies. Good on you for being b…

They are GOOD

I’ve been listening since the beginning and cried as they discussed the name change. Alex and Sarah have the best conversations and I LOVE the conversation before the episode. It’s like a little table of contents and editors note. I love hearing two friends reflect on their previous conversation an…

Great podcast

Love this podcast. Especially love Sarah Marshall from You’re Wrong About and this one doesn’t disappoint. They changed the name and I think it’s for the best. There is so much more to dissect in film besides the concept of dads. Great selection of movies and great discussion. Also love the third p…

Name Change = Huge Bummer

I love this show, but unfortunately I think it’s ending. I loved the format of using films to dissect relationships we have with fathers and the idea of fathers—but now they’re nixing that format and that makes me sad.

Do more Disney!!

Just started listening. I love Sarah in YWB and her unique humor and empathy. Excited for the rebranding, but I hope to still hear your biting critique of movie dads and masculinity! Please tackle more dads from the Disney Renaissance (especially Hunchback and Hercules!)

Such a smart, funny, insightful show

Love Sarah and Alex; their jokes, banter and laughter create beautiful conversations about often fraught topics. Thank you for this little aural gem in my life!

Love it!

This is my current favorite Podcast. I love the conversations and the guests and I especially love the movies they choose to watch and talk about. There’s always a dad theme in any movie and it’s really refreshing to dive into all the things I missed on first watching these films. Only thing I wish…


do love story

I love it

It’s amazing

Great podcast!

Sarah and Alex are so good together, esp when the subject has such a wide scope. I love all the many ways popular culture reflects the mood of the country and mimics the family dynamic, and these two really cover a lot of ground. Always interesting, always insightful, and always funny.

Also a great spinoff

This, like Maintenance Phase, is a great spinoff from You’re Wrong About. It’s a really cool and accessible format for discussing human development. Using popular films as the platform is [chef’s kiss]. Thank you!

Great look at my favorite films

I love their takes on my favorite movies from the 90s. Only one thing I have as a very tiny critique...they didn’t mention that Pretty Woman has a lot of parallels with Pygmalion/My Fair Lady. Vivian is like Eliza Doolittle, Edward is like Henry Higgins, and Barney is Dr Pickering. The polo match…

My new favorite podcast

I re-listen to episodes of “Why Are Dads?” in the same way I re-listen to albums. I love Sarah and Alex’s rapport, and I’m so glad to have this show’s observations about fathers, writing, pop culture, and The Human Condition rattling around in my brain.


Great podcast. Brilliant and compassionate. As a big fan of You’re Wrong About, I’m not even mad to have Alex as my new step dad. The playlists are mad jams too.

Why Are Dads?

Love this podcast and the hosts! Please cover The Birdcage!

I love this podcast

Listening to this podcast is like getting under the covers. It’s snuggly and warm. We think about interesting things and grow a little bit. We are protected and loved by Alex and Sarah. They are the daddies. The daddiest.

Perfect Podcast

This podcast is so much fun to listen to. Sarah and Alex are perfect. ♉️♉️

Why are ratings

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s all about dads and feelings and movies. If you like even just one of those things you should listen to this podcast. If you like none of those things: also listen to this podcast. Highly recommend. Perfect 7 out of 5 stars.

Alex and Sarah are WONDERFUL.

What a smart, kind, thoughtful, fun show. Love these two, love the show.

I love them

One of my absolute favorite podcasts!! Fun, smart, compassionate, entertaining, and lovely.