Chats with friends

Hanging out with Sarah and Alex is so comforting. I spent years bring snobbish about movies and they have given me permission to just like what I like. I love the guests and they always make me want to see the movie they talk about. I love this podcast so much.

Where wolf? There wolf! There castle!

This podcast is like wrapping your brain in a warm blanket - so comforting, even when they talk about tough topics. I always feel better after listening, and usually watch/rewatch the movie of the week because their love for it is contagious! Would rate all the stars in the sky if I could :)

Love This Podcast

I love listening to them talk about movies. It makes me feel like I’m hanging out with old friends. I even love the episodes about movies I haven’t seen. I am also a Patreon member and the bonus episodes are just as amazing (see: episode about grief) I hope this one goes on forever.

One of My Favorites

This is a podcast about movies but it is actually a podcast about being a human with feelings. The hosts and guests are so open and honest about their lives and emotions. I appreciate that they never talk about a movie as a “guilty pleasure,” that a movie like Newsies can be just as important as a movie like Goodfellas. What’s important is how we the audience respond, what we bring from our own lives to the experience of watching the movie. I watch movies in a much more authentic and open way after listening to this podcast. Thanks so much!


One of my favorite pods. Alex and Sarah have such great chemistry, and they’re both so genuinely warm and funny. Listening to their show is like hanging out and talking movies with my delightfully quirky imaginary friends.

Feel good

Love this podcast, Sarah Marshall is fantastic and always makes me laugh. There’s a conversational quality that makes you feel like you’re just hanging with some friends discussing movies.

You are enjoying this already

You are laughing at a horror movie. You are listening to curated (and some created) music by the woman that makes this sound so great. You are enjoying talks about grief, even when you just watched a horror movie. You are learning about the AIDS crisis through HBO projects. You are enjoying life a little more, because this gang makes you see the good in it all.


I love the balance that Alex and Sarah have between humor and real deep sensitivity - this podcast is one of my favorites!

Always dependably solidly terrific

Nice, funny, insightful people talking about movies. One of my faves. Always delivers, whether I’ve seen the film or not.

Just lovely

I wasn’t sure to what to expect from another podcast about movies, but this is just lovely. When they talk about movies I’ve seen and loved, it’s like chatting with friends. When they talk about movies I haven’t seen, it’s better than actually watching the movie itself! Love them both, great work.

Love the Podcast…

…And I’d follow Sarah Marshall anywhere 🥰 If you ever have merch please announce it ASAP. A mug or t-shirt of your pod art would sooth my soul 😌

Amazingly Uplifting

I love this podcast. The reverence they show each movie is truly amazing and gives me faith in the goodness of humanity. They analyze each story with a human lens, not purely technical and psychological (though they do touch on those). It’s so real, and really beautiful. PS: Sarah and Alex, please do Interstellar! It’s got a Dad, a Daddy, and so much more!

No, I’m not exaggerating.

This podcast saved my life during some of the most harrowing MH/su*cidal incidents of my life, got me through the worst of pandemic times, and always avails itself to me as a balm for the soul in an ever-increasingly hostile, insensitive world. That should be quite enough to recommend it. And to think, I was put off by the old title “Why Are Dads” and almost didn’t give it a chance.

Everything Sarah Marshall touches is gold

You’re Wrong About is great, this show is great, Alex is great, the guests are great, I wish I had better adjectives but I’m a mom who listens to this show before bed and I’m tired. Just listen with me, you won’t be disappointed.

Enough with the intros already please

They are just too long guys

There’s this thing that happens…

In life where I’m trying to explain something, and I pull words from You Are Good. And when I go to reference it I realize that this quote that feels as if it is from yesterday is actually from a year or more ago. Alex and Sarah’s ability to pull meaning (and maybe more importantly feelings) from the art that is movies is unparalleled.

Great listening

Love listening to Sarah chat with people, this podcast doesn’t disappoint, just like You’re Wrong About. She says the thoughts I didn’t know I had!

You are good

And so is this podcast.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

An incisive and sincere look at some of the most feelings-inducing films in history. Love every second of this.

You did it again

Sarah you did it again, your dry wit and pretense is so honest and warm and non malicious…I love you. Alex you are perfect…a beautiful mix of blue collar New England and coastal intelligencia-and yes I heard you put an R on the end of someone’s name in the Freddy episode

Ugh love it so much

I listen every week but also listen to certain older episodes (Jaws! the Sawniverse!) when I’m feeling anxious. Love Sarah and Alex, love the pod so much, please keep bringing Jemelle Bouie on

LOVE this show but…

I absolutely love this show and the hosts’ incisive take on beloved films. However, please acknowledge that Gen-X actually exists. Empire Records is not a xennial or whatever fictitious generation film. It’s a solid X film. I know it’s minor, but we’re already a vastly ignored generation, so some acknowledgement of our contributions would be awesome.


Love this podcast. You guys should do My Girl (Howard Zieff).

The thing

All allegories for the experience of war, the most important test of men. As compared to childbirth for women. The German words for both are closely related. I would love to be able to add some thoughts to your episodes but being being broke can’t subscribe to Patron. I’m not a twitter user—I’m in grad school for the second time with a teenager and need to manage distractions—how can I add a few comments easily? You claim to invite them but I have found it very difficult????

Very fun

Perfect for older millennials that love movies. Please do The Legend of Billie Jean!

A delight

This show gives me the warm fuzzies. Even when I haven’t seen the movie, I look forward to a kind and insightful conversation each week. Thanks for your work!

i love this show

sweet, funny, and insightful - please do bend it like beckham next!

Sarah Marshall AND Ryan Ken???

I just started listening to this podcast. I love it, and I can’t wait to listen to Sarah Marshall and Ryan Ken together.

Love movies better

I thought I was full up on movie podcasts, but I just listened to the Groundhog Day episode, and You Are Good is my new favorite of the genre. Sarah and Alex have such a way of finding the emotional core of a movie and laying it out in the cultural context of the time. As a fellow older millennial, I feel like I especially relate to their takes, because I came to know the movies they discuss at a similar age. Thank you Sarah and Alex! Your podcast makes me love these movies more fully and better understand myself.

Health Insurance Should Pay for This

For real my health insurance should cover my patreon subscription. This show has brought my like multiple important realizations that have helped me progress in therapy. Also the most important pop culture moment of the last decade to me personally happened on this show. Mara Wilson quoted Chris Flemming to Sarah Marshal which is an incredibly specific niche but everything to me.