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Jan. 23, 2024

SF Songs -Stardrive

In earlier blogs, we shared with you some science fiction poetry that dated back to the 1880’s. For this blog post, I would like to share a science fiction SONG. It was quite popular during the late 20th century and was played at almost ever…

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Jan. 16, 2024


One of the main reasons that we created Untold Tales Audio Anthology was because it simply takes too long to listen to full audio books and, while we love quality science fiction, it is often impossible to an entire novel in a single sitting.(A typi…

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Jan. 9, 2024

What in the Bloody Hell Is This?! How Not to Sell Your Story to a Publisher

There's a classic scene in the movie That Thing You Do in which a rising band of young Beatlesque rock musicians, promised a meeting with Play-Tones record company president Sol Siler, played by Alex Rocco. In that scene, one of the band members ste…

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Jan. 2, 2024


I am sometimes absolutely amazed at the creativity that some people possess. I am devoting this blog to an example of writing that takes an incredible amount of effort, forethought, and creativity to produce. N.B. I found this posted on the we…

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Dec. 29, 2023

My POV on “Show, Don’t Tell”

If I’m in first person mode, like I am right now, the only way I can convey information to you about me is by telling you. Right now, I am telling you what I think, because I can’t exactly show you. The chosen Point of View, or POV, is &…

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Dec. 26, 2023

FORMAL REVIEW: Prolific Audio Reviewer weighs in on The Untold Tales Podcast:

We are so excited to have been reviewed by Michael Bergonzi over at Audio Drama Reviews - Reviews for an Audible Art Form!!! <<insert audible applause!!>> Michael's blog is an authority in the Audio Drama Review business. He is the Fo…

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Dec. 15, 2023

Science Fiction Books That Became Movies

Not all science fiction movies were books first, but some were. Some stories were so unique and inspirational that they just begged to become movies. Many of these adaptations (from the written word to the big screen) are wonderful, landmark films t…

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Dec. 8, 2023

The Writer’s Notebook(sssss)

I love the idea of notebooks. And pens. And combining the right notebook with the right pen. But… I have a problem. While I subscribe 92.46% to the notion that writers should carry a notebook to jot down ideas and observations as part of the …

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Nov. 21, 2023

The Burden of Omniscience

One of the biggest problems that a writer faces is omniscience. The author, by definition, knows everything about the story. Unfortunately, many of the details that the writer has in his head are simply not essential to the story that they are telli…

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Nov. 14, 2023


Literature has jargon, the specialized language of any Discipline. Therefore Literature, as a Discipline, holds its own terminology: A Fable is a simple story with a moral, or a moral lesson. An …

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