Untold Tales

Untold Tales

The UNTOLD TALES Audio Anthologies Podcast is a collection of original science fiction short stories of the highest caliber, narrated in audiobook style, perfect for your commute or unexpected downtimes. These bite-sized audio dramas come in different flavors and highlight the works of new authors. Victorian Sci-Fi, parallel realities, cautionary tales, horror, time travel - each episode of UNTOLD TALES is an independent short story of adventure, technology, love, hope, discovery, and mystery. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/untold-tales/support

This website provides you with access to all podcast episodes, videos of the episodes, our blog (for listeners, readers and writers), and the books by Dr. Jeffrey A. Robinson that inspired this popular audio anthology. You can also contact us, read our blog, see our videos, or comment or leave a review to tell us what you think of The UNTOLD TALES Podcast. (A Dreamspeaker Media, LLC production)

Thanks to your support, WE WON the 2023 Ampie Creator Award!



WE WON!!! Thank you to everyone in our big-little city (and on our email list!!!) who nominated and voted for The Untold Tales Podcast to win the Ampie Award in the Creator category! 🎧 🎤

We love our listeners, fans and patrons and are just so happy to share this WIN with YOU. 🥂

The Ampie Awards here in the City of Peoria, Arizona  celebrate the innovation, creativity, collaboration and excellence within the West Valley's entrepreneurial ecosystem while also amplifying these values. These awards are all about saying a huge thank you and celebrating the hard work entrepreneurs do every day, while boosting the key areas that help local businesses, nonprofits, and other startups thrive and grow.

We really couldn’t have gotten this recognition without the tireless support of our friends at the Arizona State University  J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute! 


"Untold Tales guarantees that all work is authentic and will never be created by voice clones , A.I. models or machine intelligence. Dreamspeaker Media LLC is and has not given permission or authorization to any A.I. program or machine intelligence related companies anywhere it is heard."


Recent Episodes

April 23, 2024

The Untold Tales Podcast Trailer

Enjoy this 3-minute trailer of our original, short story, sci-fi podcast, The Untold Tales Audio Anthologies . Take us on the road... or wherever you go... Untold Tales. Visit us on the web at untold-tales.com and find us on…
April 15, 2024

Episode 116 : The Traveling Salesman Part 13

The Traveling Salesman Part 13 - Bob and Glactyl have their best made plans go awry. Enjoy this collaborative story in the Traveling Salesman Series by Dr. Jeffrey A. Robinson and Don Muchow!! We love our listeners, fans, pa…
April 1, 2024

Episode 115: The Minds of God

The Minds of God: Throughout history, many have attempted to understand the mind of God. But what if you could experience it directly? Another story by our cross-country running, T1 phenomenon, Don Muchow! A lifelong advocat…
March 15, 2024

Episode 114: The Collector

The Collector: A brilliant man desperately seeks to gather strange alien artifacts. We love our listeners, fans, patrons, and supporters ! If you loved what you heard, please like and subscribe to our audio anthology updates…
March 1, 2024

Episode 113 : Just A Shell

Just A Shell: A man and a robot named Sheila meet in a diner and develop a friendship of sorts. But as their relationship continues, it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems. This is the newest contribution by our…
Feb. 15, 2024

Episode 112: Eradication

Eradication: Sometimes a cure can be worse than the disease. We hope you enjoy this story by our own Dr. Jeffrey A. Robinson. We love our listeners, fans and patrons! If you loved what you heard, please consider leaving us a…

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The Value of a Creative Partner

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About the Hosts

Melissa Del Toro SchaffnerProfile Photo

Melissa Del Toro Schaffner

Voice Actor

Melissa Del Toro Schaffner is an American Voice Actor and the co-creator narrator of The Untold Tales Podcast. In addition to being in the Mom after 40 club, she wears multiple hats including international best selling author, accomplished Accountability Coach, and creator/ illustrator of the Minority Girl Empowerment Coloring Book “Careers for Little Sisters” (available in English and Spanish). Melissa was also a contestant on the nationally televised game show “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” and shares a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and MBA background with Jeff. Her current mission to inspire one million women to live the life of their dreams.

Dr. Jeffrey A. RobinsonProfile Photo

Dr. Jeffrey A. Robinson


Jeffrey A Robinson is the co-creator and chief writer of the Untold Tales podcast, a collection of short stories of the highest caliber based on the first in a set of three published science fiction anthologies. Jeff is a retired technologist, who grew up loving to read science fiction. After serving as a Naval Flight Officer, who flew F-4 Phantom jets, and an Air Traffic Controller, in the Marine Corps, he became a device physicist in a semiconductor-manufacturing facility and an expert in Manufacturing Execution Systems, computer automation, integration & cybersecurity. He has a B.A. in Physics, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Information Systems. He also has postgraduate certificates in Computer Forensics, and a PMP, and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, as well.

Don MuchowProfile Photo

Don Muchow

Don is a co-editor of UNTOLD TALES, an author, a guest blogger, and a frequent contributor to UNTOLD TALES. Click on his picture on the CONTRIBUTOR page for his full Bio.

Gil SchmidtProfile Photo

Gil Schmidt

Gil is an author, a guest blogger, and a frequent contributor to UNTOLD TALES. Click on his picture on the CONTRIBUTOR page for his full Bio.

Marc NeufferProfile Photo

Marc Neuffer

Marc Neuffer is an accomplished author, a guest blogger, and a frequent contributor to UNTOLD TALES. Click on his picture on the CONTRIBUTOR page for his full Bio.

Chris MortonProfile Photo

Chris Morton


Chris Morton's stories have been described as being in the genres of slacker lit, sci-fi lit, sci-fi psyche, magical realism, and avant-garde.
He is the author of three novels, six novellas, and over thirty short stories.
An English teacher for twenty years, Morton is also the author of the teaching guide: 'TEFL Flashcard Games for Young Learners.'

Chris is scheduled for several more upcoming episodes and is a contributor to our BLOGS as well

Howard LoringProfile Photo

Howard Loring


A lifelong artist, Howard Loring is an actor, printmaker, painter and sculptor, as well as the author of both novels and short stories. Married, he currently resides in the Southeastern United States. He can be contacted via his Facebook Fan page.