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The Time piece
Untold Tales, I love this. I am hooked. I started listening to some of these and it was fantastic. Great writing and great detail. After listening to the Timepiece I had to go further today and start listening to creating the timepiece. I am a big fan of Dr. Jeffrey Robinson's work and listened to him at one book event. Some great stories and imagination with great attention to detail .

Better than Black Mirror!
Take your favorite science fiction story & times it by 10 & you still wouldn't even come close to Untold Tales. It's the best science fiction podcast that I've ever listened to. Your future self will thank you for listening.

Fazmatastic narrations that brings stories to life.
I am always so impressed when I listen to each new story. The narration puts the listener right in the thick of things from the start and does not let go until after the last word and music faded. There are several that I listen to over and over when I need to check out of this world and enter another.

Amazing Show!
Love this podcast. Amazing stories told so well. Can’t get enough of it.

What fun and intriguing stories!
What fun and intriguing stories! I never thought of using iTunes to listen to stories, so I’m really glad I discovered this one right here!

Great stories!!!
So far, I am really enjoying these fun, and intriguing stories! They are perfect for my drive home and while I cook or do things around the house. Each one of different and full of great imagination! The voice over work and production quality are also top notch! I highly recommend!

Great Listen
The stories are so thought provoking. The narrator has a soothing and fun voice. These are great for the ride home.

Love these so much!
What a fantastic series - I didn't want them to end. Please tell me there is more coming!

Twilight Zone meets Black Mirror
Jeff Robinson is this generations Rod Serling. So grateful that for these as I can listen to them on the way to work. Personally, I prefer his books but the podcast allows me to listen on the way to work or just when I need a little escape. Amazing stories. If you consider yourself a fan of science fiction then this is for you!

Great narration and top production values
Nice size stories for short sits and drives. Who needs drama? I DO, I DO!

Great stories
Wonderful stories in this series. Please keep them coming. They are indeed stories of the highest quality.
Not surprisingly, I love these stories.

Great stories
Wonderful stories in this series. Please keep them coming
I have a short attentions span, but Melissa is easy on the ears. She doesn't try too hard and comes across as genuine and sincere. A nice listen! I enjoyed the interview where she talks about her voiceover work. :)
Enter into the wonderful world of curiosity. Beautifully written by Dr Jeffrey A Robinson and skilfully narrated by Melissa Del Toro Schaffner, each episode of Untold Tales transports you straight into a different reality. Storytelling is in your DNA. Stories have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, from sitting around the campfire to listening to podcasts in today’s world. We all love stories. We love telling them and learning from them. They excite us, they move us, they connect us. This podcast perfectly captures the magic of storytelling.

Untold Tales
Amazing! Can’t wait to listen to the new monthly tales. Listened to all many times. Truly amazing writing and awesome reading! Keep up the good work. Share this podcast with your family and friends .

Great Storytelling
What a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The storytelling by the author and v/o were superb. Very easy to listen to.

Couldn’t more highly recommend
A podcast has to have a great message and a great voice (or voices). I couldn’t more highly recommend both here.

A Truly Golden Anthology: Fantastic!!
One of the most endearing, magical podcast collection of stories I’ve yet found ~ nearly every episode I’ve listened to so far has left me with a warm feeling of serene enchantment. “The Timepiece” ended so perfectly that I felt calmly optimistic for the rest of the day! Keep up the great work - I absolutely love you guys ~ !!

Saving grace
Amazing short stories. I’m so glad i found this podcast. I’m obsessed.