Untold Tales


If you are a listener of UNTOLD TALES Anthologies and are also a writer, you could have your stories broadcast on one of our future podcasts.

We are also way looking for high-quality stories, and while we have focused mostly on science fiction genres, we have highlighted stories in a number of genres, including:

  • Hard SF
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Satire
  • and even Romance

We are currently seeking short stories that are mainly science fiction, or SF subgenres, such as Hard-SF, Speculative fiction, Steampunk, SF-horror, SF- romance, Space opera, Dystopian, Time travel, First contact, technothrillers, YA, Military-SF, etc.) However, we plan on extending our genres in the near future to include  non-SF genres will be considered (such as Mystery, Horror, or Romance)

Unfortunately, since we have not yet monetized our broadcasts, we cannot yet provide monetary remuneration for stories that we use. However, if you are a new or published author and would like to have our listeners learn of your works, you are invited to submit your short stories for possible airing in the future.

If an author's story is accepted, they retain full rights, but Dreamspeaker Media, LLC will hold 'audio rights' until the story is broadcast ... or for two years, whichever is the least. (That is currently how long our broadcast schedule extends.)

If you would like your stories converted to audio format, at no cost, and aired to our listening audience, please click on the links below to review our submission guidelines and view a sample of the terms and agreements associated with permission to broadcast your works.

Submission Guidelines

Terms and Conditions and Permission forms

To submit your short stories for our review, just send them to us (in Word, RTF, or PDF document format) at: 


Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you