Oct. 27, 2021

Amy Durham | Beer after work is NOT a team building exercise

Amy Lynn Durham is the CEO of “Create Magic At Work” and a U.C. Berkeley Certified Executive Coach. She is certified to coach in the 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) using the SQ21 Assessment and an Emoti...

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Oct. 12, 2021

Brandie Allen | The Power of Self-Mastery & using it to navigate adve…

When it comes to self-mastery, Brandie Allen has been a catalyst for many. After successfully making it through some difficult life experiences, she decided to go back to college in her 40's and earned her Master's Degree in ...

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Oct. 7, 2021

Keith Harris | The N.I.L. Saga: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

My guest this week is Keith Harris who is the Managing Partner of Athletes Business Consultants, LLC. In this role, Keith is responsible for leading the execution of brand and marketing strategies for professional athletes, a...

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Sept. 29, 2021

Ian Humphreys | Incarcerated hope

Ian Humphrey is one of the most authentic speakers you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. From his own troubled adolescence and eventual incarceration, he knows what it takes to overcome challenges to unlock our own full...

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Sept. 21, 2021

Tom Fairey | The big Russian guy: Unexpected start of a multimillion …

Thomas is not your regular entrepreneur. In fact, he’s everything but normal. After he wrestled a huge Russian guy for money (and won), he got an idea that led to an extraordinary journey of starting Stakester – a platform al...

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Sept. 14, 2021

Why it's important to establish standards from Day 1

Mistakes that I've made with raising our English bulldog have enlightened me to the standards that need to be set from day I. Learn about this valuable principle of leadership. What I discuss: Setting standards from day 1 Ta...

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Sept. 3, 2021

Alexander Kunz & Aaron Saari | The Protein Paradox (quality over quan…

My guest this week is Alexander Kunz & Aaron Saari. Alexander Kunz is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 15 years of success across the energy, renewables, technology, consumer products, cybersecurity, defense, a...

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Aug. 26, 2021

Amit Veghela | Driven to Succeed

Amit Vaghela is the founder and CEO of Sapience Group; the company behind several brands, including UVBrite and Paww. Amit grew up in Australia and started his career in finance for a large investment bank. After transferring...

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Aug. 10, 2021

Gav Gillibrand | From Stripper to Successful Fitness Expert

Gav Gillibrand is a fitness & nutrition expert who specializes in helping busy men & women lose 20lbs or more in 12 weeks or less without cutting out carbs and other fun stuff from their lives. From a TV appearance …

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Aug. 3, 2021

Fastest way to stunt growth; keep with the status quo

Status quo sometimes runs rampant in many different industries; Professional sports, sales teams, real estate, the non-profit sector, entrepreneurship, or fortune 500 companies. Just because something has been done one way fo...

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July 28, 2021

Nick Harris | Transitioning to a higher level (perspectives of a pro-…

My guest this week is Nick Harris who is starting his second year in the NFL. Nick gives great insights into what it takes to have success during transitions. Transitioning to a higher level of sport, business or lifestyle ta...

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July 22, 2021

Becky Morrison | Unhappiness isn't a problem to solve, it's a puzzle

Becky Morrison's mission is to spread joy. She believes that happiness is an internal job and that most people can live happier, easier lives if they get clear on what matters most to them and then develop a plan to …

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July 14, 2021

James Donaldson | Standing above the crowd

The 7-foot-2-inch James Donaldson is best known for his years with the Seattle SuperSonics. He also was a star player in his younger days for Washington State University and played 11 seasons for other National Basketball Ass...

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June 22, 2021

Les Spellman | Turning Pain into Production

Les Spellman has emerged as one of America's elite speed performance coaches - training NFL and USA Rugby players, Olympians, NCAA athletes, plus emerging high school and youth level kids across a variety of sports. We believ...

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June 15, 2021

Ryan Leaf | From NFL stardom to Convict to a Life Realigned

Ryan David Leaf is an advocate for those struggling with mental, and behavioral health issues and encourages audiences to transform the way we think about mental health issues and addiction. Ryan works to eliminate the mental...

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June 9, 2021

Cletus Coffey | How to Use Failure as a Stepping Stone

Cletus is committed to helping executives, leaders, teams and former competing athletes go beyond settling for average to become an elite performer in work, sports, and life. Being an athlete is all he desired to be as a kid,...

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June 3, 2021

Accountability & Why you need it in your life

Having someone hold you accountable for your words, actions, and responses can be a game-changer when it comes to helping you become the best version of yourself. In this episode, I touch on the positive and negative effects...

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May 26, 2021

Rob Vaka | Situational Fluency & Learning how to use it

Rob Vaka's passion is helping NFL players and coaches flourish off the field – in life roles, business opportunities, philanthropic ventures, and in their personal “worth.” Rob is an entrepreneur, people connector, philanthro...

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May 18, 2021

Dr. Jeffrey Magee | What you need to succeed & lead

Dr. Jeffrey Magee CBE, CSP, CMC, PDM … has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff is the author of more than 20 books, three college graduate management textbooks, four bestsellers, and ...

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May 12, 2021

Henry Barrera | Developing an Authentic Pursuit

In this episode, you will hear from Henry Barrera, Director of Performance at Liberty University (Virginia). Hear Henry's perspective on leadership, getting the most out of your own talent, and how to develop an authentic pur...

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May 4, 2021

Jordan Babineaux | Pivoting to win

Jordan Babineaux is an NFL star, sports broadcaster, author, and entrepreneur who helps companies and teams navigate their pivot. Jordan’s message will inspire and resonate with anyone as he shares ideas on his journey to sel...

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April 28, 2021

Brian Grant | Rebounding through adversity

Brian Grant is used to being in control. As a power forward for the Portland Trail Blazers and four other National Basketball Association (NBA) teams—the Sacramento Kings, the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Phoen...

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April 21, 2021

Tina Greenbaum | Mastery under pressure

Tina Greenbaum, M.Ed., LCSW is an Optimal Performance Coach and a dynamic workshop leader now living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Throughout her extensive career of 36 years, she has been a pioneer in combining tradition...

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April 13, 2021

What 24K in Rolex's can teach you

I don't recommend spending 24K on only 2 lessons learned but I will share my lessons so hopefully you won't make the same mistakes I did. In this episode I share a couple of life lessons that can help just …

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