May 26, 2021

Rob Vaka | Situational Fluency & Learning how to use it

Rob Vaka | Situational Fluency & Learning how to use it

Rob Vaka's passion is helping NFL players and coaches flourish off the field – in life roles, business opportunities, philanthropic ventures, and in their personal “worth.”

Rob is an entrepreneur, people connector, philanthropist, father, husband, and cancer survivor.

His unique experiences have inspired him to become a mentor to dozens of NFL players, coaches, and other professional athletes. He is on a mission to help NFL Players, coaches and other athletes make a bigger impact with their time, relationships, and money.

Having worked with NFL players and coaches over the past 10 years, Rob is a sought-after speaker and panelist on a variety of relevant topics, including field-to-life transition, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and elevating mindset. He’s been a podcast guest with well-known hosts, such as John Brenkus, of Sport Science, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon’s Sports 1 partner Dave Meltzer, former NFL star LB Gary Brackett, and Rich Take on Sports. Additionally, he has been the emcee, host, or auctioneer for dozens of NFL players or coaches charity events.

Rob is a co-founder of the Ray Lewis’ Ray of Hope Foundation with Lewis and John Brenkus in 2017 and sits on the board. He is also an active participant on the Special Olympics of GA Board of Directors and is active as a Children’s Ministry Volunteer and Leader at Mt. Pisgah UMC. Additionally, he is a football coach within the Johns Creek Jr. Gladiator program.

What we discussed:

  • 3 things most athletes overlook when they retire
  • the benefits of having a gratitude mindset
  • situational fluency (you have to fail to get there)
  • getting yourself "right" can help you when it comes to making decisions
  • the pitfall of being interesting instead of interested
  • tips on how to transition into a new career

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