Oct. 10, 2023

Speed Training Secrets: A Journey to Success Through Adversity (Rewind)| Les Spellman (world renowned speed coach)

Speed Training Secrets: A Journey to Success Through Adversity (Rewind)| Les Spellman (world renowned speed coach)

If you're feeling frustrated and defeated because your speed training methods are yielding little to no results, then you are not alone! Despite pouring countless hours into your training, you may find yourself struggling to improve and falling behind your competitors. Instead of experiencing the incredible speed you desire, you may be stuck in a cycle of stagnation, wondering why your efforts seem to be in vain.

My special guest is Les Spellman. Les is an exceptional coach who has dedicated his life to helping athletes overcome challenges and unlock their full-speed potential. His journey began as a mediocre athlete with average performance, but everything changed after a life-altering car accident at the age of 17. Despite being told he would never walk or run without pain again, Les refused to accept that as his reality. He used the pain as fuel to push himself beyond his limits and prove the doctors wrong. Through sheer determination and an unwavering mindset, Les not only recovered but also became a member of a Division One track team. His college years were marked by struggles and disappointments, but they served as valuable lessons that fueled his passion to redefine how speed is taught and understood. Les's expertise and unique perspective make him an invaluable guest on The Shark Effect podcast, where he shares his knowledge and inspires athletes and coaches to overcome adversity and achieve remarkable speed improvements.

The key moments in this episode are:

3:05 - Les' Mentality and Approach to Coaching

7:13 - Les' Struggle in College and Redefining Speed

8:16 - The Importance of Learning How to Run

15:08 - Overcoming Adversity and Channeling Pain into Production

17:37 - The Journey to Becoming a Speed Coach

31:00 - Building Relationships and Growing the Business

35:45 - Providing Value through Technology

44:43 - Importance of Sprinting and Physical Qualities

45:46 - Anyone Can Get Faster

49:40 - Les' Secret to High Achievement

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