Nov. 15, 2023

7 Steps for Growth & Resilience | Sarah Centrella's Inspiring Journey to Personal Growth and Resilience

7 Steps for Growth & Resilience | Sarah Centrella's Inspiring Journey to Personal Growth and Resilience

In the face of heartbreak and despair, Sarah Centrella's life took an unexpected turn. Betrayed by her husband's affair, she found herself with no job, no money, and three young children to care for. But it was in this darkest moment that Sarah discovered an inner strength she never knew existed. The twist? Through resilience and determination, she not only rebuilt her life but also became a beacon of inspiration for others. How did Sarah turn tragedy into triumph? Find out in this incredible story of personal growth and resilience.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unleash your personal growth and resilience with these 7 powerful strategies.
  • Discover the transformative power of positive self-talk and unlock your full potential.
  • Harness the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Find the perfect success coach who will guide you on your journey to greatness.
  • Surround yourself with a supportive community that will lift you up and help you thrive.

Sarah Centrella is a renowned personal development coach, multi-bestselling author, and motivational keynote speaker. She has gained recognition for her expertise in resilience and personal growth. Sarah's journey towards personal development began in 2009 when she faced a life-altering event - the discovery of her husband's affair. This devastating experience left her with three young children, no job, and no financial stability. Determined to rebuild her life, Sarah immersed herself in the power of visualization and goal-setting. Through her blog and personal experiences, she began sharing her insights and strategies for overcoming adversity and creating a fulfilling life. With her relatable approach and practical advice, Sarah has inspired millions of individuals worldwide. Her success has led to appearances on prominent shows like the Steve Harvey Show and Good Morning America. As a master life coach, Sarah continues to empower others to navigate challenges and unlock their full potential.

The key moments in this episode are:

1:37 - Sarah's Journey

6:22 - Flipping the Perspective

7:58 - Unexpected Journey into Personal Development

14:43 - The Dream Begins

18:10 - The Impact of Athletes

19:13 - Coaching and Mindset

21:05 - The Power of I Am Statements

24:07 - The Importance of Being Coachable

28:25 - Importance of Hard Work and Commitment

30:00 - Building Character and Fundamental Skills

31:48 - Understanding Effort and 100% Commitment

34:35 - Choosing the Right Coach and Surroundings

37:53 - Letting Your Child Take Ownership

42:44 - Introduction and Call to Action

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