April 21, 2021

Tina Greenbaum | Mastery under pressure

Tina Greenbaum | Mastery under pressure

Tina Greenbaum, M.Ed., LCSW is an Optimal Performance Coach and a dynamic workshop leader now living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Throughout her extensive career of 36 years, she has been a pioneer in combining traditional psychotherapy with body awareness, energy psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality. She brings you the latest discoveries in neuroscience with the ancient traditions of the East, as well as the best of Western Learning Theory.

Her own personal journey led her to the discovery of the intimate connection between mind and body and she has been teaching others the skills necessary to gain mastery over managing their emotions in challenging and pressured situations. She works with business leaders, athletes, artists, speakers and other high achievers who want to excel in performing under pressure.

In our conversation, I ask her what keys can we use to manage ourselves in high-stress situations.

What you will learn:

  • How to strive for excellence instead of perfection
  • How to use fear as a "friend"
  • Communication keys for success
  • How to use your emotions as tools to get you where you want to be
  • Best practices for focus and relaxation

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