Aug. 26, 2021

Amit Veghela | Driven to Succeed

Amit Veghela | Driven to Succeed

Amit Vaghela is the founder and CEO of Sapience Group; the company behind several brands, including UVBrite and Paww. Amit grew up in Australia and started his career in finance for a large investment bank. After transferring to New York with the same firm, Amit eventually moved to a hedge fund, where he focused on investing in emerging markets and growth sectors. He started Sapience Group in 2016 after realizing that many consumer-focused products did not seem to be made with consumers in mind, and there was a need for products that were designed by consumers for consumers. Amit has lived in New York for the past 16-years, and when not thinking about brands and products, he likes to spend time with his wife and daughter or play golf.

What we discuss:

  • how to think of ways to solve a problem
  • constantly looking for ways to improve yourself (a culture that you can create for yourself and your family)
  • figuring out who you are is the foundation of doing what you love
  • best tip for leaders...get input from everyone!
  • the importance of having and doing a risk assessment
  • the number #1 thing businesses look for when on boarding employees...are you driven?

Connect with Amit:

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