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Strong Body Strong Soul: Origin SHOW

Strong Body Strong Soul: Origin SHOW

The highs and lows of life! Inspiring stories, meditation, fun guests...the show is in turns thought provoking, empowering and entertaining! Pay attention to the titles on the episodes! Spirituality, personal training, hilarity~come along for the ride~half the fun is getting there. For more of STRONG BODY STRONG SOUL please visit YouTube or Facebook.

Recent Episodes

Broadway Connections: NOT Building A Wall And Other Relevant Messages

July 22, 2022

In this episode we are exploring the idea of popular culture, entertainment as a way to connect with our past AND who we are NOW. Building walls to trap ourselves or keep out the enemy? This episode was recorded LIVE on the …

Overload of Affirmations?

July 13, 2022

Life is short don't store up the good stuff until it overwhelms you. In this episode we are sharing a little bit of encouragement from an amazing supporter (thank you Simon Buckner) and then we are spilling out an array of A…

Fill Your Cup

June 29, 2022

Authenticity and positivity are at the core of Jim Love’s message. He is an amazing keynote speaker on a mission to help others raise their voices. In this discussion we are exploring ideas of authenticity and social media. …

Rumi Poetry Reading: All the Voices Matter

June 21, 2022

YOU ARE NOT ALONE...THIS TECHNOLOGY IS MEANT TO CONNECT US In this episode we offer you a poetry reading...the gnat becomes the buttermilk. Find a comfortable place to enjoy this audio. This recording was taken from a share …

Social Audio, Mental Health & Podcasting: Welcome Simon Buckden

June 6, 2022

CAN YOU HEAR US? WANT TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION? We are catching up about podcasting and the power of social AUDIO to connect across time and space. We will be mentioning CLUBHOUSE, TWITTER, ANCHOR.FM, FACEBOOK and Simon's ne…

Laughter is a Great Release!

March 12, 2022

Make noise!!!! Trust your instincts....don't try to STOP yourself....scream laugh RELEASE ..... whatever you need to do. Editing ourselves creates blockages. This is THE very first episode created in this podcast. 10/2017 🦋☮…