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Strong Body Strong Soul: Origin SHOW

Strong Body Strong Soul: Origin SHOW

The highs and lows of life! Inspiring stories, meditation, fun guests...the show is in turns thought provoking, empowering and entertaining! Pay attention to the titles on the episodes! Spirituality, personal training, hilarity~come along for the ride~half the fun is getting there. For more of STRONG BODY STRONG SOUL please visit YouTube or Facebook.


Connected in Often Surprising Ways

July 30, 2021

In this episode we are talking about inspiration into the future, surprising connections and the way we choose to absorb information. Radio show voice? Thank you Lewis-your encouragement has helped me evolve! 🦋 regardless of time and space we help inspire each other as human beings! Maria Humphr…

From Complaining to Meditation

July 24, 2021

Sometimes we can get caught up in complaining. Let’s shift perspective. Listeners will be gifted With a sleep Meditation at the end of this episode. Patience is key 😍 Stop by to see some of the waterpolo tournaments you may hear in recent episodes…

Let’s Talk with Adam Parr About Podcasting

July 18, 2021

How are you using YOUR voice? Some of us are passionate about helping others shine by using our podcast platforms. Adam Parr of the Parrsitivity Podcast joins the show today. Adam is a Transformational Coach from the UK. We are talking about podcasting, a little bit about Clubhouse and other social…

Wacky Wednesday Gifts of Song 🎸🥁👺

July 14, 2021

Yes, that’s Mac on the cover! Yes, you will hear me singing in this episode. I hope you come back another time. Maria offers a variety of content on her YouTube Channel as well - check out Be Brave Be YOU - if you have time ☮️👉🏼 Maria Humphreys is a meditation teache…

Sports & Nature: Creating Sound

July 13, 2021

Sports, meditation and nature ….listeners are in for a treat in this episode from Southern California. Stop by to see some of the waterpolo tournament you hear in this episode Or visit this link to See the Sea LIONS at La Jolla Cov…

Nowhere to Hide

July 7, 2021

Going deep in this origin story episode. The darkest times can help us grow the most. Through depression….you can find the light. Interview with therapist Lori Oberman about social media addiction 👉🏼 Mindfulness with kids if curious 🦋👉🏼…