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Sept. 12, 2023

Youthful Living After 50: Julie Bergfeld's Wellness Journey

Don't we all want to feel younger?  I know I sure do.  Aging is part of life. But HOW we age makes a difference.  Community is also an important component of aging younger.  On this episode, I talk with Tiny Habits Certified Coach JULIE BERGFELD about her journey into the world of wellness coaching.  I also ask Julie to share some tips for growing younger.   

JULIE BERGFELD coaches adults 50 years and older to feel their youngest.  She changes their relationship with food, movement and mindfulness. Through her signature SOAR methodology, Julie guides her clients to lasting success. 

An accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner, she was once the USATF Women’s 50K Trail champion. The cumulative stress to both body and mind took its toll and she vowed to learn to heal herself. Although her degrees in French Literature and Journalism hadn’t prepared her for it, as an avid learner she became a Human Potential coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Human Movement Specialist in addition to being a Certified Tiny Habits coach. Ultimately, she founded her own yoga studio Metro Power Yoga where she applied all her wisdom and was considered THE place for athletes to chill out.

                 "I want to be fully functional until my dying day." - Julie Bergfeld

Julie has been a guest on the podcast Mindful Money and a guest expert on several Tiny Habits Academy Panels. She is a sought-after teacher, workshop facilitator and speaker on topics related to sustenance, mindset, movement and sleep.

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00:53 - Journey into Coaching

01:45 - Tiny Habits Community

06:20 - Over 50 - Feeling Younger

07:50 - Major issues Over 50

10:14 - Coaching Programs

13:21 - Quick Habits

18:26 - Working with a Coach