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ONLINE COURSE: Tiny Habits for Your Child's Academic Success

A guide for grown-ups to help school-aged children develop habits that lead to academic success and personal growth.

For Parents - Homeschoolers - Educators

Course Highlights

● 10 Engaging Modules: Bite-sized, easy-to-digest video lessons that fit into your busy schedule.
● Resource-Rich: Receive a 20-page workbook to guide you in understanding your child’s learning style and make habits fun.
● Lifetime Access: Revisit the course as your child grows and faces new academic challenges.

Bonuses to help you support your new habiteer:

● Exclusive Email Access: Direct line to Dr. Judy Oskam for additional questions or guidance.
● Special Tools for Working Parents: Discover strategies to balance a busy household and academic nurturing.
● Foster a Habiteer Culture: Learn to create a positive, habit-forming environment in your home.


Free Guide for Parents: Understanding your Kiddo

This guide will help you connect with your child. Interactive worksheets include: Understand how your child learns. Identify your child’s superpowers and talents. Explore your child’s ideal day. Create a family habit-tracker.