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March 20, 2023

Wendy Conklin - Life Whimsy

Do you want to live a more CREATIVE life? On this episode, I talk with Chair Whimsy founder Wendy Conklin. She is a designer, an artisan, an educator and an entreprenista. A visionary thought leader, Wendy is leading a MOVE...

February 06, 2023

Reena Philpot - Sales Mentor

I couldn't believe could get paid for visiting people. Reena Philpot is an accomplished business owner and expert salesperson. She loves connecting with people and, after hearing her story, you will too. Reena' s a...

January 25, 2023

Geoff Girvitz - Dad Strength

Geoff Girvitz is a father, a business founder, and the host of the Dad Strength Podcast. He has learned to work with his Unique Strengths to build an intentional, meaningful life. Geoff is the owner of Toronto-based Bang Fi...

January 09, 2023

Season Preview

Happy New Year - I want to share a quick preview of some of my upcoming episodes. Geoff Girvitz is host of the Dad Strength Podcast . He's creating community with and for Dads. Geoff is an entrepreneur, Tiny Habits Coach an...

September 10, 2022

Julie Bouche - The Journey Blueprint

Are you on a JOURNEY ? What's your relationship between your body, your mind and food? Are you working through challenges related to food, health and body image? Society and social media send mixed messages that can impact o...

June 01, 2022

Juni Felix: You are Worth the Work

JUNI FELIX was born into a whirlwind of trauma, abuse and poverty. Her mother was adopted from Tokyo when she was 4 years old. Juni says her mother never healed from her adoption abandonment wound. She watched her Mom stru...