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April 7, 2024

Linda Fogg-Phillips & Pearl Habits

 Challenge and change are a part of life.  And it's often difficult to find the strength to carry on and keep moving forward. 

In this episode, Linda Fogg-Phillips shares her personal story of resilience and determination.  She faced the triple blow of a family business collapse during the 2008 financial crisis, the heart-wrenching loss of her son Garrett and the death of her husband.  These tragic events eventually led to the creation of the Pearl Habits Method. 

The Pearl Habit Method was created by BJ Fogg Ph.D. and developed by Linda Fogg-Phillips as a way to implement behavior change through small, easy steps. During our interview, you'll hear some of Linda's most successful Pearl Habits.  Pearl Habits are simple. There are two parts: the irritant and the pearl.

Linda Fogg-Phillips has spent more than 30 years studying health behaviors, including nutrition, fitness, and mental health.  She is on a mission to help others live a happier and healthier life.  As the CEO and Co-Founder of the Tiny Habits® Academy, Linda's work focuses on behavior change and habit design.   She is a regular guest lecturer at Stanford University and is a featured family health expert in the media and in publications.

As the mother of eight children, Linda has had her own behavior change and habit design laboratory for more than 40 years. During our interview, Linda and I talk about grief, the power of choice and gratitude.  She always tells her children, "Be better, not bitter."   During tragedy, Linda worked hard to be her 'best self' for her children. 


Fogg-Phillips has a master’s degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology. She has spent more than 35 years studying health behaviors, including nutrition, fitness, and mental health.  Linda has virtually coached over 15,000 people worldwide.  She is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as an expert in virtual coaching, habit formation and behavior change. She is a contributing author and expert for the ACE Behavior Change Certification Program.

Linda is an international author, public speaker, and consultant. She is the author of two books about understanding the online behavior of adolescents; Facebook for Parents and Facebook for Educators.  Linda is the host of the podcast, Pearl Habits; Creating beauty and positivity from life’s challenges. 

Fogg-Phillips is a featured social media and family health expert in the media and in publications such as the New York Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. During 2009 - 2013, Linda was the adolescent behavior expert and online safety consultant for Facebook, Inc. Linda was commissioned by Facebook to write their first Facebook Online Safety Guide for Educators. Linda is a regular guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Find out more about Pearl Habits here.  

Tiny Habits for Your Child's Academic Success

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00:02 - Journey Through Tragedy and Resilience

08:55 - The Power of Positive Habit Creation

17:15 - Power of Pearl Habits

22:03 - Strength in Adversity

25:05 - Reflecting on Past Successes, Moving Forward

30:40 - Discovering Pearl Habits Mission



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Welcome to Stories of Change and Creativity.

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I'm Judy Oskam.

00:00:06.391 --> 00:00:18.304
As a university professor, administrator and former journalist, I love interviewing people who inspire, educate and motivate People like Linda Fogg Phillips.

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Linda has a story about reinvention, growth and a calling to serve.

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You'll also learn about Pearl Habits in this interview.

00:00:29.321 --> 00:00:34.735
Linda is on a mission to help others live a happier and healthier life.

00:00:34.735 --> 00:00:39.484
She is the CEO and co-founder of the Tiny Habits Academy.

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Her work focuses on behavior change and habit design and, as the mother of eight children, Linda has had her own behavior change and habit design laboratory in her own home for more than 40 years.

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Well, Linda does share some of the tragedies and the heartbreaks in her life, but she also tells us how she made it through.

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I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did .

00:01:06.302 --> 00:01:07.683
In the last 15 years.

00:01:07.683 --> 00:01:23.305
It has been like one change after another, after another after another none of them of which I anticipated or ever thought I'd have to deal with and the first one the first, basically the first domino that tipped, the first shoe that dropped, however you want to refer to.

00:01:23.305 --> 00:01:25.448
It occurred well, really occurred in 2008.

00:01:25.448 --> 00:01:29.861
And that's when a lot of things in my world were starting to fall apart.

00:01:29.861 --> 00:01:32.207
We were home builders here in Las Vegas.

00:01:32.207 --> 00:01:36.706
Very, very successful home builders had a company for 25 years.

00:01:36.706 --> 00:01:39.953
Net worth was $30 million.

00:01:39.953 --> 00:01:41.537
It was a really successful company.

00:01:41.537 --> 00:01:42.078

00:01:42.078 --> 00:01:44.602
We were a privately owned company, meaning we owned it all.

00:01:44.602 --> 00:01:45.584
Sure, sure, it was a really successful company.

00:01:45.584 --> 00:01:46.766
We were a privately owned company, meaning we owned it all.

00:01:46.787 --> 00:02:01.371
Sure, many family members my children, my son-in-law and if you look back to those years, that's when the housing recession was really starting to get into full swing and every place in the US started to fall apart.

00:02:01.371 --> 00:02:03.501
Even public builders that had deep pockets started to fall apart.

00:02:03.501 --> 00:02:10.151
The little builders that we were really didn't stand a chance, but we fought good and hard and we hung on for quite a while.

00:02:10.151 --> 00:02:12.929
But 2008, as I look back to that year.

00:02:12.929 --> 00:02:27.394
That really was the pivotal year for not only struggling financially and struggling with our home building business, but that also was the time that we lost my 20-year-old son to an accidental Oxycontin overdose, and so it just seemed like the world was falling down around my feet.

00:02:27.394 --> 00:02:32.390
You know, adapting to and my son, his name was Garrett.

00:02:32.390 --> 00:02:33.765
I have eight children.

00:02:33.765 --> 00:02:35.105
He was the third of our eight.

00:02:35.105 --> 00:02:44.463
Just, you know, he really was well and even my kids say he was the golden child and I'm not going to deny that.

00:02:44.463 --> 00:02:46.030
I'm not going to that.

00:02:46.050 --> 00:02:51.161
Yeah, yeah, I'm not going to.

00:02:51.161 --> 00:02:51.681
All my kids are amazing.

00:02:51.681 --> 00:03:03.068
I love them all equally, of course, but Garrett was everybody's golden sibling or golden child cause he was just so kind and generous and just so caring and unfortunately, his death really put us all on a tailspin.

00:03:03.068 --> 00:03:11.449
And this was an unexpected death and the history behind him getting on oxycodone was very tragic.

00:03:11.449 --> 00:03:13.901
He was a high school athlete and was one of the high school coaches.

00:03:13.901 --> 00:03:25.193
It was an injury, huh yeah, and his high school coach introduced him to stackable steroids that then led to pain meds that unfortunately, he got addicted to and just could not kick it.

00:03:25.193 --> 00:03:29.707
So that was a monumental change that took me a while.

00:03:29.707 --> 00:03:31.151
I don't know.

00:03:31.151 --> 00:03:32.824
I don't know that you can ever get over that.

00:03:33.265 --> 00:03:35.020
How do you ever get over that ?

00:03:35.080 --> 00:03:39.072
You don't, you don't, judy, you don't ever get over the loss of a child.

00:03:39.072 --> 00:03:49.396
It's something that I had a very wise friend, and I'm going to share this advice because it was really helped me, not just through the loss of Garrett, but subsequently.

00:03:49.396 --> 00:03:53.430
Three years ago, I lost my husband as well to early onset Alzheimer's.

00:03:53.430 --> 00:04:03.126
Um, and a friend of mine,Ji m Anderson, told me he said, Linda, people will tell you that time will heal, and this was in in relationship.

00:04:03.126 --> 00:04:09.349
This was um about three days after Garrett passed and Jim came over to visit us and he said, Linda, people will tell you, time will heal, he says.

00:04:09.349 --> 00:04:10.843
But don't believe them, that's a lie.

00:04:10.843 --> 00:04:16.627
All time allows you to do is to learn to live with the pain, and I have found that to be really true.

00:04:16.627 --> 00:04:17.230
It's true.

00:04:17.410 --> 00:04:23.632
Yeah, and having had Jim share that with me, it helped me revise my expectations.

00:04:24.937 --> 00:04:38.884
Instead of saying, oh, why aren't I getting over this, or why is this still a problem for me, or why am I still depressed about the loss of my son, I realized that it was going to take some time for me to learn to live with this new reality of mine.

00:04:39.627 --> 00:04:44.485
And I will tell you, that journey has been a bittersweet journey, as I'm sure you can imagine.

00:04:44.485 --> 00:04:54.271
Sure, the first probably three or four years, and so this was about 15 years ago.

00:04:54.271 --> 00:05:14.567
About the first three or four years, I struggled to function, I truly struggled to function, and I finally got to the point in my life where some of the things that would cause me a lot of pain or sorrow, that would bring back up that wound in my heart the loss of my son I then started to embrace and I didn't realize that the pain that I was feeling was because I loved him.

00:05:14.567 --> 00:05:27.483
So that was a shift and a change, not so much in mindset but in the allowing time to help me learn how to live in a positive manner in the face of such a negative and difficult situation.

00:05:27.483 --> 00:05:30.910
Even today it's been this many years.

00:05:30.910 --> 00:05:34.086
You know I never work on Garrett's birthday and I never work.

00:05:34.086 --> 00:05:38.083
Or you know I never make plans on his birthday or on what we call his angel day.

00:05:38.122 --> 00:05:41.209
And you guys have a big celebration on that day, don't you ?

00:05:41.610 --> 00:05:58.391
Yeah, we always even my kids that live out of town come into town and especially on his angel day, we'll go to his favorite sushi restaurant and we really celebrate his life again, instead of just sort of pushing it aside or ignoring or trying to pretend that never happened, because really reality is it did happen and it did impact all of us.

00:05:58.391 --> 00:06:17.281
And so the years have allowed me to adapt and start to embrace those feelings of pain, in acknowledgement of the fact that that was unconditional love that I had for my child, and so that was a big shift for me.

00:06:17.281 --> 00:06:23.851
But in that same year, in 2008, when we started to lose everything losing our home, building business.

00:06:23.851 --> 00:06:25.899
Eventually we lost our home.

00:06:25.899 --> 00:06:27.202
We lost our five-acre ranch.

00:06:27.202 --> 00:06:36.526
We had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy where we had nothing left because my husband had personally guaranteed a number of land, loans and things.

00:06:36.526 --> 00:06:42.463
It necessitated a very drastic change of life for us.

00:06:42.463 --> 00:06:46.872
I had eight horses at that time.

00:06:46.872 --> 00:06:48.822
I had to either sell or give them away.

00:06:48.822 --> 00:06:53.223
It's sort of like a fire cell because we had to move out of our home pretty quickly because the bank was taking it back.

00:06:53.223 --> 00:06:54.786
They wouldn't work with us on it.

00:06:54.786 --> 00:07:05.932
But everybody I mean not everybody, but that was sort of a common thread that people were losing their homes and losing their properties and losing their businesses right and left, especially people that had anything to do with home building.

00:07:06.721 --> 00:07:18.490
I never expected that at that point in time I would need to go back to work or I would need to help support my family, and I did so a little bit hesitantly.

00:07:18.490 --> 00:07:21.107
You know I was a full-time mom.

00:07:21.107 --> 00:07:23.786
That's what I love doing with a big family.

00:07:23.786 --> 00:07:31.170
Yes, yes, my youngest child was 11 at the time and I'd had a charmed really a charmed life up until then.

00:07:31.170 --> 00:07:35.048
Sure, I had the privilege and the opportunity to stay home with my children.

00:07:35.048 --> 00:07:50.584
They were in private school, we had a beautiful horse ranch, we did a lot of extracurricular activities around horses and around sports, and I had the freedom and the ability to do that.

00:07:50.603 --> 00:07:59.620
So when my world was turned upside down and it's like, wow, I think I need to do something to help support the family because I have a good education, it's like maybe I need to bridge this gap for a little bit until we get back on our feet with home building, I knew it would come back.

00:07:59.661 --> 00:08:05.752
My husband was a very, very good entrepreneur, but what I didn't know is that was not God's plan.

00:08:05.752 --> 00:08:31.490
Yeah, and shortly after that, in 2014, as we were trying to put the pieces back together on many things, you know not just the ramifications of losing my son, but losing our home, building business, needing to move, you know, uproot my children, pull them out of private schools, just you name it everything changed and the bankruptcy just really it was really difficult to go through.

00:08:31.490 --> 00:08:35.230
It was never in my life that I think that we would need to do that.

00:08:35.230 --> 00:08:47.341
I was actually, I'll be honest, I was actually pretty upset with my husband for personal and guaranteeing loans, but that's the nature of the business, and so for a little while I had to navigate through that.

00:08:47.341 --> 00:08:52.919
But then, in 2014, my husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at the age of 58.

00:08:53.221 --> 00:08:53.902
Oh, so young.

00:08:55.043 --> 00:09:00.381
And then I realized, okay, this is not a temporary situation for me to need to help support my family.

00:09:00.381 --> 00:09:02.725
This is now going to be my role.

00:09:02.725 --> 00:09:08.442
And, judy, as I say that and I know there's, you know, a lot of implications there.

00:09:08.442 --> 00:09:18.673
But as I look back on that and as I say that there's a lot of things I had to step into and had to move forward with courage because I had no other choice.

00:09:18.673 --> 00:09:21.061
There just wasn't another choice.

00:09:23.004 --> 00:09:32.490
And as I look back, I am and this is gonna sound funny, but I am so grateful that I had that opportunity to step into the role that I'm currently in.

00:09:32.490 --> 00:09:37.187
I would have never paired up with BJ to build out the Habits Academy.

00:09:37.187 --> 00:09:45.389
I would have never been even motivated or needed to be in the position that I'm in now, and I love what I'm doing.

00:09:45.389 --> 00:09:47.365
I love the people I'm working with.

00:09:47.365 --> 00:10:02.548
Like yourself, I love giving people back that hope and evidence change and that the skills and tools that they can implement to navigate really difficult changes and come back through it on the other side better than before.

00:10:03.230 --> 00:10:06.885
I've learned this the hard way and I don't want it to be so hard for others.

00:10:06.885 --> 00:10:09.251
So when you say, well, what was the pivotal change.

00:10:09.251 --> 00:10:10.945
What was the most impactful change?

00:10:10.945 --> 00:10:21.392
It's not one specific, but it was sort of a period of time where I had to decide is this going to destroy me or am I going to rise above this?

00:10:21.392 --> 00:10:24.424
And obviously I chose the latter and I'm still rising above it.

00:10:24.424 --> 00:10:32.971
I think we still are, but I look back and the blessings and the opportunities that I've had as a result would have never come to me without those challenges that I faced.

00:10:33.500 --> 00:11:02.115
Well, I think, right there, you're also talking a lot about mindset, too, and the fact that, because all of those instances, any one of those events, would be enough to just knock somebody flat, any one of those events would be enough to just knock somebody flat, and the fact that you kept going and going and you went from one to another, and that resilience, I think, is something that I love, the fact that you've actually looked back and sort of analyzed that, because that, I think, helps you grow right.

00:11:02.759 --> 00:11:12.370
Yes, oh yes, and I'm very analytical, and so when things are going wrong, or even when things are going right, it's like okay, why?

00:11:12.370 --> 00:11:13.673
Why did that happen?

00:11:13.673 --> 00:11:18.087
And you know, getting stuck in the why is not helpful.

00:11:18.087 --> 00:11:19.110
It's very helpful.

00:11:19.110 --> 00:11:19.611
You know why?

00:11:19.611 --> 00:11:19.753

00:11:19.753 --> 00:11:24.480
I think that's a very a lot of us have gotten stuck in that mindset, especially in the midst of turmoil.

00:11:24.480 --> 00:11:27.548
That's a very a lot of us have gotten stuck in that mindset, especially in the midst of turmoil.

00:11:27.548 --> 00:11:27.789
Well, why me?

00:11:27.789 --> 00:11:28.051
Well, why not?

00:11:28.051 --> 00:11:28.572
But it's not so much why.

00:11:28.572 --> 00:11:29.956
You know, understanding, you know.

00:11:29.956 --> 00:11:38.524
But now understanding, okay, taking that that you learned, or the situation surrounding that, and how are you going to leverage that to be better?

00:11:38.524 --> 00:11:45.431
There's a saying that I often share with my children and it's be better, not bitter.

00:11:45.431 --> 00:11:54.434
It's really easy to be bitter about what life hands us and be bitter about the changes that are thrust upon us, but that doesn't help, that doesn't do anything.

00:11:55.062 --> 00:11:55.684
No, no, no.

00:11:56.280 --> 00:11:58.288
The challenge is just to be better because of it.

00:11:58.288 --> 00:12:03.673
Rise above it and be a better person and make the world around you better as a result.

00:12:04.500 --> 00:12:30.803
Well, again, that's a choice, though, and again, you made those choices, and I think back and I look at all of the challenges that you had and what a good role model you have been for your own children and grandchildren now, because now and have you thought about that that everything you're doing as moms right, they're watching us all the time.

00:12:30.803 --> 00:12:33.793
Even though they're grown, they're watching us.

00:12:34.745 --> 00:12:45.913
You know thank you for saying that, Judy, that actually I felt a responsibility, not necessarily to be a role model, but I felt a responsibility to be my best self for their benefit.

00:12:46.033 --> 00:12:47.658
For them, yes, yes for them.

00:12:48.025 --> 00:12:56.349
And also, you know, during the time that my husband was alive but still declining, I needed to show up as my best self because I owed it to him and I owed it to my children.

00:12:56.349 --> 00:13:08.094
I do know and they've referenced this several times that when they're facing their own challenges which they do my children are now adults.

00:13:08.094 --> 00:13:14.527
They have their own families, they have their own day in and day out, big challenges as well as little challenges, and it doesn't matter if they're big or little.

00:13:14.527 --> 00:13:15.470
They're still challenges.

00:13:15.470 --> 00:13:22.316
They still are changes that you need to navigate, and I know that I've given my children some hope that they can do it too.

00:13:22.316 --> 00:13:35.738
And, to be really honest, my lifeline through all of these challenges was tiny habits, yes, which then evolved into, as you know, pearl habits, which is taking the challenge and creating beauty out of it.

00:13:35.738 --> 00:13:48.852
Pearl Habits, which is taking the challenge and creating beauty out of it, like that grain of sand making a pearl, making a gem out of that irritant or that challenge that you have, as opposed to allowing it to cause you to be bitter and to deteriorate or to have your relationships deteriorate.

00:13:50.546 --> 00:13:54.056
I have one daughter right now that's having a lot of challenges with mental health.

00:13:54.056 --> 00:14:03.808
She has bipolar illness and also has a borderline personality disorder and has really struggled the last three years and I'm hoping that we have.

00:14:03.808 --> 00:14:19.018
I have daily conversations with her and she gets really stuck in the negative mindset and I'm hoping that the conversations I have with her, as well as what we've been through over the years, helps her see that there's a better way than being bitter.

00:14:19.018 --> 00:14:21.812
In fact, last week I was on a call with her.

00:14:21.812 --> 00:14:24.474
I was on a Zoom call with her and she won't mind me sharing her name.

00:14:24.474 --> 00:14:27.975
She's given me permission to share her name as well.

00:14:27.975 --> 00:14:30.993
Her name is Amber and she was complaining about something.

00:14:31.052 --> 00:14:37.554
She was very negative and I just said look, Amber, happiness is a choice.

00:14:37.554 --> 00:14:46.975
And I have a sign in my office downstairs, the one that I usually sit in to write and read, and you know I pulled the sign off of my bookshelf because I have it just written on a little note card.

00:14:46.975 --> 00:14:49.207
With a smiley face, I said look, happiness is a choice.

00:14:49.207 --> 00:14:51.751
I said I've had this up on my bookshelf for over five years.

00:14:51.751 --> 00:14:54.015
I look at it every day to remind myself.

00:14:54.697 --> 00:14:56.779
I can choose how I'm going to face this day.

00:14:56.779 --> 00:15:03.206
I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be angry and bitter and I think I'm starting to get through to her.

00:15:03.206 --> 00:15:08.518
You know she's probably the only child that really struggles with negativity.

00:15:08.518 --> 00:15:15.778
I know a lot of us get stuck with the negative talk in our head or narrative that is negative.

00:15:15.778 --> 00:15:19.490
You know, whatever we're going to tell ourselves, it's going to be the truth.

00:15:19.490 --> 00:15:24.754
Yeah, so you can change your story and, just like you said, judy, we can choose to be happy.

00:15:24.754 --> 00:15:29.636
We can choose to live a different story than the negative story we're telling ourselves.

00:15:30.605 --> 00:15:34.533
Well, and that's why I love Pearl Habits and talk a little bit about Pearl Habits.

00:15:34.533 --> 00:15:36.272
And how did that come to be?

00:15:36.272 --> 00:15:46.114
Because people who listen to this podcast and they you know, we'll put in the show notes information about Tiny Habits but talk about Pearl Habits.

00:15:46.114 --> 00:15:53.596
Because to me, I think that's fantastic, because a lot of the changes we want to make are coming from a negative spot, a negative place.

00:15:56.384 --> 00:15:57.667
Yeah, and, like I said, they're thrust upon us.

00:15:57.667 --> 00:16:02.350
They're not necessarily our choice to make those changes, but we have to adapt, we have to be resilient.

00:16:02.350 --> 00:16:15.669
Pearl, habits emerged during my journey of really struggling through some of the challenges that I just shared with you, along with other challenges that emerged during all of this as well, as you can imagine.

00:16:15.669 --> 00:16:30.785
And one day well, it was in the early days of Tiny Habits One day I was talking to BJ you know BJ, who designed the Tiny Habits method, who's my brother.

00:16:30.806 --> 00:16:31.947
We're very, very close and I was.

00:16:31.947 --> 00:16:33.548
I was pretty depressed, I was pretty apathetic, and I it was not.

00:16:33.548 --> 00:16:41.272
It was probably about the you know, three years or so after Garrett had passed away, and I was just really in a bad spot mentally and emotionally.

00:16:41.272 --> 00:16:46.475
And one day BJ said hey, linda, why don't you try this tiny habit recipe?

00:16:46.475 --> 00:16:54.220
We didn't have a name for it then, but he said it goes like this After your feet hit the floor in the morning, I will tell myself it's going to be a great day.

00:16:54.220 --> 00:17:14.236
And then, as you know, with the tiny habits method, one of the most important parts of it is reinforcing the behavior that you're wanting to create as a, as a habit, with a positive emotion, and I would just do two thumbs up and say, yes, you've got this way to go, that habit I have done every single day since that point in time.

00:17:15.317 --> 00:17:16.359
What happened in this?

00:17:16.359 --> 00:17:22.630
And you know, I was sort of scoffing at BJ, not at him, but it's like, oh, brother, he thinks that's good.

00:17:22.630 --> 00:17:24.855
Yes, yes, like really, come on, bj, seriously.

00:17:24.855 --> 00:17:26.417
But I thought, why not?

00:17:26.417 --> 00:17:29.506
You know he's a pretty smart guy, it's not going to hurt me to do that.

00:17:29.506 --> 00:17:30.527
So why not try it?

00:17:30.527 --> 00:17:40.013
And we have a close enough relationship that you know we're comfortable challenging each other on things and just say hey, but I said, okay, I'll try it.

00:17:40.013 --> 00:17:40.594
I said I'll try it.

00:17:40.594 --> 00:17:41.954
It probably won't work, but I'll try it.

00:17:42.855 --> 00:17:55.114
Here again, my negative mindset and within three days, what I saw was a complete shift in my mindset and a shift in my demeanor and I thought, wow, isn't that interesting.

00:17:55.114 --> 00:17:58.750
And as I looked at that and here again evaluated, why did it have such an impact on me?

00:17:58.750 --> 00:18:11.066
What I noticed happened is it took me out of my victim mindset and put me into a victor mindset, just by starting my day off with it's going to be a great day and celebrating, releasing the endorphins and dopamine that happens when you celebrate.

00:18:11.066 --> 00:18:13.227
As a result what I started doing, as the you know, I'd start my day off with that.

00:18:13.227 --> 00:18:16.147
But as a result what I started doing, as the you know, I start my day off with that.

00:18:16.147 --> 00:18:19.549
But as a result, I started looking for the good things in my day.

00:18:19.549 --> 00:18:31.135
What's going to make my day great, what are the great things that would happen that I didn't even plan, or great things that I would then make sure happened, and so my focus was more on the positive than the negative.

00:18:31.135 --> 00:18:33.337
That has been transformative for me.

00:18:33.337 --> 00:18:41.862
In fact, I have told BJ I think he saved my life because I was in such a dark spot at that point in time that he gave me that tool to implement.

00:18:41.862 --> 00:18:45.750
That has really positively impacted me and that's one of my favorite recipes.

00:18:46.204 --> 00:18:57.226
We now call it the Maui habit, yeah, but also so I consider that a pearl habit, because you're taking a negative situation or difficult situation and you're looking at it differently.

00:18:57.226 --> 00:19:10.719
What I also saw is it gave me permission to look at the positive things in my life, as opposed to be drawn into the negative or drawn into everything that was going poorly.

00:19:10.719 --> 00:19:18.815
It really helped me realize there's a lot of things that are going well and to continue to focus on those, as opposed to the opposite.

00:19:18.815 --> 00:19:34.467
Another pearl habit that I use often and there's many, many of them Another pearl habit that I use often is when I get in a situation that is new to me, or I'm uncomfortable or, it's like, causes anxiety, and I, you know, it's like, oh man, I've never done this.

00:19:34.909 --> 00:19:36.875
This is causing me to be uncomfortable.

00:19:37.445 --> 00:19:46.224
I tell myself and here again, that's you know, when I'm feeling uncomfortable or when I get into a situation that causes me anxiety, I will tell myself, oh, this is going to be a new adventure.

00:19:46.546 --> 00:19:48.089
I wonder what I'm going to learn.

00:19:49.051 --> 00:19:49.172

00:19:49.172 --> 00:20:05.413
Adventures are fun, right, right, right, y'all don't want to go on a fun adventure, and so if we can reframe those challenging events or situations in our life that we're uncomfortable with or that are new to us, if we can reframe them as an adventure and in turn, look, I wonder what I'm going to learn.

00:20:05.413 --> 00:20:17.486
It allows you, I think, to navigate that experience or event more effectively and gracefully, but it also allows you to be taught, allows you to be aware and be curious about.

00:20:17.486 --> 00:20:18.869
Okay, what am I going to learn on this.

00:20:18.869 --> 00:20:28.310
And here again, instead of dreading it's like, oh no, not this again, or oh, I can't do this, you're reframing it and saying, hmm, this is going to be an adventure.

00:20:29.693 --> 00:20:30.595
That's a Pearl Habit.

00:20:30.595 --> 00:20:49.777
So, taking either an emotion, a feeling, an experience that causes you that is that irritant, or the challenge, and designing how you're going to respond to it, instead of reacting, then you can design a more positive life and more positive response, which usually ends up with a positive result.

00:20:49.777 --> 00:20:51.729
So that's why it's called.

00:20:51.729 --> 00:21:02.753
You know, that's why we decided to call it Pearl Habits, and Pearl Habits simply emerged from, basically, the way that I needed to use tiny habits to cope with the challenges that I was facing.

00:21:03.384 --> 00:21:06.576
And even today says, hey, this is really where it was.

00:21:06.576 --> 00:21:16.432
You know this, pearl Habits allowed you to cope, and still allows me to cope, with constant change and challenges that cause us to be uncomfortable sometimes.

00:21:17.244 --> 00:21:23.567
Well, because a lot of the people that we work with and coach are wanting to make a change and they're coming from.

00:21:23.567 --> 00:21:27.698
Why do I act this way in a meeting or why do I feel this way?

00:21:27.698 --> 00:21:42.435
So using the Pearl Habit technique is beneficial and I know I've had some, some people that I've I've worked with that, just to kind of, when I turn on my zoom I will do something.

00:21:42.435 --> 00:21:48.458
You know, I mean really to think more positively, but it's all about changing the mindset to making it more positive.

00:21:49.765 --> 00:21:50.868
Exactly, In fact.

00:21:50.868 --> 00:21:51.530
Let me share another.

00:21:51.530 --> 00:22:02.596
This is sort of a funny example, but this is where Pearl Habits really helped diffuse my anger, Because sometimes our mindsets were irritated or angry or put out about something.

00:22:02.596 --> 00:22:08.055
About three years ago, my catalytic converter was stolen out of my Sequoia.

00:22:11.710 --> 00:22:13.394
I have a 2002 Sequoia.

00:22:13.394 --> 00:22:13.796
I love it.

00:22:13.796 --> 00:22:15.571
It has over 200,000 miles on it.

00:22:15.571 --> 00:22:20.401
But I went out one morning to start it and it sounded like a freight train.

00:22:20.401 --> 00:22:23.230
I didn't know what was going on and I called my son.

00:22:23.230 --> 00:22:23.506
He goes.

00:22:23.506 --> 00:22:27.714
Well, look underneath your car and you know we discovered that my Cadillac converter had been stolen.

00:22:27.714 --> 00:22:32.593
Well, this was in the middle of the pandemic and so parts were very, very limited.

00:22:32.593 --> 00:22:41.905
You know, parts were very, very limited.

00:22:41.905 --> 00:22:42.546
Supply chain issues were real.

00:22:42.546 --> 00:22:47.050
I took my car to the shop and they said oh yeah, it's going to be about $2,500 and we're going to need three months to get this part in.

00:22:47.050 --> 00:22:48.051
So it's like that was irritating.

00:22:48.071 --> 00:22:48.971
But I still needed to drive my car.

00:22:48.971 --> 00:22:50.173
Sure, I mean, I couldn't just park it and not drive it.

00:22:50.173 --> 00:22:51.454
And so I would go out and start my car.

00:22:51.454 --> 00:22:52.315
Every time I'd start it.

00:22:52.395 --> 00:22:56.839
I sort of forgot that my catalytic converter wasn't there, so it'd be really loud whenever I started.

00:22:56.839 --> 00:22:57.861
That it would scare me.

00:22:57.861 --> 00:22:59.061
Then I'd get angry.

00:22:59.061 --> 00:23:05.047
It's like, dang those guys.

00:23:05.047 --> 00:23:07.175
But then I would just start getting angry and irritated and then my day would go downhill from there.

00:23:07.175 --> 00:23:08.521
Then I realized I think it took me about a week.

00:23:08.521 --> 00:23:20.976
It's like man, this is a perfect opportunity to create a Pearl habit, and so the Pearl habit that I designed was when I start my car and hear the rumble of my engine, I'll remind myself I'm grateful they left the rest of my car.

00:23:20.976 --> 00:23:28.436
That's good, and just that little change, right, you know, just oh, I'm so glad I have the rest of my car.

00:23:28.436 --> 00:23:33.709
Um, and celebrating that really changed my mindset and, you know, sort of made me chuckle at the fact.

00:23:33.709 --> 00:23:37.894
Oh yeah, because I have had a whole car stolen before yes, yes, a whole car.

00:23:37.973 --> 00:23:57.634
Yes, and so you know that's uh, you know an opportunity or a time where you can, when something like that makes you angry or upset or irritate, you design how you're going to respond to that and, as a result, I was able to diffuse my anger or my sense of irritation over the fact that I was very inconvenienced for a period of time.

00:23:58.194 --> 00:24:05.776
So well, I I always you know, as a Gallup strengths coach, I always ask people to talk about their strengths and I can.

00:24:05.776 --> 00:24:08.925
I can see you have many strengths, but what?

00:24:08.925 --> 00:24:12.237
What do you feel like you've sort of relied on over the years?

00:24:12.237 --> 00:24:19.737
As when you think about Linda Fogg Phillips, you know, describe one of your strengths.

00:24:20.944 --> 00:24:29.511
Okay, Well, this has been a strength of mine since I was a child and I am going to call it a strength because I do see it as a strength and that's I am stubborn.

00:24:29.511 --> 00:24:36.196
And I say that's a strength because I, you know, I get put in situations or determined we could call it determined.

00:24:36.196 --> 00:24:37.406
I like that.

00:24:37.768 --> 00:24:42.919
you can use that descriptor and call it determined or focused.

00:24:43.766 --> 00:24:44.549
I like that better.

00:24:44.549 --> 00:24:45.574
I am determined.

00:24:45.574 --> 00:24:54.092
I just feel like you know when there's a challenge in front of us or something that needs to be solved there's a way to solve it.

00:24:54.092 --> 00:25:00.769
We just have to be I was going to say stubborn enough but determined enough to figure out what that is, to resolve or solve that problem.

00:25:00.769 --> 00:25:04.798
So I love that strength is determined.

00:25:05.239 --> 00:25:14.711
Yes, you know, I I look back at my parents went through something similar to what, what, what you guys did as far as the business and everything.

00:25:14.711 --> 00:25:49.905
And I remember watching my parents start over in their 60s, totally start over in their 60s, and I've reminded my mom about that she's almost 93 now and they made it and, you know, made a good living at the very end and I think that takes such determination and resilience to really get back on the horse, if you will and and actually get back into life, and it's a matter of what you, what you decide you're going to do.

00:25:51.148 --> 00:26:05.517
So I can tell you I relate to your story about the business and the all of that business because I feel, like I was that I was in a family that went through something similar and was already out and grown.

00:26:05.517 --> 00:26:13.598
But I remember looking back and seeing, wondering how are my parents doing that, starting over from scratch in their 60s?

00:26:13.598 --> 00:26:16.705
Wow, so that's remarkable.

00:26:16.965 --> 00:26:20.709
It is, and people do it at other ages and everybody has challenges.

00:26:20.709 --> 00:26:43.066
But but I think you know, when you look back at about just the momentum of change, and that you've constantly been able to, and maybe it is your determination that's kept you finding another path forward but what advice have you received that's really helped you do that, as far as keep moving forward?

00:26:43.887 --> 00:26:46.271
You know, some other advice in here again.

00:26:46.271 --> 00:26:54.375
This this comes from BJ and he's, you know, at a time that I was really struggling to reinvent myself and to find my way.

00:26:54.375 --> 00:27:02.778
He was so encouraging and he gave me the opportunities grow, to step into those difficult situations and learn and grow.

00:27:02.778 --> 00:27:15.388
But what he really helped me do and this is sort of part of celebration actually is he'd always look back and said, wow, look how far you've come, or look what you've done, when I wouldn't see that.

00:27:15.388 --> 00:27:20.325
But he'd say, look where you were a year ago, see that.

00:27:20.325 --> 00:27:21.568
But he'd say, look where you were a year ago.

00:27:21.568 --> 00:27:23.233
And so you know that encouragement or that advice to always go okay.

00:27:23.253 --> 00:27:34.893
Yeah, you know, today, today, you may not feel like you're doing as well as you did yesterday, but you know, today is a different day in different situations, in different circumstances, and you actually are doing pretty dang good.

00:27:34.893 --> 00:27:44.856
Just take a look at that and give yourself credit and realize that we've come a long ways, even from yesterday, if not yesteryear or even 10 years ago.

00:27:44.856 --> 00:27:47.071
We're all making strides forward.

00:27:47.071 --> 00:27:49.751
I think as humans we're always evolving.

00:27:49.751 --> 00:27:56.326
We're wanting to be better and so recognizing that, but taking time to look back and reflect and see how far you've come.

00:27:56.326 --> 00:27:57.510
I think is important.

00:27:58.305 --> 00:28:00.432
Well, and I always see you doing that with others.

00:28:00.432 --> 00:28:03.594
Why don't we do that as much with ourselves, though?

00:28:03.594 --> 00:28:04.891
That's a question.

00:28:06.204 --> 00:28:08.232
You know that is a good question.

00:28:08.232 --> 00:28:16.932
I think it comes down to the fact that it's easier for us to celebrate others' successes, to recognize and highlight their successes.

00:28:16.932 --> 00:28:22.348
We tend to be very self-critical and so, as a result, I think it's harder for us to do on our own.

00:28:22.348 --> 00:28:32.617
I do think celebrating and reflecting and really recognizing how far we've come is a skill, and it's a skill that we get better at the more we do it.

00:28:32.617 --> 00:28:37.826
But it does sometimes take somebody from the outside that goes, wow, look how far you've come, look what you've done.

00:28:37.826 --> 00:28:46.307
And sometimes he will even point out things that I didn't even notice or realize were a milestone or a step, not even just a milestone, but a step forward for me.

00:28:48.673 --> 00:28:50.195
I often laugh with him.

00:28:50.195 --> 00:28:53.692
I started teaching with him at Stanford even before Tiny Habits.

00:28:53.692 --> 00:29:04.772
We were working in the space of online behavior and he had me come out to Stanford every other week to teach an adult class on Facebook for parents, which in turn we wrote a book on.

00:29:04.772 --> 00:29:09.384
But and I reflect back and it's like man, BJ, and that was back in 2009.

00:29:09.384 --> 00:29:23.676
I said, you know, the first time I got on an airplane and traveled by myself, without my children or my spouse was really scary for me and I sort of laugh now because I was on a plane yesterday was really scary for me and I sort of laugh now because I was- on a plane yesterday, I'm getting on a plane tomorrow.

00:29:23.718 --> 00:29:24.480
I go by myself everywhere now.

00:29:24.480 --> 00:29:28.151
But I look back and it's like it was just foreign to me and it's because that was not my focus.

00:29:28.151 --> 00:29:37.031
My focus was being a stay-at-home mom, sure, and so I really had the opportunity to go anywhere or travel anywhere by myself and I really lacked the confidence that I could do it.

00:29:37.031 --> 00:29:45.019
But once I did it, I found that it was really quite fun and very liberating as far as you know, building confidence in myself.

00:29:45.019 --> 00:29:51.737
So you know, look back on your successes, look back on your what you, you know how you've moved forward.

00:29:51.737 --> 00:29:56.635
Look back on you know where you were, even a year ago, and where you're at now.

00:29:56.635 --> 00:30:02.481
Now sometimes you might say, well, I'm not any better off than I was a year ago, but actually I think if you look closely, you probably are.

00:30:02.843 --> 00:30:03.865
You're not looking at the right thing.

00:30:03.865 --> 00:30:04.748
Yes, yes.

00:30:04.748 --> 00:30:11.586
Well, if we take this ahead a year and you look back, what does 24 hold for you?

00:30:11.586 --> 00:30:12.428
What ?

00:30:14.892 --> 00:30:20.901
You know, in 2024, I really feel that I am called to take Pearl Habits out into the world.

00:30:20.901 --> 00:30:26.351
That really is, and you know that method pretty well.

00:30:26.351 --> 00:30:30.972
You know very well, judy, yeah, and you know how it can give people that hope and evidence that they can change.

00:30:31.012 --> 00:30:34.471
I see it, I see it, and just give them back confidence.

00:30:34.471 --> 00:30:38.744
I guess it was, oh man how long ago.

00:30:38.744 --> 00:30:40.613
It was probably in 2018.

00:30:40.613 --> 00:30:51.930
Bj and I were on the stage together and, um, it was really interesting and and, as you know, I'm pretty religious and I do feel that God is in our lives and I feel like he directs us, but we have to pay attention.

00:30:51.930 --> 00:30:53.814
Yes, we have to listen yes.

00:30:53.993 --> 00:30:56.278
Yeah, we don't pay attention, we miss those Right.

00:30:56.278 --> 00:31:01.027
And, um, attention, we missed those Right.

00:31:01.027 --> 00:31:02.792
And this was the first time that we'd really started talking about Pearl Habits at all.

00:31:02.792 --> 00:31:13.673
And he was on the stage and I was doing a breakout and as he was on the stage, he introduced the concept of Pearl Habits and I knew immediately that was my mission, that was my calling to take that out into the world.

00:31:13.673 --> 00:31:23.194
Then I did my workshop, talked about Pearl Habits as well, and after everything was over, we hadn't even really talked about our presentations at all before or after.

00:31:23.957 --> 00:31:26.306
But BJ was taking me back to the airport.

00:31:26.306 --> 00:31:34.794
I was flying back here to Las Vegas where I live, and this was I remember it so well, it was in October and he says hey, linda, I got you an early birthday present.

00:31:34.794 --> 00:31:36.557
I said Okay, what is it?

00:31:36.557 --> 00:31:39.218
He says I bought you the PearlHhabitscom website.

00:31:39.218 --> 00:31:49.339
He said that's your brand, that's your domain, that's your purpose, and so I've known this for a while.

00:31:49.339 --> 00:32:11.144
It's and I've I really committed to, and during the pandemic was the time that I really should, you know, go back to the shoulds, but shoulds don't do us any good should have rolled it out during the pandemic, but I was so focused on the tiny habits you were building, your coaching team too, so yeah, and so, and even bj would every, every so often say well, how are pro habits coming?

00:32:11.244 --> 00:32:12.228
how are pro habits coming?

00:32:12.228 --> 00:32:13.832
Let's say I'm working on it.

00:32:13.832 --> 00:32:19.494
I did get a website up last year, so I was and I did start recording a podcast.

00:32:19.494 --> 00:32:20.336
It's not launched yet.

00:32:20.336 --> 00:32:21.527
That's on 2020.

00:32:21.527 --> 00:32:25.196
Fantastic, yes, probably get some pointers from you on that Love it.

00:32:27.046 --> 00:32:39.910
But I have designated, and I know this, and even some of the professionals I've worked with, like the company, the gentleman that runs the company that built my website, he knows me pretty well and he kept saying you're called to do this, you're called to do this.

00:32:39.910 --> 00:32:48.253
And so the last six months I've really been trying to make space to fulfill this calling and I'm stepping into that for 2024.

00:32:48.253 --> 00:32:49.416
Do or die.

00:32:49.416 --> 00:32:55.641
Hopefully it's not the day I love it, I love it and I need help from experts like you, judy.

00:32:55.661 --> 00:33:07.279
Well, we, I will be glad to help you with that, because I'm talking with some educators right now and Pearl Habits fits right in that mindset, so it's a perfect time for this.

00:33:07.279 --> 00:33:09.008
Oh, that's fantastic.

00:33:09.588 --> 00:33:12.016
I'm just excited because I know how much hope it gives people.

00:33:12.016 --> 00:33:18.154
I know what it's done for me to change my life and make it more fulfilled.

00:33:18.154 --> 00:33:25.375
I guess is the best thing to do in the midst of all the turmoil, and so I'm just so excited to take that out to 2024.

00:33:25.375 --> 00:33:27.288
So that's my goal, that's what I love it.

00:33:27.630 --> 00:33:28.171
I love it.

00:33:28.171 --> 00:33:29.295
Well, that's fantastic.

00:33:29.295 --> 00:33:34.934
Well, Linda, thanks so much for chatting with us today and again, we'll look forward to learning more about Pearl Habits.

00:33:34.934 --> 00:33:36.892
We'll put information in the show notes.

00:33:36.892 --> 00:33:40.134
Any last comments you have for the audience.

00:33:41.605 --> 00:33:45.316
The only last comment I have is believe in yourself and celebrate every single day.

00:33:46.425 --> 00:33:48.507
Okay, you heard it here Celebrate.

00:33:48.507 --> 00:33:49.893
Celebrate every single day.

00:33:49.893 --> 00:33:53.275
Well, thanks for listening to Stories of Change and Creativity.

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You can find more about our guest in the show notes.

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