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Feb. 6, 2023

Reena Philpot - Sales Mentor

Reena Philpot - Sales Mentor
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        I couldn't believe could get paid for visiting people.

Reena Philpot is an accomplished business owner and expert salesperson.  She loves connecting with people and, after hearing her story, you will too.  Reena' s approach to sales is all about helping others.   

       I just wanted everybody to fall in love with helping other people. 

Reena (pronounced Re-nay) went from her telemarketing  job - making calls in a closet - to a successful career in sales.   Today she teaches owners and sales teams her simple formula for success. 

        Sales is the vehicle that I use to have and do whatever I want to do.

During our conversation, we talk about mindset,  goals, planning and focus.   We also talk about Reena's latest 'renovation' project. 

          A lot of times my clients don't have to do more - they just have to be consistent.


BIO Info 

Reena Philpot is the co-owner of PDS Copiers and founder of Reena Philpot Sales Coaching. She has spent the last 27 years as a salesperson and absolutely loves sales! Reena's passion is teaching owners and sales teams simple sales techniques allowing them to hit their targets and goals with ease. Issues with anything from prospecting to closing, reach out, and Reena would be happy to help.

Visit or email Reena at

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