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Dec. 1, 2023

Injury Rehab: Guidance from Geoff Girvitz

Nothing can change your life like an injury.  It’s challenging - both mentally and physically.  I’ve experienced this firsthand.   I fell and broke my ankle at the end of August and realized I had a lot to learn about recovery.  It became a creative challenge for me - so I reached out to an expert. 

On this episode I’m excited to share my conversation with Toronto-based functional exercise and health expert GEOFF GIRVITZ.  He’s also a Tiny Habits® certified coach.  Geoff and I talk via Zoom about the mindset and physical challenges that come with an injury and the rehab that follows.  He shares his proven framework for recovery along with some exercise and nutrition tips.  


Geoff is the host of The Dad Strength Podcast, the founder of Bang Personal Training in Toronto, and a father. He explores the topics of health, mindfulness, and fatherhood through writing, The Dad Strength Podcast, and by hosting weekly calls for men who want to be healthy, present, intentional dads.

For more information about Tiny Habits®, check out the book: 
Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything by BJ Fogg.  

Tiny Habits for Your Child's Academic Success

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