Nov. 8, 2020

Election Talk with writer, journalist and broadcaster Denis Campbell

Election Talk with writer, journalist and broadcaster Denis Campbell

In light of the momentous and quite frankly exhausting week leading up to the election of Joe Biden as 46th president of the United States, Dario catches up with an old podcasting friend, writer journalist and true sage of the American political system Denis Campbell. Denis produced The Three Muckrakers podcast on which Dario was one of those three along with Wales based Journalist Phil Parry; a show that looked across the main political stories from both a UK/US perspective. In this chat, Dario and Denis muse on the impact of Trump's term in office and the future of Trumpism, coverage and attitudes to the US elections around the world, the role of the media in political discourse, Biden's challenges and the potential direction his administration could take, along with many other things. Denis also discusses the difficulties of podcasting about politics and the general polarised tribalism of our current culture. He also trails a new podcast he is producing entitled Into the Fire which is about individuals overcoming great difficulties in their lives. 

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This episode was recorded on Friday 6th of November, before the major networks called the election for Joe Biden.

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