Nov. 4, 2021

Terry Lee (Fantastic Noise)

Terry Lee (Fantastic Noise)

In this episode, Dario talks to Terry Lee. Terry is Senior Tutor in Radio & Audio at the University of Bedfordshire and is also responsible for the award-winning Radio LaB 97.1FM. He has had a long career in independent and commercial radio including managing Norwich's Future radio. In 2018, he started Fantastic Noise a podcast primarily aimed at students studying radio, and featuring the experienced voices of radio professionals and experts. Along with talking about the formation and production of Fantastic Noise, the conversation covers how students of radio approach and understand the use of sound in the digital age, podcast and radio's symbiotic relationship, and the future of audio technology and its impact on media specificity.

We are also taken around the podcast neighborhood by Jess Schmidt. Her recommendations this week are The Lolita Podcast from iHeart Radio and hosted by writer-comedian Jamie Loftus (My Year in Mensa) that uses the misunderstanding and infamy around Nabakov's classic as a jumping-off point for discussions of false media narratives. Also recommended is Blank Check, a film podcast that reviews successful directors' complete filmographies, getting to the point where they were given free rein to pursue a passion project.

Lori also discusses a recent talk she gave at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research as part of a research seminar on Podcasting, Discoverability, and Listener engagement. You can listen to the full seminar here.

Terry also recommends The Skewer a Charlie Brooker-esque satirical comedy show with great sound production, and The Offensive, a Mockumentary series like The Office or The Thick of It in tone, but focusing on a fictional premier league football team.

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