Feb. 18, 2021

Audio Drama with Producer Ella Watts

Audio Drama with Producer Ella Watts

Ella Watts is a freelance audio producer and consultant who possesses both an in-depth expertise and infectious love for audio drama. Her production credits include The Orphans, Evelyn's Roots, The Unseen Hour and she has also worked for the BBC in various capacities and across different context including BBC Sounds and BBC Studios. In November 2018 she was commissioned by Jason Phipps and the team at BBC Sounds to research the drama podcast industry. This research covered a brief overview of the industry's recent history, its current state, and my speculation on its future. In this broad conversation, Ella talks to Dario about range of topics related to podcasting, audio production and the audio industry including: production practices during the pandemic; BBC Sounds and the consolidation of podcasting into the broadcast landscape; podcasting as a developing industry and commercial business; the digital age as a media aristocracy; the art and theory behind audio drama; audio drama, fandom and non-normative audiences.


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Ella mentions the book - Revolution of the Echo-Chamber by Leslie McMurtry

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