Nov. 19, 2021

Cross-Disciplinary Student Collaboration: Podcasting about Criminology

Cross-Disciplinary Student Collaboration: Podcasting about Criminology

We're excited to share a podcast submitted to us by Robin Davies, Professor of Media Studies at Vancouver Island University. Originally broadcast as a radio program on CHLY FM in Nanaimo, British Columbia, it features a series of short podcasts that were created as a cross-disciplinary assignment between Criminology students taught by Professor Lauren Mayes and Media Studies students taught by Professor Davies. Discussing diverse topics from the over-incarceration of Indigenous Peoples to the stigma surrounding drug users, these short podcasts are interspersed with reflections and feedback from the students who created them. The students tell us how the assignment was more meaningful to them because they were collaborating on work that would be broadcast and distributed as a podcast which would make their work accessible to listeners beyond the classroom. This collaborative practice exemplifies how podcasting can be utilised as a pedagogical tool to engender creative practice, critical thinking and self-reflection.

A transcript of this episode is available here

Participants in the collaborative student project presented on this episode include:
Vancouver Island University Criminology students from CRIM 350, Qualitative Research Methods, facilitated by Professor Lauren Mayes:
Rebecca Murphy
Jade Gobiel
Daniel Moisan
Emily Rogers and Jessica Palmberg
Justin Johansen

Vancouver Island University Media Studies students from DIGI 270, facilitated by Professor Robin Davies:
Mick Sweetman
Teagan Howden
Reanna Sellars
Geneviève Johnson
Hamish McLaren

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