Sept. 28, 2023

From Toronto Podcast Conference: The Podcast Space?

From Toronto Podcast Conference: The Podcast Space?

The Podcast Studies Podcast returns after over a year's hiatus. In this first episode in a new season we bring you a hybrid recorded session from the ICA pre-conference focused specifically on Podcast Studies. Lori hosts the episode and quizes Dario on his deconstruction of "The Podcast Space". In the first chapter of the upcoming book Podcast Studies: Practice into Theory, Dario explores the way in which Podcast Studies scholars deploy the term "space" to amalgamate various different physical/conceptual assertions to define the process and implications of podcasting. Dario uses his own experience and thinking on "academic podcasting" as a reference to build a layered map of intersecting technological, creative, organisation and spatial elements, along with the reception and ephemeral outcomes of distributing and have a podcast listened to. The delegate questions also expand the scope of the session, pointing to many of the key debates that were the underpinning themes of the conference, which was a vital get together for the Podcast studies Community.

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