Aug. 29, 2022

TRUE CRIME SUPERSTARS: Obsessed With Reasonable Doubt and the stars Detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva

TRUE CRIME SUPERSTARS: Obsessed With Reasonable Doubt and the stars Detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva

True Crime Junkies Unite! In this episode, we are talking to Detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva the cast of reality show Reasonable Doubt. Their mission is to uncover the story of those incarcerated for murder.

Meet the stars of the HIT SHOW Reasonable Doubt on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Former Detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva are the stars of the incredible true crime show that is unveiling the stories behind those incarcerated for homicide.

Motive, Method, and means are critical in understanding the guilt or innocence of a murderer. Anderson and Silva talk to the loved ones of those behind the bars and dig deeper into the past investigations.

This episode runs on the heels of our amazing conversation with The Homicide Hunter, Joe Kenda.

Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva are partners who are obsessed with taking the stories of convicted killers and proving or disproving their guilt. Seeking justice drives this duo to change the landscape and minds of viewers of horrific criminal acts.

The show, Reasonable Doubt, does not angle to be judge or jury, but rather looks at the evidence in a new fresh way. Investigation Discovery hales the mission-based work of Anderson and Silva:

All too often, innocent people fall through the cracks of the justice system. These judicial missteps leave families devastated with doubt and paralyzed by unanswered questions about their convicted loved one. Determined to uncover the truth of these questionable convictions, retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva return for a fourth season of REASONABLE DOUBT. With 10 all-new cases, Anderson and Silva use their resources, collective expertise, and objective investigative lens to re-examine controversial murder cases throughout the country to ensure that the right person is behind bars for the crime committed.

After their thorough investigation, Anderson and Silva review the evidence with the family to either present the chance for an appeal, or confront them with the crushing truth that their loved one may have been rightfully convicted of murder. Appeal or acceptance? Either way, this due-process-duo finds the truth, with their revelations pushing families toward an emotional reckoning with reality.

New Episodes of Reasonable Doubt can be seen on Tuesdays on The Investigation Discovery Channel.

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