Sept. 6, 2022

How To Get Publicity and Media Like A Professional Public Relations Expert (For Free) with Julie Lokun

How To Get Publicity and Media Like A Professional Public Relations Expert (For Free) with Julie Lokun

Do you want to get publicity for free like the public relations experts do for their clients? This show bonus features tips on how to get REAL PUBLICITY! (Not just social media publicity)! Learn our quick tips on public relations today!

What is public relations? Public Relations is the relationship your brand builds with the public.

We are guessing some of you have hired PR agents, and PR companies to create a buzz about you and your brand, and your message.

How is that working for you? Are you intentionally working on creating real relationships with journalists and the media  Social media fails? Yes. Social media is a noisy environment and simply adding more posts to your Instagram, LinkedIn TikTok, and Twitter. It does not always work. It's important to have an online presence. It's important to have an online presence. So when you are Googled, people can find you. the ability to get meaningful stories amplified through social media is a place where you get drowned out.

You need to create relationships with journalists and the media. Do the research again, research is a big thing. Do the research. Start by reaching out to journalists. You can reach out to those journalists that like to cover stories involving a person like you and start compiling a list who is a local journalist that just eats up stories that are targeted and in alignment with your brand.

Journalists do not like to read long-winded pitches. In fact, your pitch should be about 150 to about 400 words long, make it powerful, and put all your links in there. Make sure you know who you're talking to. The more personable it is, the more likely they will read it. Put in your links in this pitch, and you can email them. For MORE--Check out the blog!

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