Nov. 29, 2023

Conquering Holiday Hoovering (Bonus Episode 8)

Conquering Holiday Hoovering (Bonus Episode 8)

While the holiday season is often associated with warmth, love, and familial bonds, for survivors of toxic family systems this is not the case. Toxic family members gift wrap holiday nightmares packaged as love. They ruin holidays for sport.

In this episode, you'll learn

✅ The time period between Halloween and Valentine's Day is the time when survivors of family abuse are subject to the most intense “hoovering” from their family.

✅ The holidays are a time we all want to feel love, safety and warmth, and not the nightmare of our psychologically abusive family members and all their attention-seeking antics.

✅ Holiday hoovering puts a fearful twist and gut-wrenching anxiety into our holiday season.

✅ Their hoovering is not occurring because they genuinely miss us. Nothing our family does is motivated by love. They are motivated by their own needs and feelings.

✅ Our family views the holidays as the “season of second chances.”

✅ Our abusers need us, transactionally, to uphold the image of “family” they desire to project into the world.

✅ Our family intentionally preys on our guilt during the holidays because guilt (and our natural sentimentality) are the easiest emotions for them to manipulate.

✅ Tactics of Holiday Hoovering

✅ How To’s and Boundaries to Set

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