June 16, 2022

Common Reasons People Cut Off From Family

Common Reasons People Cut Off From Family

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In this episode, the silent epidemic of cutting off with family will be covered along with the common reasons why people make this choice. 

✅ The silent epidemic of family estrangement.

✅ The reason we know so little about the lives of those who have been forced to cut off from family is because cutting off is not accepted in the larger culture. 

✅ Because family estrangement is seldom talked about, due to its taboo nature, it is also widely misunderstood. 

✅ Statistics on family estrangement.

✅ Common Toxic and Situations which lead us to cut off from our toxic family members. 

✅ You don’t owe anyone an explanation for cutting off. You are doing it to save your sanity and your mental health. 

✅ “How To’s” and Boundaries to set 

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