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Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Alignment Guide

Denise Miceli is an inspiring, empathic guide, coach, and mentor in creating space for change and positive growth. She is known for her talent in energy healing, intuitive hot-seat coaching, and teaching new ways of accessing authenticity.

Denise feels called to share her strategies and methods of self-awareness through subconscious healing, meditation, breathwork, and body-mind release for continual self-reflection and growth. Her lifelong love of learning and sharing knowledge in manageable bites allows learning to occur naturally. She holds a supportive container for those ready to heal and allow their soul the freedom to awaken their infinite potential.

After enduring a difficult, dark night journey, Denise cleared traumatic memories and emotional patterns that blocked her authentic self using subconscious healing. She has since been inspired to share this excellent healing modality.
Denise transformed her health coaching business into Rock Your Blocks intuitive life coaching in 2023 after 25 years of teaching and guiding individuals and groups in improvement, health, and wellness. She holds Mental Health and leadership degrees and is a certified MAP Practitioner and Intuitive Life coach.

She now joyfully creates and publishes articles, audio, video, and healing collectives to share, inspire, and engage others in healing, personal growth, spirituality, and creating the life of their dreams. She is a compassionate, empathic soul who has a finely tuned intuitive sense that embodies the work of helping others connect with their soul’s purpose.

March 11, 2024

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March 5, 2024

Stop People Pleasing - Denise Miceli (#237)

Denise Miceli with her profound expertise in energy healing, intuitive hot-seat coaching, and innovative approaches to authenticity, Denise empowers individuals to embrace self-awareness and embark on a journey of subconsciou...

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