Nov. 13, 2020

The Haunted Halls of Rolling Hills Asylum

The Haunted Halls of Rolling Hills Asylum

Joining me today to discuss Rolling Hills Asylum is Courtney from The Ghoul Guide over on . Rolling Hills is one of Courtney’s favourite locations and a place she has visited many times. 

Rolling Hills, or The Genesee County Poor Farm as it was known back then,  opened in 1827 in response to New York state legislation requiring all counties to assume duties of taking care of individuals unable to care for themselves. This immense, abandoned former almshouse is a location with a lot of history and unique stories. It is also a location with a plethora of supernatural activity being reported some of which includes: doors slamming, footsteps, full body apparitions, shadow people, dismembered voices and ghostly touches. 

Come and join us in discussing this unique location: it’s history and it’s ghostly stories. 

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Based mainly out of Buffalo, NY, The Ghoul Guide is ran by Courtney, a paranormal enthusiast who takes you along for her travels into the paranormal world. Whether it’s haunted locations, old graveyards or a good ghost story, you’ll learn about the past that shouldn’t be forgotten and who knows— maybe you’ll walk away from The Ghoul Guide with a place you’ll have to check out for yourself!