Revenue Tools

Podpage helps you generate revenue

We're adding more and more ways for you to earn an income from your podcast by partnering with great companies building revenue tools.

Affiliate Program

Earn money by referring people to Podpage

Share your Podpage link and earn 20% of the revenue from every subscription you refer. Set up your affiliate link in minutes and start earning hundreds or thousands every month.

Affiliate Program
Share revenue
Earn 20% of the revenue from every Podpage subscription you refer.
/podpage redirect
By adding your affiliate link, we will set up a redirect to use for your referrals.
Custom affiliate link
We will automatically replace the Podpage link in your website footer with your affiliate link.

Show and sell your podcast merch in one place

List your merchandise and e-commerce items directly on your Podpage site. Make it easy for fans to find and buy your podcast-related products.

Centralized listings
Show off all your podcast merchandise in one convenient location.
Seamless integration
Easily add your merch items to your Podpage site without any hassle.
Increased visibility
Make your merch more discoverable to your website visitors.
Donation Widgets

Support your podcast with integrated donation widgets

Add a pop-up donation widget to your Podpage site with just a few clicks. Integrate with popular platforms like KoFi and BuyMeACoffee to accept listener support seamlessly.

Read from customers who love this:
Donation Widgets
Easy setup
Quickly add a donation widget to your site with minimal effort.
Popular platform integrations
Accept donations through trusted platforms like KoFi and BuyMeACoffee.
Listener support
Make it simple for listeners to support your podcast directly from your website.
Private Feed Support

Encourage people to sign up to your private podcast feed

Use Podpage to build a website for your exclusive content without giving it away. Encourage listeners to sign up for your private feed and offer them a great experience.

Hidden media players
We replace all media players on your website with a link to this feed.
Subscribe CTA
We will add a SUBSCRIBE button as the call to action for your website.
Visible Show Notes
Visitors can read your show notes and learn about the episode.
Offer Memberships

Offer premium memberships directly on your site

Integrate your favorite membership platform. Options include Patreon and Supporting Cast. This will unlock new ways to make money. Make it easy for listeners to join your premium program.

Multiple platform options
Choose from popular membership platforms like Patreon, Supporting Cast, and Paypal.
Seamless website integration
Offer memberships directly on your Podpage site for a smooth listener experience.
New revenue opportunities
Generate income by offering exclusive content and perks to paying members.
Display Ads

Monetize your site by embedding the Google AdSense network

Easily boost your Podpage site's earnings by adding Google AdSense in just a few clicks. Generate income effortlessly from your site's visitors without any hassle.

Easy setup
Quickly integrate Google AdSense into your site with minimal configuration.
Passive income
Earn money from your website traffic without any extra effort.
Customizable ad display
Choose how and where ads appear on your site to optimize your earnings.
Display Sponsors

Highlight your podcast sponsors on your website

Add your sponsors to your Podpage site and tag them in relevant episodes. Make it easy for listeners to learn about the brands that support your show.

Easy sponsor management
Quickly add and update your podcast sponsors on your website.
Episode tagging
Tag sponsors in specific episodes to highlight their involvement.
Sponsor visibility
Give your sponsors more exposure by featuring them prominently on your site.