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Create all kinds of content to your website.

Podpage makes it easy to post episodes, videos, reviews, blog posts, custom pages, and much much more.


Put your podcast's glowing reviews on display and build social proof

Automatically import and display your best reviews from Apple Podcasts and Podchaser on your website. Feature your favorite testimonials on your homepage and share them on social media to attract new listeners.

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100% Automatic
Podpage automatically imports your reviews displays them on your site.
Easily shareable
We optimize your reviews so they look stunning when shared on social media.
Custom highlights
You choose which reviews to feature on your homepage.
Guest Management

Manage the entire podcast experience for your guests

Make your guests' podcasting experience with you seamless and easy. You can collect their details, create personalized profiles, and keep them engaged. All done directly on your podcast's website.

Guest onboarding
Make collecting initial info from guests quick, easy, and effective.
Dedicated guest profiles
Show your guest’s expertise with personalized pages on your website.
Automatic notifications
Keep guests engaged by alerting them when their episode goes live.
Hosts Profiles

Intro your podcast hosts and team with engaging profile pages

Showcase the people behind your podcast and build a stronger connection with your audience. Easily create profile pages for your hosts and team members that seamlessly integrate with your website.

Highlight your podcast's personality
Build a stronger audience connection
Seamless integration with your website

Make sponsored content and affiliate links easy with redirects

Create simple, memorable links for your sponsors and affiliates that are easy for listeners to remember and share. Manage all your links in one place and track their performance with click data.

Better listener experience
Make it easy for listeners to remember and share your episodes.
Easy link management
Manage all the links you give out in one simple dashboard.
Capture click data
Elite users have full access to click data for the redirects you create.
Custom Pages

Extend your podcast website with unlimited custom pages

Create additional pages for sponsorships, team bios, or any other content you want to share with your audience. Tailor your website to your unique needs with easy-to-create custom pages.

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Custom Pages
Unlimited custom pages
Generate as many as you want or need.
Tailor your website
Make your site more user-friendly and personalized.
Easy to create and manage
Podpage does the bulk of this for you so you can focus on content.
Blog Posts

Level up your podcast with a built-in blog

Create written content to complement your episodes and improve your website's search engine ranking. Easily publish and manage blog posts that keep your audience engaged between episodes.

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Blog Posts
Host your blog
You can create a blog on your website and add as many posts as you'd like.
Higher search rankings
Attract more visitors to your site and draw attention to your episodes.
RSS feed
Every blog has an RSS feed so listeners can subscribe and get updates.
Write an About Page

Share your podcast's story with a compelling About page

Give your listeners a behind-the-scenes look at your show and help them connect with your mission. Create an About page that showcases your podcast's personality and goals.

Write an About Page
Connect with listeners
Build a true community by letting listeners in on your story and personality.
Show your personality
Make your show feel more like a 1:1 relationship.
Communicate your mission
Describe why you make your podcast, and give the audience a reason to join the community.
YouTube Importing

Expand your content with automatic YouTube video imports

Keep your website fresh and engaging by connecting your YouTube channel to your podcast site. New videos appear on a dedicated page, optimized for search engines.

100% automatic
Podpage instantly pulls any new videos onto your podcast website.
Dedicated page
One place to host all your podcast’s videos to make it easy for fans.
SEO ready
Content is always optimized for search engines so you get maximum value from each video.
Downloadable Files

Host easily-accessible downloadable files for your listeners

Share ebooks, artwork, guides, and more directly on your podcast website. Make it easy for your audience to access and download bonus content.

Exclusive content
Offer files that can’t be found anywhere else.
Easy access
Listeners can easily find downloadable content and grab it in one click.
Host files
Any size, most file types supported.
Episode Pages

Showcase your episodes with SEO-optimized, fully featured pages

Every episode you create gets its own dedicated page, complete with all the essential information and a built-in player. Automatically generated and indexed in Google, these pages are designed to attract and engage listeners.

Episode Pages
Page for each episode
No matter how many episodes you publish, each gets a dedicated page.
Built for sharing
Every episode on your website has links to share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
SEO-optimized for discoverability
Automatic metadata, indexing, and a place to host episode-related content.