Marketing Tools

Marketing automation

Hook into some great marketing tools and promote your episodes on all the social media platforms.

Mailing List Integrations

Connect your Podpage to your favorite email marketing tool

Simplify your email marketing by integrating your Podpage site with popular mailing list providers like AWeber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp. Collect new subscribers directly into your existing email lists.

Email form popups
Add your provider’s email popup to show to your visitors when they first hit your site.
Inline forms, anywhere
Keep a form showing all over your site buy adding it to your sidebar.
Universal support
We support any and all email marketing platforms so you never have trouble integrating.
Zapier Integration

Automate your workflow with Zapier integration

Connect to thousands of apps
Zapier supports thousands of destinations, so your podpage content can go anywhere
Automate repetitive task
Automate all the tiny, cumbersome tasks that your podcast needs done.
Streamline your podcast workflow
Connect all points of your process into one easy, automated system.
Tracking Pixels

Attach social pixels to your podcast website for advertising

Easily add tracking pixels from your preferred social platforms to your Podpage site. Build targeted audiences for your advertising campaigns effortlessly.

Expand your ad reach
Broaden your available advertising audiences on autopilot.
Create custom audiences
Identify new audiences to target based on on-page behaviors.
Easy installation
Just add a simple ID into Podpage and let us do the rest.
Social Posting

Grow your audience with automatic social media posting

Keep your social media feeds fresh and engaging. Podpage automatically posts new episodes and reviews to your top social channels. Spread the word about your latest content effortlessly.

100% automated
Set it and forget it. We’ll post automatically when a new episode is imported.
Beautiful social posts
We make sure the metadata and formatting is great for every post on every platform.
Customizable images
We let you choose what format of sharing image we show.
Track Analytics

Gain valuable insights with Google Analytics for your site

Understand your website traffic and listener behavior by adding your Google Analytics tag to your site. Access comprehensive visitor data to make informed decisions about your podcast.

Track Analytics
Understand your audience
Learn what your audience likes using behavioral data.
Track website performance
See how your podcast website is performing month over month.
Make data-driven decisions
Find potential changes to take your site and podcast up a level.
Announcement Bar

Promote your message on every page with announcement bars

Display a prominent promotional message across the header of your site. Customize the appearance to match your brand and grab your visitors' attention.

Promote on every page
A banner is a great way to promote ebooks, your mailing list, or a product.
Grab visitor attention
Showcase important deals and content right at the top of every page.
Customize appearance
You can customize the appearance of the bar to suit your brand.