Episode pages

The world's best podcast episode pages

Podpage automatically generates the most informative, well structured, search engine friendly pages for every single episode you could ever want.

Episode Video Matching

Enrich your episode pages with automatic YouTube video matching

Show your podcast videos on your website without any extra effort. Podpage automatically finds and embeds the corresponding YouTube video for each new episode.

Automatic enrichment
Podpage instantly adds matched videos to your pages.
Engaging visuals
Add more depth of content to your site with videos.
Media Players

Display your episodes with your media player of choice

Choose between your podcast host's native player, Fusebox, or a custom player. Podpage ensures seamless integration and accurate play counts for your episodes.

Media Players
Seamless integration
Embed the media player of your choice on any episode page.
Accurate play counts
Ensure every play is counted fairly for precise audience engagement metrics.
Flexible play options
Select the perfect player to align with your podcast's style.
Episode Deep Linking

Direct listeners to specific episodes with seamless deep linking

Polish your website user experience by enabling deep links to individual episodes in popular podcast players. Make it easy for listeners to jump straight to the content they want.

Episode Deep Linking
Better UX
Make it easy for users to find the exact content they want in seconds.
Improved accessibility
Keep your website highly accessible, no matter what your listener needs.
Higher engagement
Increase episode engagement by placing listeners in the exact right content.
Episode Categories

Help listeners find the content they love with episode categories

Organize your episodes into categories to create a user-friendly browsing experience. Make it easy for listeners to discover the topics that interest them most.

Episode Categories
Better discovery
Make it easy for listeners to find the exact content they’re interested in.
Friendly browsing
No clunky file system, just a simple way to find the topics you want.
Higher search rankings
Because we all know Google loves a well-organized website.
Episode Videos

Bring your episodes to life with embedded video players

Offer your audience a dynamic viewing experience on your episode pages. Seamlessly integrate video content alongside your audio for a richer, more engaging podcast website.

Episode Videos
Engaging episodes
Add a visual twist to every episode by adding video.
Seamless integration
Video players are easily embeddable and work on any episode page.
Better listener experience
Listeners can find new content in video format on any episode page.
Pretty Episode Links

Boost SEO and user experience with clear episode URLs

Podpage creates descriptive, meaningful episode URLs that are easy for users to understand and search engines to index. Say goodbye to confusing, cryptic links.

Pretty Episode Links
Improved user experience
Users can easily understand and remember your episode URLs.
Enhanced SEO
Search engines can better index and rank your episodes with clear URLs.
Increased shareability
Pretty URLs are more likely to be shared and linked to by others.
Add Transcripts

Level up your episode content and boost SEO with transcripts

Provide a valuable resource for your listeners and improve your website's search engine visibility by adding transcripts to your episode pages.

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Add Transcripts
Higher audience engagement
Make it easy for your audience to consume your content on their terms.
Higher search rankings
Transcripts add valuable written content to your site so search engines can index your podcast.
Dive deeper
Give listeners a way to visual the deep insights your episodes cover.

Focus on creating content while your website automatically updates

Save time and effort with automatic episode page generation. Podpage creates new pages for each episode, so you can concentrate on producing your best work.

Automatic web management
Your site automatically updates new content with best practices in mind.
Professional design
Podpage keeps your site consistent and beautiful with every update.
More time for content
No need to worry about technical upkeep, just keep creating podcast content.
Pre-set Upcoming Episode

Set your upcoming episode URL early so it's perfect when published

Podpage makes it easy to pre-set your URL for about an upcoming episode, so you know the episode link when your episode is released.

Set the URL
Know exactly what URL the episode will have when published.
No surprises
Pre-setting info is one less thing to worry about on release day.