Build a Mailing List

Collect emails to grow your list and podcast at the same time

Podpage makes it easy to capture emails and build a dedicated list for your podcast. Start from scratch or integrate with your existing mailing list, and connect with your audience like never before.

Email Confirmation

Make sure your email list is filled with real, engaged subscribers

Protect your email list from fake signups and bots. Our automated email confirmation process verifies that every new subscriber is a real person, keeping your list clean and your open rates high.

Only real subscribers
Verification makes it extremely hard for bots to get placed on your list.
100% automated
You never have to lift a finger, Podpage does all verification automatically.
Export confirmed users only
Every user on your list is a real human, so you can export in peace.
Signup Incentives

Grow your email list faster with sign up incentives

Encourage more listeners to sign up for your email list by rewarding them with exclusive content or downloadable files. Incentives are only delivered after a user confirms their email address, ensuring a highly engaged subscriber base.

Engage confirmed users
Users have to fully confirm their email before getting the incentive.
Offer downloadable content
You can upload a file the user will be given access to download after confirming.
Send to a secret URL
Set a URL for a confirmed user to be taken to to get access and download.
Mailing List Integrations

Connect your Podpage to your favorite email marketing tool

Simplify your email marketing by integrating your Podpage site with popular mailing list providers like AWeber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp. Collect new subscribers directly into your existing email lists.

Email form popups
Add your provider’s email popup to show to your visitors when they first hit your site.
Inline forms, anywhere
Keep a form showing all over your site buy adding it to your sidebar.
Universal support
We support any and all email marketing platforms so you never have trouble integrating.