Customize your page to feel like you

Podpage gives you the perfect amount of customization. It’s not too complicated, but it’s enough to make your brand shine through to your listeners.

Custom Domains

Host your podcast website on your own custom domain

Boost your podcast's credibility and SEO by connecting your Podpage website to your own domain. Register your domain with any provider, and we'll help you point it to your podcast site in no time.

Read from customers who love this:
Custom Domains
Brand credibility
A site hosted on your own domain will build more trust with users.
Improved search rankings
Take control of your SEO and build keyword value on your own website.
Easy setup
Connecting your domain takes only a few steps, and we’ll help you on every step.
Customize the Design

Tailor your podcast website perfectly to your brand

Make your website feel like home for your podcast. Podpage’s user-friendly customization options let you change colors, fonts, layouts, and more — no coding skills required.

Customize the Design
Customize without code
Set custom colors, change your font, and re-arrange elements without touching code.
Easy to use
Podpage’s customization tool is simple, intuitive, and powerful.
One-stop customization
All you need and nothing more. Design what you want all in one place.
Custom Code

Add custom CSS and Javascript to your podcast site

For tech-savvy podcasters, custom code lets you add your own CSS and JavaScript to every page of your website. Take your site's design and functionality to the next level.

Custom CSS
Add your own CSS to customize the style and look of your website.
Custom Javascript
Add javascripts and widgets that Podpage doesn’t integrate with.
Customize on individual pages
Add specific custom code to individual custom pages.

Over 50 integrations with your favorite tools

Extend your website's capabilities with 50+ integrations to Podpage. Connect with marketing tools, commenting systems, and more to create a feature-rich hub for your community.

Marketing tools
Add marketing tools like Speakpipe or PodInbox to speak more easily with your audience.
Commeting plugins
Add commenting plugins from Facebook, Disqus and Hyvor to drive more discussions.
Ever-growing ecosystem
We’re always adding new integrations to make your sites as powerful as possible.
Website Templates

Create a user-friendly podcast website without starting from scratch

Choose from a collection of beautiful and functional podcast website templates. Designed with best practices in mind, Podpage templates allow you to create a stunning web experience in seconds.

26 unique templates
Select a template style and format that fits your podcast the best.
Switch anytime
Change templates anytime without losing your content or breaking your site.
Highly customizable
You can tweak and change any template to be your own, from fonts to colors and beyond.