Engagement Tools

Powerful tools to engage your audience

One of the main reasons to have a website is to have a place where you can build a relationship directly with your audience. Engage them multiple ways.

Message Routing

Route your contact messages to different email addresses

As your podcast grows, managing incoming messages becomes crucial. Message category routing directs inquiries to the right team member based on the listener's selected category, ensuring prompt and efficient responses.

Message Routing
Categorize messages
Ask listeners to choose a category for their message.
Route to different emails
Each category can be set up to route to a different email address.
Setting up categories takes just a few minutes.
Contact Form

Build stronger listener connections with simple built-in contact forms

Streamline audience communication, get immediate notifications, and manage spam messages — so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your listeners.

Contact Form
Direct listener feedback
Receive feedback in real time on specific episodes or your show as a whole.
Improve audience engagement
Engage your listeners by giving them a direct channel to your mind.
Smart routing
Optimize your comms workflow with automatic smart routing.
Build a Mailing List

Collect emails to grow your list and podcast at the same time

Podpage makes it easy to capture emails and build a dedicated list for your podcast. Start from scratch or integrate with your existing mailing list, and connect with your audience like never before.

Read from customers who love this:
Build a Mailing List
Form 1:1 relationships
Combining email marketing with your podcast builds unique trust and loyalty.
Capture emails effortlessly
Podpage’s form is ready to go in just a few clicks.
Export anytime
You can export your users anytime to import into your mailing list software.
Collect Comments

Engage your audience with integrated commenting on your website

Spark conversations, connect with your listeners, and engage your audience even more by seamlessly integrating with your favorite commenting platforms.

Collect Comments
Episode-specific feedback
Get feedback on individual episodes, your show as a whole, and tackle fan questions.
Higher audience engagement
With comments, listeners can chat with each other about the episode.
Easy to integrate
Just pick your commenting tool of choice and paste a bit of code to get it started.
Receive Voicemails

Build a two-way connection with your listeners using voicemails

Transform your podcast into a conversation with voicemails. Your audience can send voice messages and add a personal touch to deepen your relationship with them.

Read from customers who love this:
Receive Voicemails
Authentic listener feedback
Voicemails allow your audience to express themselves and give notes.
Create a stronger community
Voicemails strengthen the connection between podcasters and their audience.
Encourage audience participation
Let your audience engage with your podcast in completely new ways.