All web best-practices baked in

Your free podcast website from Podpage has everything you would want for today's web standards. It's fast, secure, and shows up beautifully on any device.

Web Hosting & Backups

Unlike with WordPress, you don't need to go find an external company to host your website files. We do it automatically and there's no extra charge or setup time. It's not something you ever need to think about or consider. It's done for you. Plus, everything hosted on Podpage is backed up every day, so all the data on your website is protected from any kind of server issues. You don't need to worry about any data loss when you build your website with Podpage, and don't need to pay extra for backups.

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Mobile Optimized

Most likely, the majority of traffic to your site will be from a mobile device. Your page is fully mobile optimized and responsive for any size device. It is tested for speed and design on mobile phones and will give somone browsing your site an excellent experience.

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Accessible to All

Millions of people don't experience websites visually, instead using tools like screen readers to navigate. For these tools to work, a site has to be specially instrumented with lots of additional code. Your Podpage site has this covered. Your site will have an excellent accessiblity score and automatically be easily navigated by someone with limited or no vision.

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SSL & Security

Every website should sit behind a secure certificate, keeping everyone interacting with the website safer. Your page is SSL certified and has a https:// web address, including for your custom domain.

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Lightning Fast

We're constantly improving our page loading speed so your listeners dont have to wait for your page to load, especially on mobile. This is an ongoing effort.

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Once you've created a lot of episodes, having a giant list isn't a great listener discovery experience. Podpage lets you organize your shows into categories, so listeners can see related episodes easily. We pull your initial category list from your feed, but you can edit it however you'd like. Get creative!

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