Jan. 3, 2023

Darkness Falls Teaser

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Yokai Detective Agency

Follow Detective Ren Black on a stormy evening in Darkness Falls as he seeks solace at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. This man has been put through the emotional wringer and the cost is as high as he's ever seen.

Welcome to Darkness Falls, a quiet sanctuary for the supernatural nestled in a shadowed corner of New England. The Yokai Detective Agency is the enforcer of this haven and follows a diverse group of supernatural beings. Our lead homicide detective Ren Black has been battling the aftermath of his partner and lover's murder.

Shutting himself away in his grief for a year, a new partner assignment in a young kumiho named Hiro Akashi coincides with the return of the serial killer that took away his light. Are the embers of love and revenge too mixed for Black to sift through? Will the Yokai Detective Agency be able to band together and close this case for good? Take a trip to Darkness Falls and see what lies in wait.

Background Music: "Save Me" by Eye One Fifty.

Follow them here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@EyeOneFifty


[Thunder] [Radio static]

Announcer: Rain is expected tonight between the hours of midnight and 3:00 am. [Radio static]

Announcer: Greetings to our faithful listeners, and a warm welcome to those tuning in for the first time. We have a great show for you tonight. Cactus Cat Creations brings you a new story from the creative mind of Tragedy Faye. Darkness Falls is a noir fairytale that will leave you guessing and wanting more. A story filled with darkness, love, and betrayal.


Just in: There will be a cold front pushing through New England, bringing heavy rains and high winds to the greater Boston area, on up to parts of Western Mass. Some say this could be the biggest storm of the year. Beware of --

[Thunder] [Radio static]

[Radio plays 'Save Me' by Eye One Fifty in the background]

Ren Black: "Oh, came looking for gold, and yet I found diamonds. Thanks, Sashiro. Whiskey's more my cup of tea, anyway. Oh, hey there kitty. How're you doing?"

[Cat meows and chirps]

Ren Black: "Oh boy, you are drenched. I told you it was gonna rain."

[Cat chirps]

Ren Black: "Ah, it's fine. We'll clean you up in a moment. Careful, careful!"

[Cat purrs]

Ren Black: "I don't want to step on your little toe beans, those tiny feetsies of yours." [laughs]

[Cat meows]

Ren Black: "Ahh, you're leaving a trail, Asmo. Huh Sashiro, I caught the suspect." [Footsteps]

Ren Black: "What? I ain't taking the blame for you, chief. My feet are dry."

[Asmo chirps] [Floor creaks]

Ren Black: "Ah, oh... here we are again... this time with whiskey. Wait, wait. Where you going? Let me get a few things off my chest." [Rain picks up outside]

Ren Black: "I know you wanna say somethin' positive and uh... ah, I don't know. But the point is, I'm afraid of moving forward. Can you imagine that Ren Black would have fallen from such a height, that for a moment I thought time stood still?"

[Thunder crashes]

[Asmo yowls]

[Glass shatters]

Ren Black: "Aww shite. What a waste of good whiskey. You know that wasn't on purpose, Asmo. Look, I'm sorry, mate."

[Glass being swept]

Ren Black: "Oy cat, stay the fuck away from the glass! Agh... Sashiro's gonna crush my balls for this. Fuck..." [Glass settles in bin]

Ren Black: "You're good now, it's safe."

[Asmo chirps and purrs]

Ren Black: "Come here, kitty. Alright, you're good, you're good. See? It's okay. You're fine. There you go."

[Asmo purrs]

Ren Black: "There you go. Um, where... where was I?"

[Asmo purrs]

Ren Black: "Oh... oh, right. I wanted to let you know how I felt. Um, look. This is hard for me and I should have said it when I had the chance. I regret that. Even though we had a rough start, we came to support one another; even like each other. And that's all gone now. It's like I'm trying to hold onto those memories like sand running through my fingers. And I know that now, even if a little too late. Mmn, I see you looking at me from over there. Oyoyoy, don't narrow your eyes like that, all judgemental and whatnot. Think I'm crazy holding on like this? Well, let me tell you, I'm not mad. I'm just lost, drifting in a sea of regrets with bated breath."

[Asmo purrs]

Ren Black: "Waiting for change... for something good to happen. But alas, there's no light left for me." [Yawns] "And that's about all I'm gonna share tonight. You know, I'm glad we've had this talk. See you on the other side."

[Asmo purrs]

[Radio hums and clicks off]