Welcome to the Cat Cave!

Hello from the Cat Cave and the crew at Cactus Cat Creations LLC!

We are a diverse crew of amazing creators and artists from around the world who have come together over the past two years to bring this show to life. This show stemmed from a long-brewing story from our creator, Tragedy Faye, that has taken form within the audio drama and podcast mediums. Our first season is wrapping up with 12 episodes, and we are already writing for the second. 

We have several other stories in the pipeline for the future and have already seen great success for our show within its first year, reaching over 15,000 downloads ahead of our April 1st anniversary date! We are grateful to all who have taken the time to listen and share our story and can't wait to keep things going! We have traveled with some of our crew across the country for different conventions and events and expect to meet many more people in our second year in business. Our current working area includes the Central and East Coast of Florida, so keep a lookout for us for exclusive merchandise from our artists!



About the Hosts

Brandi HowardProfile Photo

Brandi Howard

Co-owner of Cactus Cat Creations, LLC / Social Media Manager

Tragedy FayeProfile Photo

Tragedy Faye

Creator / Owner of Cactus Cat Creations, LLC