Sept. 5, 2020

Episode 57: Mark Jeffery - Between the White Lines

Episode 57: Mark Jeffery - Between the White Lines

Mark has had tennis running through his life for 60 years. He was in the military, and has worked closely with David Lloyd and Jimmy Connors on previous projects. He´s currently taking on his biggest challenge yet, as he is looking to bring the private sector of tennis together postcode by postcode. 

We discuss his reasons and drive behind this, and the similarities with the PTPA movement with Novak Djokovic and where this is going in the future. A great passionate listen.

Mark is running the Between the White Lines Summit on September 24-26th 2020. 

45 world-class tennis-preneurs from around the world will be sharing their experiences, cutting-edge strategies, and knowledge over the 2 days, including Control the Controllables host and SotoTennis Academy Director Dan Kiernan. 

Not one to be missed! Book your place here.

LinkedIn: markjjeffery