Jan. 12, 2022

What is a Chef with Cody Marwine of The Perfect Truffle

What is a Chef with Cody Marwine of The Perfect Truffle

This week, we have a mini-episode about what it means to be a chef. This is something I'm asking many of the guests as part of my upcoming season 3 interviews. I thought it would be great to get as much insight on this as possible, from many different people in the food and beverage industry.

Today's answer comes from Cody Marwine. He's the owner and chocolatier at The Perfect Truffle in Frederick, Maryland. My full conversation with Cody will be released in the upcoming months as part of season 3.

Cody Marwine and The Perfect Truffle

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Chris Spear:

So what does it mean to you to be a chef? Like, what does that term mean? And, and this could be really long, and I don't mean for it to be long, but like, what is a chef and who can be a chef? Are you a chef?

cody marwine:

I think it actually was Anthony Bourdain, his book, no reservations, just talking about how not all cooks or chefs, not all chefs or cooks and there's very few that actually both. Like he was talking about Rocco Dispirito. That was an amazing chef and cook. But like a, I I hate the terminology of like, when someone calls me a chef, at this point, I think it's become a thing where everyone that at this points kind of been like, you know, I'm not a chef, like I'm, I'm not like, within a day. Yes, I'm like, I am a chef, I guess by trade. And the chef is kind of like that leadership in a kitchen or a manager in the kitchen. They can, they can explain how something works to you. Or why something does a certain does a certain thing, or how to do a certain process in a kitchen. But they can also run a kitchen and run or run a bakery or shop from all sides versus a cook is just someone that can come in, they can bang out prep, but they can't necessarily tell you what they're doing. I guess you could say, they might tell you a little bit, but it's like, it's like why do you cook your potatoes first in the fryer, and then take them back out and then put them in the fryer again at a different temperature. Most cooks aren't going to tell you that. They're just going to say well, the chef told me to do it this way. For blanching fries. Like they're not going to tell you why. The dough does a certain thing. Do I consider myself a chef? Sure. But it's not like it's not titled I'm like, like call me chef or like, like I am a shot like I'm a cook at the other day. I'm a chocolatier. I'm a business owner. It's like a title is a title but it's like what does the title actually mean?