Sept. 21, 2020

The Transition From Restaurant Cooking to the Personal Chef and Events Business - A Discussion with Chef Justin Khanna part 1

The Transition From Restaurant Cooking to the Personal Chef and Events Business - A Discussion with Chef Justin Khanna part 1

On the podcast this week I have chef Justin Khanna. He's the co-founder of Voyager's Table, a bespoke event production company. He’s also the host of The Repertoire Podcast (formerly The Emulsion podcast), and has a YouTube channel that has more than 20,000 subscribers.  Justin spent a number of years working in, and staging in, some of the best restaurants in the world including Per Se, Grace, Noma and Frantzen. This is part one of our interview. Part two will be released next. 

We discuss the transition from restaurant cooking to the personal chef & event business. We talk about staging, content creation, podcasts & YouTube. Justin and I also get into pop-ups, charging for your services, and best practices from the world’s best chefs.

You can also find Justin's answer to my question "What is a Chef" here.


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