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Dec. 7, 2020

Pastry Chef Monica Glass on Exploring Opportunities Outside of Restaurants

Pastry Chef Monica Glass on Exploring Opportunities Outside of Restaurants

On this week's Chefs Without Restaurants podcast, I speak with Philadelphia pastry chef Monica Glass. Upon graduating from Penn State, Monica moved to New York City to embark on a career in public relations. But after a brief stint in the corporate world, she realized she felt more at home in front of an oven than behind a desk. Monica set out to improve her culinary skills with an apprenticeship under Deborah Racicot, executive pastry chef at New York City’s Gotham Bar and Grill. After seven months of moonlighting as an extern, Monica enthusiastically joined the team at Gotham Bar and Grill full time. She continued to develop and refine her skills, working with chefs Michael Laiskonis, Eric Ripert and Ken Oringer, to name just a few.

In 2015, Glass moved back home to Philadelphia to accept the role of Corporate Pastry Chef with Constellation Culinary Group, where she oversaw the pastry program for company operations from Massachusetts to Florida for 4 years. After working in high prestige, high volume kitchens for the past 15 years, Monica is now embarking on a new adventure on her own consulting with restaurants, bakeries, cafes, brands, and food and lifestyle publications, as well as navigating the virtual class landscape and building a brand herself. 

Monica Glass

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