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May 18, 2021

Mike Lang - Food Photography for Weber Grills

Mike Lang - Food Photography for Weber Grills

On this week’s podcast, I have Mike Lang. Mike is not a chef, but he started a food blog called Another Pint Please. And while the name sounds like it would be focused on beer, it’s primarily focused on grilling. An amateur photographer, Mike started shooting the food he was cooking on his Weber Grill. His photos caught the attention of Weber’s marketing team, and this eventually led to Mike doing photography for Weber. Besides their website and social media, his photos have been used by Smithsonian, BuzzFeed, and even in Sports Illustrated magazine. Mike just released his first cookbook titled One-Beer Grilling. You can purchase it through his website, and the link is in the show notes.

On the show, we discuss why he started the blog, and how he connected with Weber. We talk grilling and beer, and he gives us some of his favorite resources.

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