March 4, 2020

Matt Finarelli - Washington D.C. Area In-Home Culinary Instructor and Personal Chef

Matt Finarelli - Washington D.C. Area In-Home Culinary Instructor and Personal Chef
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On this episode we have chef Matt Finarelli. He is an in-home culinary instructor and personal chef in the Washington DC area. Matt has also published a cookbook called Beyond the Red Sauce.

In this episode:

·         We discuss some of Matt’s most popular classes

·         Marketing, Yelp and the pros and cons of Thumbtack

·         His spice company Ani Spices

·         Cocktails

·         The Ideas in Food 3-Minute Risotto

·         and so much more


Recommended Books: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan, The Flavor Bible, Culinary Artistry, What to Drink With What You Eat

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Fish Turner

Favorite Culinary Resource: The Cook’s Thesaurus (





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