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April 6, 2021

Learn About Koji and Miso with Jeremy Umansky and Rich Shih of Koji Alchemy

Learn About Koji and Miso with Jeremy Umansky and Rich Shih of Koji Alchemy

This week on the Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast, we have chef Jeremy Umansky of Larder delicatessen and bakery in Cleveland, Ohio, and Rich Shih, the man behind the website and social media accounts OurCookQuest. If you’ve wanted to learn about koji and miso, this is the episode for you. Together, they’re the co authors of the book Koji Alchemy, which came out last year.

Rich and I  have been talking all things food and cooking for 11 years now. I’ve taken hands-on workshops with both Rich and Jeremy. We start with a little backstory about how they got into food and cooking, and how they started using koji and miso. We talked about some of the innovative uses of koji, and they even tease a couple of upcoming projects they have in the works. They also want to turn the tables and asked me a bunch of questions. So we talked a little bit about some of my favorite things to make.

We’ll be doing a giveaway of their book Koji Alchemy. So if you head over to our Instagram, which is @ChefsWithoutRestaurants, you’ll find all the info on how to enter and win a copy of this fantastic book. If you’re ready to learn about koji and miso, you’re going to want to win this book.


Rich Shih & Jeremy Umansky

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